Thank you!

at the airport in Tocumwal      Friday December 17 2010


Thank you for all the birthday wishes, via sms, phone internet and Facebook, could not even all read them by now. Wonderful! Had a great day and a fantastic dinner with some of my friends. Still not over the jetlag!!! Tony and Jo flew in in the Lance Air and just reported that they have arrived back home again, which is good as more S . some thunderstorms were forecasted. Here in Toc the weather is good a bit windy at the moment [6 pm] and the pilots here were going for a 500 km task. One Japanese Grong Grong boy is back and one outlanded, the other flies local.

This morning Tony , Jo and I  had a super breakfast at the Paviljon, looking out over the Murray, which looks more then a lake at the moment. After we looked around in town and found a nice new shop on the other side of the fore shore. Good to see new business still start up here. The rest of the day was filled with visits to friends and Sportaviation where Eddie was busy enough with all his guests. Great to see Terry’s son Scott who was a tuggie I guess about 20 year ago at Sportavia.Now he is a senior first officer at Dragon Air living in Hong Kong, flying an A330.His son was flying with his granddad Terry who had that nice flights 2 days ago. ” still too short”, was his comment when I praised him.

At the moment the junior Nationals are on in Waikirie.See for results at the soaringspot site. Have to go nkow ,see you soon again. Travel to NZ on Sunday. Take care cheers Ritz

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