It is the year of the LOCUST !!!

Tourist information center in Tocumwal    15-12-2010

The biggest impact after arriving here, is the long-leg-mosquito and ,even worse,  the locust, some kind of bigger grasshopper flying around with millions and disturbing life and soaring as well, as before you are in the air , the canopy is full of blood, wings and other colours of remains of this animal. All of this , a result of the heavy rain here over the last weeks. Now it is bloody hot, I gues in the low thirthies with 8/8 of cu and storms brewing up in the south. The wind activates the locust and they fly in huge groups around.

Yesterday Dieter drove me to Cobram for some shopping and to Corowa to see some of my friends over there. That did not happen , as it was a gorgeous day with great clouds and all pilots stayed up till later in the day , so they should, [that’s why it did not annouce my arrival, ] and we had to back home in Tocumwal around 6.30. So we only had a word with Anders who’s big smile said enough , that he was happy to see us. I left a note with Grietje for Kees [703 km] and Max [839 km] and Jan [ father of “my” junior Robbie, 781 km.] and the rest. Pepe was not yet back from Narromine, due to rain between Dubbo and Corowa. Corowa looked well, all in splendid condition. Also Grietje and the kids looked ” top” , Francesco was flying.He declared and flew a 750 in the new glider ASH 31.

Today I catch up with the Grong Grong  boys from Japan flying at Sportaviation and with Michael flying UE. Though this should be after flying and to be honest it does not really look like flying. Busy enough however here at the airfield. Yesterday Terry flew 817 km while Michael had 623 on his instrument and Lothar a very nice 654. So clearly a great day!!!! The Grong grong boys , always declaring a 300 km flight to Grong Grong, flew with 3 of them …a 300 km. Will check if it was to Grong Grong.

From South Africa I received the message  that the weather is not co-operating for their Nationals. Friends Bruce and Brad from Australia and Ronald from Holland and my SA friends still are waiting for their first flying day. It looks as far as I heard that they will not fly today as well, but MAYBE…tomorrow. Hope so!!!
Anita, Bruce’s wife has left SA for Europe , but a lot of her belongings from her suitcase have been stolen!!!! Not good!!!!

It is great to see that Tocuwal is doing well. Shops are busy , but the high water from The Murray, stops all recreation on the beaches and that is a bit sad. The holiday makers bring in a lot of money during the Christmas and New Year festivities and at this stage they do not have a place to camp!

That’s it for today. A rush against the clock as I pay by the hour.

Cheers Ritz

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