Greetings from sunny Tocumwal !

Dundee’s caravan                 December 13 2010      

So it all went smooth and here I am back in Tocumwal. SUPER!!!!
The flight was OK! We really had a bad landing in Hongkong. Normally the stewardess stright aways says : welcome in Hongkong, but this time it was silent over the radio, they all had a bit of stress. When we arrived at the gate the captain was speaking. He apologized for the hard landing and said he normally did much better , but the tough East wind and even worse the sheer wind on final, got the big 747 with 400 passengers in a tough and turbulent grip. We were already happy it all went well.
The Airbus flight was good but…here we also had turbulent weather. The captain even climbed from 11 .270 m to 11.880 m. and still we were in the clouds meaning we were sitting in total over 4 hours with the safety brelts on and no hot drinks were served, we could not even get out of our chair to go to the toilet. BUT…I arrived in time, John was waiting to bring me to the motel and as I did not sleep too much aboard , I was pretty worn out and slet straight away til 6.30 AM. A quick visit to KLa Baguette in Little Collin street for breakfast a short walk through Melbourne town and off to Tocumwal.

Skies here looked super and the finally had a better day here , but it seems this week will be good with a strong high, so no worries.
A great experience this afternoon , when I went to the cemetary to visit my son. A ” new girlfriend”  was laying nearly on his grave!! A lovely mother kangaroo with baby in the bag , woke up and I was close enough to make nice pictures before she moved away.A once -in-your-life-time-moment!

Eddie and Sheryl both look very well and it was busy enough with flying this afternoon. Dundee is in great spirit and offered to drive me when necessary and in town people were pleased to see me so unexpectedly.Former instructor Richard was one of them.I have never seen the river SO high. The 3 m. high levy banks are ” gone”.Water everywhere and the river is normally THE place to be for caravan-holiday-makers this time of the year, but they can’t be standing at the river for a while now.

More news tomorrow as I nearly fall a sleep now and I still have to bring my luggage to Margies home.

Good to be back here , cheers Ritz

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