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Alphen aan den Rijn           Sunday October 3 2010                 ritzdeluy@hotmail.com

October started with a great sunny day,….. at-least in Holland and ….till the evening when the rain started again. Great stuff as the last day of September was “only “rain here, but not in Boberg where  “our Sportavia-kilometer -eater”, Jan  still flew a nice 296 km .cross-country-flight in the discus 2T 18m. In the past we had a lot of Boberg pilots and Klaus  who flew this day in his Ventus 2 CM 276 km was one of them as well.
 October 2 was already good for a 473 km. [396 FAI traingle] from Burketown in Australia!!!! The flight was in a PIK 20 E over mainly flatland in the State Queensland. By the way the Australian NATIONALS at Dalby  have practise days at the moment and will start this Tuesday. One of my friends Gerrit will fly his new Antares during the comps. At the moment the weather is a bit tricky!
Today we expect here in Holland, 23 dgr. so another glorious day. Not yesterday however when a Corendon Plane [Turkey] , a 737-400 with 167 passengers and 6 crew, got of the runway at Schiphol Airport and got stuck with one wheel in the mud.It seems a very wet runway and the rain might have caused the incident. Nobody was hurt and there was not really a delay for other planes.
Yesterday was NOT a good day for 2 Belgium light-aircrafts and their passengers and pilots . They both departed from Koksijde in the S. of Belgium flew over the border to France and collided there. One pilot and passenger got killed and the other 2 were injured. Very sad!!!!
Something else; 20 years without WALL in Germany!

The CIF [Claims Funding International] settled in Ireland has prepared a gigantic claim against KLM, Air France and Martin Air, as they noticed  illegal price-agreements [cartel -formation] and they claim the money for different businesses who have paid too much for their cargo shipments. They talk half a milliard!!!!! Not good! This all happened in Amsterdam last Thursday!

Last Wednesday was a lovely day here in Holland, not only for me and the grand-kids visiting under a blue sky full of sun a bird- parc, but also for some pilots who had time to fly. The day was not too long as cirrus formed around 3 and got stronger by the minute. No worries for us , looking at condor’s, sea-eagles and vultures , but more for the pilots still flying a nice 291 km.  to the East from Terlet into the Germany direction of Ahlen [out 140km and return ]  in a DG 500 22m.
Only 49 flights that day and Rieti topped the OLC list with a 503 km flight.
Best day for the OLC in September was on the 5th with 1278 flights and the “worst “day on September 27 with 23 flights world wide.

I was too early with the end -of -the- September -month. It was not Wednesday but Thursday, sorry about that. And as I said already September was a wet month and also 0.7 dgr. to cold looking at the average. We had 13.6 dgr. and  90 mm of rain while the average is  74 mm. BUT….we had 4 hours of sun more then the average;136 hours, according to the Dutch meteo KNMI.

One of the pilots flying in Namibia in Bitterwasser is Austrian pilot  Cristian Hynek, the founder of the Austrian site for news; www.streckenflug.at  It will be his first time and for all who have time to read blogs, here is his blog with the first experiences in Bitterwasser. It is in German ‘; www.streckenflug.at/blog   His glider an ASH 25 MI is in the container on its way to Africa.
And ……..when you always dreamed of a soaring safari in Africa, here is your chance. It will be from the mid of October till the mid of November and all the news is at ; www.gariepgliding.com 
It is so organised that you can start your half -year- holiday in Gariep and end after a month in either Bloemfontein, Bitterwasser, Kiripotib , Pokweni or back in Gariep Dam, whatever your destination to fly is. Interesting!

The 104th  FAI General Conference starts on October 5 in Dublin going till October 10. On their site you can see what  happens. The next one, number 105 ,  will be in Belgrade [Serbia] from October 11/16 -2011, just to let you know.

The crime passionel; The of murder of her rival [in love with the same guy] , accused lady E. and co-parachutist, said already 4 years ago  to the police, just after the “deed”, that most probably 4 people could have done it.
1. The girl who died could have committed suicide, but …she struggled and fought for her life while falling, so that’s not on.
2. The husband of the girl who died, as he could collect her life-insurance and might have hated his wife for having a relation. Not on  as he was shocked when he heard it and NEVER knew about the relation of his wife [mother of 2] and the parachutist till that sad moment.
3. The PARACHUTIST himself but he really loved the girl and tried very hard to help her.
4. Lady E, the girl in love with the parachutist, she could have tried to kill her rival. Lady E claims that is very possible BUT, she did not do it!
Will be continued and I find it sad but also fascinating to hear what has really happened.

At the Geelong [Australia] World comps cycling, “our” Dutch young lady Marianne Vos just missed out on winning but got her so maniest [ 4th] silver medal. A young Italian lady just beat her on the finish line. Tor Hushovd from Norway won the very exiting race for men in Geelong. I loved it, but did not see it life during the night.
Edward Gal , also from Holland, with his horse Totilas was the best in Kentucky [USA]at the World- Horseman-Games and won his 3d gold medal on 3 different disciplines!!!

CU next Wednesday

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