All Blacks-WELL-DONE!! 750 yo-yo in Glasflügel 304!

Alphen aan den Rijn    Sunday  October 23 2011

Sorry a bit late , but I had guests! And first things first….
                                                    Congratulations, NZ friends!

With the GRAND FINAL of rugby in New Zealand
my Kiwi friends told me it really LIVES in NZ. One of them wrote  2 weeks ago ;
—-You can’t believe how united our little country is over the Rugby World Cup.
I have never seen anything like it.  
House after house, car after car, all carrying the New Zealand All Black flag.  We have one up.
I am glad that the first initial sort out of teams is over.   The real sudden death play off  starts next week end.   Loose and you are out!—-

What will happen now!!!!!! The All Blacks  played the finals against France and WON!!! It was tight, I guess some people nearly got a heart- attack in the end and not only on the NZ site, on the French site as well.
I also guess ALL of NZ is drunk tonight not only from drinking but from happiness and celebrating!And….so they should!
And  Mandy from Glide Omara confirmed that 31 year old Richie, the skipper of the Kiwi team , indeed  still is a keen glider pilot and “will probably be flying again soon after the contest is over.” Good on him!!!!!Keep an eye on him he might show up on the OLC.;
Richie Mc Caw, skipper of the world title holder rugby!!!!!

A great flight last Tuesday in a Glasflügel 304cz/17.4m from Talihina . I had to google where to find it but it is a tiny little town with area of 0.8 square miles[ 2.2 square km.] in Oklahoma,  in the USA; 750 km yo-yo under nice circumstances [ speed 113 km./h] and when you have not read the comment from the pilot, I copied part of it for you;
— “It was a very relaxing flight. This might be the first 750K flight in Oklahoma. There was no need to thermal today, but had an opportunity for fly with a pair of Bald Eagles. What a treat!—

Kilometer -eater Stephan Soell  flew his LS 4 over 395 km. from Tocumwal ,  direction West past Moulamein and back. And in South  Africa Dick Bradley from Soaring Safaris in Bloemfontein is already occupied with a competition. Later more! [ www. ]
One of the soaring-ladies I got to know in my Sportavia period is Sigrid Seel. She loved her soaring in an LS 4, swimming in the Murray River and the good food and nice friends at Sportavia.
She lives in Shanghai and runs a very special travel agency , called the Last Frontiers. This week I got the October News about a trip to the New Years Festival in Guizhou and even more special , the Guzang Festival of Miao, which is only once in 13 years . When you are interested in something special and different and like to visit remote areas,  she makes it possible for you. [ ]

I nearly fell from my chair this morning, when I noticed that young 15 year old Aljoscha  Soell , flew his 300 km. today. A natural talent he must be. Just solo in an IS 28 and now a 300 in an LS 4. Wow! I guess dad is more then proud!!!! So he should! But I presume dad Stephan, retired airline captain for Lufthansa,  “lost ” his glider now as well to his son! Luckily Eddie and Cheryl from Sportaviation have IIE as well .
Maybe a new kilometer-eater has been born in the family. Congratulations!What a wonderful autumn holiday! On October 20 already , father and son topped the OLC list with each an LS 4 to fly in and 333 km. on the “clock”!

Wave and ridge soaring  made pilots happy at Worchester in South Africa 555 km. in a Tauris. More nice flights as well in Australia from George Lees Airfield where George himself flew his Nimbus 4 around over 526 and 625 km. and 619 today. The weather is not bad in Australia. Really hope they are going to have a better season then last year!

So a lot to do after the guests have left ,  see you on Wednesday.Cheers Ritz

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