Kingaroy and G.I.

—-Kingaroy October Grand Prix.
Continued on Thursday October 8… all pilots fly in one ballasted class, running the F1GP tracking software. Distance is handicapped, so the bigger planes have to fly longer distances.
It was interesting to read what Adam had to say about this type of soaring;
This was just a fun club comp, we used the handicapped distance style format. In AUS we are struggling for numbers, & people are seemingly generally enjoying the GP format more these days – especially at the entry level. I think the regionals will become GP’s always now & the nationals will stay traditional. At least I sure hope so!!”

Picture shared by Adam after 6 0ut of 6 days.

On task 4 Butch got the 10 points for the best performance….113 km./h!!!
Task 5 was a prey for Ray [Stewart] …126 km./h.
After 5 days of soaring Ray has 42 points…Butch 38 and David 31.
With 2 days to go , Ray in his JS 3 was 6th and first. His 3d number 1 spot. Enough to make him the winner of this GP with 58 points! Well done!!!!
The final day was a corker. Perfect JS3 weather in fact, whereas most of the week had been blue. It was a fun way to finish the week. Shame we didn’t get a nationals in to share with interstate and kiwi visitors. Hopefully next year.
Runner up with 54 points and 2 daily wins was Butch [ also on task 6] in Adams glider.
Adam flew the Duo Discus and was 7th!!!
At spot 3 it was David [Jansen] with 40 points.
Adam finished his Kingaroy blog with :
Congratulations to Ray Stewart for winning his first entered comp in the Jonker Sailplanes JS3 in 15m config! We held a fun GP comp out of Kingaroy Soaring Club in place of the Multi-Class Nationals this year – so it was hotly contested 😀John Buchanan was all smiles finishing in 2nd place in #GliderONE, David Jansen in 3rd with his LS8 – great fun, thanks Greg & everyone for a top week 🤙

A happy Ray with a big smiling Adam.
Courtesy Adam.

—–We stay in Australia for news about Joeyglide,
The Australian Junior Gliding Club is proceeding in the hope of running a COVID-normal JoeyGlide this coming season. 
JoeyGlide is the annual Junior Nationals and Junior Coaching program. It’s the place to be for young glider pilots in Australia, and a great place to meet like-minded people, learn lots and have some laughs.
I am afraid it will not be possible for young Europeans or Kiwi’s to travel then to Aus. Nevertheless;
Site: Leeton, NSW
Dates: 7-15 January 2021

—-the October issue of GLIDING INTERNATIONAL has, as always interesting news… old and new. Love the history of soaring ,so I started reading straight away.
They start with the success story about Schemmp-Hirth, how Martin Schempp, founder and aircraft engineer who died in 1984 and Wolfram “Wolf” Hirth, gliding pioneer and sailplane designer [1900-1959] met through soaring and built up a big business still known as one of the best gliding manufacturers!!!
By relocating the business to Kircheim Teck, Klaus Holighaus was asked to help them into the” composite-sailplane -era.”
The wife from Klaus, Brigitte and his sons Tilo and Ralf with help from long time well respected employees, still run the business.
Don’t have to mention how many great gliders “rolled” out of their factory.
We had a few types ourselves.
Editor John Roake writes already for over 50 years and has a huge library full of interesting books and articles.
For this issue he found an article called; ” Herr Hirth gives a lecture” , that was in London in 1931. Loved it!
Also news about Klaus life and his sad death after a crash in the mountains in 2004.
I knew Klaus and know Brigitte and the boy’s don’t see them often, but consider them as my friends.
Back to the G.I.
—-Hanger fire- foam- systems.. news for clubs .
—-history of gliding height records …currently 22.657 as absolute altitude by Jim Payne in 2018.
—–Electrifly-In in Grenchen in Switzerland …becomes a permanent feature from 2020 onwards.
—-Paul Schweizer is the gliding personality this month.
—–5 G and it’s influence on comps…..Forbidden or new rules by IGC??????
—-lot’s of International Aviation news for glider pilots and MORE……

—–When Klaus Ohlmann flies you mostly expect great weather for a good task. That was correct !!!!!
He flew 1.150 km in a STYEMME S10 last Sunday. One day later he nearly flew a 1000 “Second day of northern wave. A bit tricky, nearly blue.. My friend Gil shows his experience of “local” knowledge. Flying high and knowing personally the wave location. great day to learn and explore“.
Gil [Souviron] indeed showed his local experience by starting in the Stemme S12; 1.402 km. on Sunday.
One day later it was 1. 032 km.
Interesting days with wind coming from North with a wave not very strong and decreasing in the afternoon.
The day before the waves was stronger but very cloudy due to more west direction of the wind, and Klaus joined us coming from the Alps, finding unlikely waves over a near overcast ceilin
They flew all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. Have a look at the OLC flight. There is a link too, ” of 11 October some photo and one video of the start over the waves of the Alberes always fantastic, first mountain at Mediterranean Sea.”
A good day “out”.

That’s it for now. Not a lot happening at the moment…..
Though,…I was in some kind of voluntary quarantine. I had a bad cold and then you have to stay inside. I did for more than 2 weeks.
The last week I tried to reach the health institute for a corona test. I could not get through,…too busy!!!! Not good!!!
Try next week again, but in between I am “fresh and new again”.
This virus is terrible.
In The Netherlands we had a pretty good run during the first wave in March. All country fellowmen /women obeyed the rules, so in a short time it was nearly under control, but after the summer holiday the obedience was gone, we had people reacting fiercely on the strict new rules and now Holland belongs to the worst places in Europe. Yesterday we had over 7000 new tested cases!!! NOT GOOD!!
At my age I am very careful, even downloaded the corona app.
Stay safe friends!!!!!!

To finish 2 great autumn pictures by Arjan Vrieze. He makes fabulous pictures and is also one of the instructors from my grand children at Terlet.

Courtesy Arjan.
courtesy Arjan.

Cu next week
Cheers Ritz

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