After writing my last post I started to feel less well. I tried a “thousand” times before to call the” corona street”, all in vain.
BUT,….When I called last Thursday I had somebody on the line straight away and was more than surprised!!!!
I could come on Saturday and within 48 hours I knew.
BUT,…I had a bad flu, so no words today but only pictures from Arjan Vrieze and Marloes Wolff, sharing that, during an autumn camp, on a cloudy, foggy day soaring can be still fun also for the youngsters.

Starting with a great picture from Marloes and a few from Arjan.

There she goes…..Grand daughter Indya , gets more coaching on a low-cloud-day.
To me EVERYTHING on this pictures seems perfect.

Thank you for sharing Marloes and Arjan.

I get the flu and pneumococci injection tomorrow, for what it is worth, as I had the flu injection last year too and now really got sick!!!
Let’s wait and see. In this corona time it seems smart to protect against all lung infections.
We might still go in a lockdown, but the measures taken 10 days ago seem to work.
HURRAY, for Melbourne, my mates over there heard this morning that their lockdown is lifted!!! Keep going!!!!

And to finish the all female crew from TRANSAVIA in September 1989 and now with the last flight yesterday after 32 years ,from captain Liz, co pilot then.
Liz is/was the longest flying pilot in Holland.
The captain then was Cocky who I then knew well too, as she was often at Terlet. She was the first female captain at Transavia .

AND…..Final rankings and statistics OnLine Contest (OLC) Netherlands 2020…as shared by ZWEEFPORTAAL.
Very interesting!!!!

Cheers Ritz

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