Last 2 soaring day’s in Rieti!!!!

“Rieti” is always such a great competition and this one, so to see and read is not different.
Not an easy one for pilots as I often hear [d]. It needs some experience to “deal” with the weather , specially unexpected sea breeze and the mountains, but,..when you are comfortable with that, it’s awesome.
The atmosphere is always good, from all 8 visits I only have super memories.

The promised picture from the rain straight after the flight on Tuesday. by Arne.

Here are the last day’s from the C.I.M.
They always confuse me in Italy, sometimes it is till the 13th, on other comps it’s the 13th included and that’s what happened in Rieti this year.
When I left you Wednesday tasks were not set for the one but last last day, but here it is;
Wednesday group 1…racing task 371.64 km.
145.88 km./h was the speed from the ARCUS M team Prodorutti & Pronzati , but for only 819 points. They started reasonable early at 2 PM whilst the runner up team Alberto left at 2.17.
All finished, but Fridolin [Hauser] in ASG 32 MI did not fly over the last 3 days.

Thursday ,very sure the last day!!!367 km;
Another FAST day; 144 km./h for team Alberto. Team Stefano was runner up with 139 km./h. They started at 14.43 which was as the last but one ,..anyhow 8 minutes after Alberto, have to try at the last day.
Team Prodorutti & Pronzati was 3d , the Bouderliques 4th and Katrin and Arnaud 5th.

FINAL results group 1;
1. Bouderliques from France in ARCUS M with 6.270 points.
2. team Alberto Sironi in ARCUS T with 6.198 p.
3. team Stefano Ghiorzo in ARCUS T with 6.176 p.

So very close scores!!!!
Number 4 had 5.954 …Katrin and Arnaud in the ASG 32 MI.

Italian 20 m. CHAMPIONS;
1.Team Sironi with 6.382 points.
2. Team Prodorutti with 5.599 p.
3. Team Brunazzo & Micheletto with 5.472 p

Hopefully pictures next Wednesday!

Wednesday group 2…racing task 373.88 km.
Davide won another day…so 2 in a row….. now with 153 km./h!!! Good on him.Such a pity he lost around 500 points on task 2 .

Arne mentioned ;” Hot and fast day with friends and fellow competitors. Arriving on final across the mountains after intense 375km at 250kph+ raises the heartbeat a triffle but ground control and good discipline among the pilots and all was safe. “
I looked at the video from the finishes and they were quite spectacular.

Thursday task…413 km;
VERY interesting for the Italian title..this last day, as Giancarlo and Giorgio have only 30 points between them. Who is going to be the Italian National Champion in 18 m. class?
But first the CIM….
You are a former world champion,… you flew a few times in Rieti ,….you have been on spot 1 overall from the beginning ,…PRESSURE!!!????
NO not for Bert jr.
He “just” won the last day,…with 13 others he started at 3 PM and was back in a flash with 151 km./h on the “clock”!!!
Arne and Davide belonged to the same-time-starters, but were a tiny bit slower…148 and 147 km./h. Giorgio was 6th for the day.
5 Were out on this last day!

1. Bert Schmelzer jr. in Ventus 3T with 6.981 points.
2. Arne Boye Moeller in JS 3 with 6.836 p.
3. Giancarlo Grinza in Ventus 3F with 6.704

ITALIAN CHAMPION in 18 m. class;
1. Giancarlo Grinza with 6.840 points.
2. Giorgio Galetto with 6.825….only 15 points!
3. Davide Schiavotto with 6.796 p. GREAT EFFORT
The “fight” was from the beginning between Giancarlo and Giorgio. Giancarlo leaded the overall list 5 x and Giorgio 3x.

For all scores have a look at

There are a few splendid video’s from this great competition on FB…have a look!!
Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

The C.C.R [Coppa City di Rieti] starts straight after the CIM. 15 August 2020 – 22 August 2020

Hope I can add more pictures tomorrow,…it’s unfortunately not always working well.
CU then..

Cheers Ritz and CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL, the CIM winners, the National champions and ALL pilots who have flown in this competition.

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