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Alphen aan den Rijn        Wednesday November 17 2010

Slowly the water in Belgium and the south of Holland is getting lower. In Belgium the flooding  cost the  lives of 3 people. On Monday and Tuesday we even had  dry and sunny days with 7 dgr….but frost in the night. Only -1 dgr. but still!  Time to sort out winter clothes for Munich and Salzburg, as the weather forecast  is for much colder weather, real winter, here as well as in Germany, but in Germany they had last weekend 14 dgr in Munich I heard from Maria and on TV I saw at some places even 21 dgr. Amazing! The long forecast is for another cold winter and this time the trains and the municipalities are better prepared, then last year when we had not salt enough to keep the traffic going and trains nearly all stopped!!!!
Summer clothes are nearly ready for Australia and New Zealand. Still some time left.

VERY pleased to hear  that Grietje was the one who made the first flight in Australia at Corowa , with their beautyful  brand-new ASH 31 Mi, with her OWN call-sign 3W.  Also great to see that Pepe is back in Corowa, as well as good old Anders!! In the week I am allowed to spend in Tocumwal I go and visit Corowa as well.

On Monday morning I heard that Quantas had another problem with one of its planes. It had to return  to Sydney where  it just had departed , as smoke entered the cockpit of the 747-400. An electrical failure seems the be the reason the 220 passengers and crew were delayed.
6 Incidents with Quantas planes within 2 weeks, was the headline in Australian papers !! A bit of a worry ! But….at least they still keep it safe!!!!
More , but minor problems, as on Tuesday a KLM 737 landed at Schiphol , result 2 burst  tyres. Don’t know why, but best guess is a too hard landing??? Maybe??? The 737 reached the gate without problems and everybody was fine! No worries !!!
No flying traffic yesterday morning in Eindhoven, the South of Holland where fog delayed out -going planes and forced in-coming ones to leave for Belgium or Gemany.Here the sun was shining brightly, with nice bleu skies and some clouds.

Did you enjoy the last race from Formula 1 as much as I did? Loved it! A pity to see Ferrari bet on the wrong horse. Poor Alonso had no way to pass the Russian rookie in Formula 1, but the good man only did his job. Webber missed out mainly because he qualified as 5th and young Vettel….I just “cried” with him!!! Stunning performance for a 23 year old !!!
Those young German top junior pilots at JWGC’s have the same mentality, they believe in their selves and receive what ever is best for them  from the team around them .
Guess, that Vettel, like some of the JWGC winners behaved in the same way as  after winning their title of WORLD CHAMPION ; just out of  his mind from happiness, [so he should!] drunk till he fell over ,  finger in the mouth…..throw up and start again. I have seen it all !!! A huge release  after a deserved win!

Just checking if the links work now;  ) this is for the second Aosta video, the winning one from 2010!
Now for the spectecular video over New Zealand;
Thanks Peter for the advises!!!!!
The music with the NZ video,” For ever young ” might be symbolic. Do you remember that I wrote my very last Sportavia – blog in 2006 in my caravan , while “for ever young” was on my radio ??? I mentioned that in the blog. Now a new soaring centre is on the verge of beginning and , for ever young shows up again……!!!!

Nice news that Kate and Prince William are going to marry in 2011 after 8 years of dating. Last October they both spend a while in Kenya and there they got engaged!  It will be a huge happening, looking forward to that. I am a fan of Royal weddings,  a real romanticus, …sorry guy’s.

Till Sunday later in the day! Have guests for the weekend.
Cheers Ritz

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