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Lot`s of stories when you talk with friends. Yesterday Glenda and Ross dropped in and we had a nice time catching up with a lot! Jo and Tony dropped in this morning to see how we are. They were on their way back from the Nationals and Tony flew as coach in a double seater with a student with 400 hours and they got 3d in open class. More results later.

Looking back at all the young ones since 1984 when I visited for the first time, we took care here of a great group of new young pilots. Cameron starts flying in Hong Kong after flying for a Thai company in a 747 as first officer.He now starts on a 737 800 for a Hong Kong one. The world is small as he caught up there with Belgium friend Danny who lives also in Hong Kong.Danny and Rudy and Chris and more friends from the Keiheuvel club visited us regurlary. Also Michael flies for Cathay Pacific and the other Michael, we called him Tom Cruise, flies in Hong Kong. So a lot of our tuggies have done well. Inge flies as a captain on a 737 and Anthony flies for Quantas, James flies or flew for Malta Airlines, Bones flies in Darwin on amfibians, Akhil in Africa doing geographic- low- flying and earning good dollars.Dennis flies as a captain for Australian and Kurt flies somewhere in Queensland. I forgot a few and I do not know about a few, but I hope they all do well too.

Lot`s of wind again, but warm and dry. On ABC News I heard that half of the farmers all over Australia suffer the drought (3 years now in a row) and they have put 500,000,- aside for relief as well as 5000,- for families who need councelling after what they go through! Pretty sad!!!!

Will be back tomorrow, cheers for now Ritz

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