Chapelco; first flight of the season; 1.217 km in 15m. Ventus CM and first 1000 km. flights for the season from Kiripotib!

Alphen aan den Rijn     Sunday November 20 2011 

Andes seen  by Bruce Cooper, from above,  last season.

Thanks for the kind reactions of concern, on the message , I got the flu!! A real nasty one! But it is a bit better now!Very tired however and…worn out!!!So only some short news.

Overseas soaring; Yes…. when I was sick in bed a lot of people I know had happy-soaring- times.
The 15th was the day to be in Gariep Dam  with great flights up to  just over 750 km. Hans and Uwe had a great day. One day later Pierre [Belgium] had and even better day in Kiripotib, 1025 km in the EB 28 with a speed of 127 km/h, while UK pilot John Bally in EB 29 flew an even faster 1000 km;134 km/h.
Very nice to see Austrian friends in Bitterwasser. Ludwig and Heimo flew in the Arcus E and DG 808/18 m. resp. 794 and 775 km, while Gerd Marzinzik ,[ editor in the past ,maybe still now from Aerokurier, have n’tspoken with him or seen him for a while ]flew 756 km. in the Ventus 2 CM.
Danish pilot Anders enjoyed good circumstances in Bloemfontein with 725 km. in the JS1.
All happy chappies!!!
On the 18th of November the great weather was in Australia and both Tocumwal and Corowa enjoyed great conditions. Several very nice FAI triangles!!!!!
“Nearly ” 1000 [975 and he planned a 750!] for Hans Jürgen, [Ventus 2CM-Corowa] but no worries, his 1000 will come again!!! Terry flew his ASH 26 from Toc. over such a nice 600 km.  triangle as well [668 km] and…without engine! The engine is shipped for overhaul!!! Good on you Terry!
In Narromine the Narromine  Cup starts soon/tomorrow [November 21-26] and several pilots have arrived already. Some had to struggle with the 25 kn. Northerly. But…good practise, also for the NSW State Comps later and the 50thiest Multi Class Nationals from January 30 till February 10 2012 in Narromine.
In Argentina  the Andes  created  great “stuff”  for German pilot Jürgen Wenzel,  in a Ventus 2CM 15 meter!!!,  who flew from Chapelco  1.217 km with a nice speed of 132 km/h. First flight for the season and surely more great ones will follow!
Yesterday best flights from Gariep Dam with 870 km.  in the DG808 and 906 km. in a Nimbus 3T/25m, but a good flight as well from Dutch pilot Max Leenders. If you have not read his comment , here it is;
” Declared 400km out & return. Finished at 151.35 km/h. New Dutch national record?? We used a remote starting and finish point in order to fly in the best forecastedweather. Start was in almost blue sky, but after a few minutes very good cumulus developed with excellent thermals.”
Good to see more friends have arrived in Gariep, also Rob is there now, flying the duo discus XL  with a good 701 and  714 km flight to start with . And if I remember well, Brutus must be  there too now.

What terrific news for Boeing so in the end of the year 2011!!!! What an order!!!22 Milliard dollar for 230 Boeings from the type 373. The order is from Lion Air based in Indonesia and the biggest  private airline in the world.
Interesting is that a lot of students from the CAE here in Hoofddorp,[ Global Academy Amsterdam-Nationale Luchtvaartschool]  the head sponsor of the Dutch Gliding Nationals, will fly there in the future,  as they co-operate. Lion Air is one of the companies where the young students can fly, make hours / get experience and earn money!
I had the honour a few years ago to fly in one of the CAE 737- 800 simulators here in Hoofddorp !!!
Look for all their news on;

I had no clue,  but here in Alphen lives another person , Ronald van Rijn,who is crazy about aviation. This time parachute jumping!!! He is the president of POPS.NL , Parachutists Over Phorty Society.
In my paper I read this gentleman has made a bid and won….to have the over -40-parachute-world- championships to Holland.About 200 parachutists over 40 years old will visit Holland between June 28 and July 7 2012. The oldest Dutch parachutist is 81 and will jump as well. 2 Disciplines; precision jumping and formation jumping.

News for the younger ones! At least for those who visited the Musbach JWGC and the Finnish JWGC earlier. In the Australian paper,  Queensland Times, a nice article appeared about the “Maddocks”. Thanks Jo!!!!

Always wanted to visit Australia!?  The Last FrontiersNews Flash from Shanghai, has in this months special , …a flight over the Sunshine Coast with a landing on Fraser Island….and more….

My friend Maria left again back to Munich on Wednesday and she was lucky as several flights over the last days were cancelled or very much delayed due to fog.She came home without problems!


High tea for 2!
Just before I got sick!

Cu next week Ritz

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