A dark “black ” day!!

The weather on October 28 suited the occasion. It was a sunny but very cold day. “antartic air ” Eddie told us while we were all freezing and walking behind the auctioner group. At 2 AM, yes in the early morning the first people drove in to be in time. Planes flew in from different sides of Australia. Cars came with and without trailers.Even from Perth (WA) and Queensland from Victoria , NSW and Canberra.
At 10 it was really busy. Middle fingers were put up to show feelings and everybody thought it felt like a funeral. People were hugging and holding each other and even people who have been always against gliding at Tocumwal, joined in. A sad day for ALL pilots if they were power pilots or glider pilots.
It was nice to catch up with so many friends.Some I did not see for a while and lots of regular visitors.
Several tuggies arrived as Anthony and Simon and Glenn, with friends , girlfriends and even with children. Glenn and Tammy just got their second baby , a nice little girl.
Faith was there with her new borm baby Lincoln. Faith and Simon grew up at the airfield where mum Margie and Dad Jeff were running the Sportavia show together with Don, for 10 years after Bill sold and before we bought in.
Not a lot wanted to buy , they just wanted to be part of this last “black” day in Tocumwal. Even old Bill Riley managed to sit for half an hour in front of the N hangar doors. looking at the final day of what he started some 30 years ago! It must have been terrible for him. Son David did not want to be part of it and also Ingo did not show up.
I think it was great to have at this VERY SPECIAL day, so many friends here with such good memories of flying at Sportavia.
Old Jim managed to walk behind his trolley in and out , just for a very short moment as it was too crowdy for him.But he WAS there!
We helped each other and life goes on again, but without Sportavia.It has been a GREAT time, an unforgettable time, a time on which we can live for ever.

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