Solar race!Dutch historic victory.

Alphen aan den Rijn    Sunday October 16 2011 

Back for a few moments  as ” WE ” won the world title baseball. Is n’t that special, we wrote history!!!! Never happened before that a European country won this title and here in Holland a lot of people do not even know,  we were there to fight for it in Panama. The queen already congratulated the team.
Winning twice from Cuba…!

Today the 2011 Veola World  Solar Challenge started  at 8.30 for a trip from Darwin  to Adelaide [about 3000 km!] Last time I spoke with you about the bicycles on solar power, [I never read they got a new world record!]  this time the 2 famous Universities from Delft [NUON] and Twente [ 21 connevt] are involved in this solar -car- race.Here ia a link so you can follow via their tracking system where the cars are. 
 All other news is there as well on ;

This morning I looked for the first time in my life at a Marathon!!!! The 42 km. marathon from Amsterdam , the 36th edition, was on and passed by my daughters house , so we stood along the road to cheer on the  participants running fast,  as the first group with all Kenyans in nice green shirts , slower as the ones who practised for a year but who are not good enough for the first spot and slowest for those who just wanted to be in the event!I even saw people older then me!!!!!
A long row of colorful shirts and shoes passed by , making a special noise on the concrete with all those feet. Lot’s of different nationalities  and what a lot of runners it did n’t stop!!!!!!
Wilson Chebet from Kenya won . He won Rotterdam in the past as well. I loved looking at it even with 6 dgr. at 10 AM .But it was absolutely sunny weather a bit later in the day [13dgr.]

Vettel won  again and today the drivers prize was secured for Red Bull as well. Some of my favourite Dutch turners [Epke and Yoeri] lost after a great demonstration in the end grip and did not become world champion in Tokyo but 5th. A pity!!Japan got a new turn-hero and the All Blacks crushed the dream of the Wallabies and play the finals next Sunday against France, while Casey Stoner won his 2d world title Moto GP in Australia on Phillip Island! 

That ‘s it , all the soaring news was published yesterday already. Cu next Ritz

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