Alphen aan den Rijn      Wednesday September 30 2010

Last day of September ! And …September was pretty wet  AGAIN! Last Sunday” we had to travel to Brasil ” to be able to fly over 600 km. [in a Ventus 2 CM]. Best registered flight on the OLC in Europe was in Fayence ;357 km in a Ventus 15.5 m.
In Australia the FAI Qualifying Sailplane Grand Prix in 18 m. class was supposed to start at Boonah on September 26 going till October 2. Boonah is not far , about an hour, from Brisbane and delivers for their guests , thermal, wave and ridge soaring. I do not know for what reason, but this GP for a max of 20 pilots, has been postponed till March;practise on March 19 and comps from March 20-26 /2011.

And then this;
—The trial of a Crime Passional has started in Belgium. 2 Female parachutists loved one, but the same, parachute jumper. The 3 jumped out of the plane and one of the ladies just dies on the ground from 4000 m height, as her chute did not open. Sabotage by the other girl is what has to be proofed now, as the belts of her chute were cut. Suicide is not on, as the girl who died fought while falling for her life even the guy tried to help her , but all in vain.This all happened 4 years ago, but it has kept many people under a spell. Will keep you informed.

Only short news as I have guests.

Cheers Ritz

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