Last news from Tocumwal !

Tourist information center in town           Saturday December 18

I was a nice reunion with the Grong Grong boys  at Sportaviation, as well as with Michael and Neville, Jake and good to meet the tuggie for the season Ian. Nice to hear from Nobo that he still remembers the kiss he got with the flowers when he flew his first 300 km. After talking and making pictures each had to go his own way again. In the pub in the evening I heard , I missed out just on 2 minutes ,on Andrea and Werner visiting me.Sorry!!!!
I even thought I heard a Dutch voice flying over from Corowa over Tocumwal and calling he was there.
At Kelly’s where I invited Dundee for dinner, as he ” donated me his car or his car with a driver”  and I really kept him busy and wanted to say thank you,this way ,  it was very busy but we still got a place.I must say, we were treated like royalties and we got a super meal. We had 20 ordering in front of us, but maybe  because we were just the 2 of us, good old top chef Brian cooked our meal in a flash and before we knew we heard ; ” Ritz …where is Ritz sitting ” and we could enjoy it straight away.

From Michael I heard Pepe is still trying to fly to Corowa and then travel to Tocumwal, where his friends take care of his car. Was hoping to see him today as well , but that might not happen. This low pressure system is still haging in between Corowa and Narromine.
We even had rain this morning here as well. I have been here for a 6 months period with 2 days of rain and now I had 6 days with 2 days of rain!!!

Got an sms from Daan that it was pretty windy in Pokweni, so he took the day off. Still great flying over there in Namibia.
Have ‘n’t time to do research on all what’s happening in our small world so will do that when I am home again on December 28.
 I love the set triangles , but do realize that not every day it is possible to do so!! Enjoying the flight is MORE important then ” struggle for life ” to fly one. And it is also different in what kind of glider you fly it and with or without an engine.

Looked at the one hour video  yesterday of the reunion in Tocumwal of  the last few people still alive from the Liberator time here in Tocumwal in 1942. There is this great replica of the B-24 Liberator on a pole to the entrance of the Golf club.The wing span is 8.38 m and the length is 5.12, the height 1.37 and it is made from fibreglass over a steel frame.Eddie was helping to put it on the pole as well as Neville and young Jake. A lot of town people donated to make this all happen. My friends Bob and Gina, organised this very successful day. I visited their home yesterday and half of their garden is a [ private ] lake now, from the flooding of the Murray. I read this morning in the paper that 50.000 visitors are lost for the Region over the festivity season.That is a lot!!!!
But campers can still visit the great camping place from Eddie. What’s even better then being at the river, then being at a WW 2 camping with Waldorf Astoria – facilities?????

Travel tomorrow to NZ , so just stay tuned for my view on that part of the world , they call the most beautiful in the world.

Cheers Ritz

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