Where would we be without the OLC ??!!First 1000 km. for this season!

Alphen aan den Rijn     Saturday morning October 15 2011    ritzdeluy@hotmail.com

To remain actual I decided to publish this blog already on Saturday before my departure to Amsterdam.When something VERY special should happen I come back on Sunday evening.

A VERY HAPPY Uys Jonker and…he should be very happy; he flew from Potchefstroom,  his first 1000 km. Out and Return , the first 1000 km for a JS 1 glider in South Africa and the first 1000 km. for the 2012 South Africa Season, in fact for the total 2012 -overseas -season.
What better statement can you make as owner and manufacturer of  Jonker  Sailplanes  and for soaring in South Africa ?????!!!!!!!! Nice speed as well. 131 km./h!! Well done Uys and so early in the season.


Pictures courtesy Iain Baker from Jonker Sailplanes.

Something totally different to start with but also very happy sportsmen; Did you know “WE” could play baseball?? I did know,  but NOT on the HIGH level they are on now; WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP- final!!! They won from the current titleholder the USA, won from South Korea the current Olympic winners and …from Cuba..25 times world champion!!!!! Never before a European team was in the final, what about that. The “orange” men did it; it would be nice if they could win now as well. But they have to beat Cuba again then and I guess the Cubans are warned now!
Did you know why “we” all show up in orange , if it is with World comps speed skating, swimming, or soccer even hockey??? Our royal family is from the : House of ORANGE”.

This years OLC symposium  is on October 22 in Poppenhausen/Wasserkuppe and starts at 13.00  when Helge Zembold from Segelfliegen Magazin has the first half hour to speak about press and good media contacts , then half an hour about WEATHER by Bernd Fischer from Wetter-jetzt. At 2 the Bitterwasser Cup with John Williams , then Hannes Linke and Klaus Ohlmann about the Barron Hilton Challenge  2011, to continue after a break at 15.30 with the 2011 OLC flight of the year with Tomaz Suchanek and at 4 the OLC Junior Challenge. Just to let you know the OLC, every year “donates” their OLC-discus to one junior to fly it that year;  on October 22 they announce the next “user”.
 At 4.30 the German winners of the OLC to finish last but not least with Rainer Rose who won with the OLC team the Lilienthal medal during the last IGC plenary.
I quote their site to even make more advertisement for that special day;
—“In diesem Jahr könnt Ihr Euch auf einen Treff der Superlative freuen. Erwarten dürft ihr geballte Informationen, spannende Vorträge, wertvolle Tipps und natürlich die Ehrung der Bundesliga-Sieger, der Deutschen Meister (OLC) und des Weltmeisters (OLC). Ausnahme-Segelflieger wie Tomaz Suchanek (Tschechien), John Williams (Schottland) und Klaus Ohlmann werden dabei sein. Sportliche Leistungen und herausragende Streckenflüge stehen im Mittelpunkt. Last but not Least wird die Verleihung der FAI Lilienthal-Medal an Reiner Rose und das OLC-Team gefeiert (bei Freibier & Brezn).
Jeder ist herzlich eingeladen, nach Poppenhausen zu kommen.—”
So everybody is welcome on a packed day with special guests and distance flying will be in the centre of interest.[Source OLC Magazine]
Where would we be ….without the OLC ?????

The German Soaring Day  on October 29 is in Darmstadt. On Facebook I read that Segelfliegen the Magazine will be there as well, so enough to read later also in the international version on their site, though to read it all you have to buy it but that is very easy, as you might have found out already!
 The Dutch Soaring day will be on November 26 and I try to be there!

Family of some of my Australian friends are living in Port Moresby on Papua New Guinea. In heavy weather a twin-prop-plane , Dash 8, with 32 people on board crashed killing 28 of them. Under them a mother  her  3 daughters and a grandchild going back home after Thanksgiving-day-celebrations!!!
 The pilots from Australia , captain Bill Spencer [64] and New Zealand , co pilot Campbell Wagstsaff, survived as well as one passenger from China [in his 50thies] and a steward. The captain has bad injuries on his leg , the co-pilot is “shaken up”!!!!!
Papua New Guinea has a pretty bad reputation on aviation- safety .
Investigators from the Australian Air Transport Safety Bureau have arrived in Port Moresby to help the PNG bureau.

Got some news from Greece!
“This summer a nice TV ad for Essilor was filmed in Kopais, Greece featuring BP. I believe can be used to attract more advertisers and sponsors to our sport.”


And…guess what . I saw this one on TV here as well. Really nice!!! Have a look!!!!Thanks Alexis!

From Perth in Australia I got the next news;
” Langley Park is a huge stretch of grass at the foot of Perth’s city “skyscrapers”, which has variously been an airport and a racecourse, and now is just Parkland. I’m not sure why this is the last time aircraft will be allowed to land there – it is where the Red Bull race flew from. The forecast is excellent for the weekend – meant to be 35 degrees on Sunday.”
What’s happening ???!!! The Sport Aircraft Association of Australia is holding a fly-in of sport aircraft at Langley Park on Saturday & Sunday this weekend. Reason; ….this is the LAST time , aircraft will be allowed to land on Langley park, Perth original airfield and one of the places  pilots were trained in WW 2.

Link to poster attached http://www.saaa.com/pdfs/Langley_Advertising.pdf

Enough updates! Sunny weather, but…we had the first night-frost. Cheers Ritz

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