Cloudstreets everywhere!!!

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Australia Tocumwal:
Think I will never stop looking at the skies. It is so built in , in my system.This morning early , though I was only awake at 10.30 the sky up North looked great and clouds on a very blue frame of sky, were already high and looked more then inviting. At that time there was nearly no wind from the N. and it was already HOT. Today we go over the 30 dgr. mark again!At noon the Northerly picked up a bit, but cloud streets were EVERYWHERE, with as far as I could a bit of overdevelopment up N.

When I looked at the different gliding places around they do some flying but not so much yet.Kingaroy had on the OLC an over 400 km flight. A lot of our customers have moved to Corowa and I am sure they will have a good alternative there. Weather is the same and if they like mountain flying they even have the mountains close by now. Daan ,Geoff, Anders, Junzo and Yoghi , will go there and I wish them great and safe flights.

For some of our guests we went to look at caravan sites at Benalla and they were more then friendly there and showed us all around. We have had contact with Narromine too and will go to visit them soon and George and Diana visit Corowa today.

Ron House is busy to clean his van to move it away.Ray Waller and Gregg Mags have moved their caravans already and so did Mike Toth. He had the easy job as he bough a place to built a hangar at John Williams entrance.
Bill and Val Riley arrived back from their holiday in Queensland and dropped in to see me and I will go and visit them for a bit longer. Bill Harvey and Bob Smith are very busy with the Scouts to get them in perfect condition for the auction. Debbie works hard in the office to have all paperwork ready.Tony will be here soon and we are going to look at making SOARING.EU look MUCH better!!!!

That `s it for now , will keep you posted!!! Ritz

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