Part 2 of October 21 post.


——-A nearly 1000 km. flight from Kingaroy in Australia on October 14??!!!
Flown by Adam [15 m. Ventus] and David [LS 8] , who were still there and declared a task on a strong day ,….only the last bit was “off”.
Mind you, it’s still early spring and the days are not yet long in Queensland.
Here is part of his story;
Close, but not close enough! Achieved 956 km of the declared 1004 km 4 TP task, strangely enough still quite a satisfying feeling after such a long day in the saddle! David Jansen & I landed at Rosevale ALA around 6am, greeted by a lovely farm couple, an offer of bed & beer. Conditions just rule us out like a light switch, which is what happens in my part of the world, then the wind was up to 23 kts making it not feasible to get home. Still, great fun & I am now back in the family home, safe and sound. “
The rest of his story in Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures
Top job by both pilots, Adam’s 1000 will be soon flown, this was his 4th attempt…no doubt and no worries!!! I believe David has it already.
It could have happened already one day later…look at the skies.
ONLY 1 year waiting and Adam gets his Ventus 3!!!!

——South Africa “waking up“!
Whilst they now fly over 700k in an ASH 31/21m. in Australia’s spring, South Africa had some over 500 k flights in their spring as well. Oscar flew over 500 in the JS 3/18m. from Potchefstroom;
At last -summer has arrived. “Hope for them it will be as good as last season or even better!!!.

One day later Oscar flew a triangle of 823 km from Potsch with a speed of 159 km./h….YES…now we talk…..
Same place different glider; 831 km in a JS 1;”First 750km declared FAI triangle @ 142kph” by Jason Adriaan.
From Orient great flights as well, as 772 km triangle by Hanno Du Toit in JS 3/18m. with a speed of 162 km./h. His comment; “What a day” And the season only just started….
First day that Africa topped the OLC for the 2020/21 season. A pity that all those glorious flights from Namibia cannot be flown, as gliders were not send, but maybe a few good flights will be on the OLC by pilots flying gliders which are already there.

—an update on the Aussie Nationals...
The Club Class Nationals (Tocumwal) and the MultiClass Nationals (Kingaroy) have both had to be cancelled due to Covid-19-related issues and limited participation.

The last ditch effort to hold a Nationals at the end of the Season is proposed for Goondiwindi 13-20 March being run by DDSC.  The weather will be awesome at that time. If Covid-19 prevents members from any state from participating, the Nationals will not go ahead.  However, at this stage early ar rangements have commenced.  In order to be viable we would need at least 25 entrants.

——Europe still active with soaring in autumn!
Eric [Napoleon] shared some nice pictures from a flight with one of the other soaring families , this time in France, The Clements.

ARCUS with Clement de Pechy on October 17.
As shared by Eric.

And talking about the Clements,…I do not know them, at least I never met them but read and write about them . Philippe must have the same feelings for his sons as we do for our grand children.
Here they are on their way to St. Gaudens, where great wave- flights were flown yesterday:

Philippe de Péchy and his sons, Thibaud and Anton on their ‘early’ way to soar the Pyrenees.…/gliding/flightinfo.html..

Look at this: Philippe Clement with son Anton;1.166 km. in the ARCUS!!! Speed 163 km./h!
AND Pierre de Broqueville, …yes I do know him,….He flew in his EB 29D a distance of 1.281 km with a speed of 167 km./h!!!
And not to forget Robert Prat who flew in his ASG 29 a distance of 1.096 km. and who shares his know-how about soaring in wave from St Gauden. He did so many SUPER flights already!!
Very high wave as I noticed but the day could have been better according to Pierre when there would have been less humidity!!!

To finish a fabulous picture shared by Richard Gouble in the STAMPE!!!!An open 2 seat plane…just beautiful!!!

Courtesy Jean-marc Svy

And one of a stearman, another open 2-seater, flown by a young Belgium mate Pieter.

#Boeing #Stearman as shared by Pieter Daems

Well….this was a hectic morning, with a too long post, so I had to copy and paste in word to create this blog.
I hope however you liked the family post.

Having a rest now
CU next week
Cheers Ritz

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