Continuous “1000-km-rain” in Spain! C.I.M. in Rieti!

It’s August the month of normally long flights from Fuente and nowadays also Villacastin.
It is at least 20 years ago that I was in Fuente ,so things have changed ,but I do see a lot of the same names still flying there.
With the much better gliders the distances are getting longer as well.
What about 1.384 km?! Speed 150 km.p/h in an ARCUS M. from Villacastin.
And Guy from Luxembourg, in his Quintus M, who I met there that year, flew 1.265 km[ 911 triangle], his 9th 1000 km and the longest till now!!
2 More over 1200 km. flights!!!!Good day!!!

In between those long flights from Spain, 2 long ones from Holland as well!!! Tim and Casper Kuijpers …yes sons from Frouwke and Ferdie flew in a much less fancy glider in not so hot Holland nearly 1000.
Tim flew in the ASW 20 a distance from 961 km and Casper in a DG 800/18m. 951.
Tim flew his 1000 already from Holland and missed out on a declared one on about 280 m., but Casper is still in the running for his first 1000.
They declared a 1000 out and return over the Harz , but before the Harz it was a bit slow,…. so they turned short, to find out that the wind “on the nose” was not even that bad as expected.
They added some km.’s to make the 1000 but “that was not there”.They started at Malden and Tim finished there ,Casper at Terlet not too far from Malden.
My grand kids were there with many others to welcome him back.
By the way, I just read that today it is 3 years ago that Tim was “crowned” as the new European CHAMPION.Time flies.

Grandson Dexter with instructor Ronald in the ASK 21 and Indya for the first time in an LS 4 flying for 30 minutes ,both in the same thermal… cool is that!
Courtesy Ronald.

Last Friday a few more good flights and Pierre [de Broqueville] flew a 1000 in the EB 29D from Bordeaux Saucats in France and according to his OLC comment it was the “ first 1000 from that airport “. 1.068 km. he “hopped” over the border , flying the Pyrenees, direction La Cerdanya and back.

Last Saturday, AUGUST 1, it was a 1000-day in Puimoisson in France[3] and Gilles [Navas] flew 1 from Vinon in an 18m. ASG 29.
Nephi and Minden had 1 in the USA.

Yesterday a TOP DAY in France;1.328 km. [1.092 FAI triangle] in the ASH 31 MI/21 m. by Baptiste [Innocent] from Fayence!!!!
From Vinon Gilles [Navas] flew one on August 1 [1.134 km.] and yesterday in his ASG 29 and from Puimoisson some young Germans are flying 1000 km. flights in the ARCUS M, also on August 1 and yesterday. Tobias Welsch even called yesterday one of his best flights with wave, thermals, convergence and “hang” and the Mediterranean Sea as back ground, what do you want more.
But also Holland had fabulous weather again. They say,….that today a new heatwave starts maybe even for 9 day’s!!!
Yesterday “we” had a 1000 from Hoogeveen by Peter [Millenaar] and 970 k. by young Jelmer Vis [ his longest flight till now in time and distance!] and over 800 by Tim [Malden] and Steven Raimond , 920 km by Alfred Paul [Alfers] and Bas [Seiffert] .[all from Terlet]


It’s also the month of the CIM…in Rieti.
3 August 2020 – 13 August 2020

Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

Have been there several times …at least 7 times at WGC’s, JWGC and CIM’s….and loved each of them.
419 km. was set but,….Unfortunately day 1 had to be cancelled ;” Due to strong wind from ssw, the contest director and tow pilot chief decided, at 1pm, to cancel the task also for group 2: there are 13/14 kt from 220. After one hour in grid, all the glider are back to the trailers, relax for everybody! “
So there are 2 groups there and in both of them several top pilots from several countries, a real old fashioned CIM in Rieti.
A total of 30 in group 2 and 16 in group 1.
Group 1 (gliders with Italian hcap index between 0.98 and 117.5)
Group 2 (gliders with Italian hcap index = 118 and higher)

We are proud to say that this year we have nine World and European champions among the competitors:
Louis Bouderlique, Bruno Gantenbrink, Giorgio Galetto, Stefano Ghiorzo, Steve and Philip Jones, Bert Schmelzer, Katrine Senne.
And around 10 pilots of this competition are in the first 100 places of the international ranking of sailplanes pilots
! ” as said by Aldo [Cernezzi] who is the CD.
Even the pool is open and of course
“all participants, and in particular all the persons who require access to the “Pilot’s rest area” AKA Camping and Swimming Pool, must follow the national and local Covd-19 rules.”

Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

The Italian national Championships of the 20m Double Seater class, and of the 18m class, will take place during the CIM. The results will be re-scored accordingly to national rules.
Only Italian citizens will be eligible for the Titles;

the 18m class will be scored with no handicaps, by extrapolation from the results of Group 2; the 20m class will be scored with handicap, by extrapolation from the results of Group 1.
The first mandatory briefing was on Meeting app.
Most paperwork [p.e. entries] is done and will be done on line.
All Daily Briefings in remote form will be via Zoom conference web based software.
The prize giving ceremony will take place in an open area.

Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

Now you are up to date, so let’s see what they did on the day off:
Competition day cancelled.
Decided to fly the task anyway: 419km with 165kph at only 48kg/m2 and not a single turn on the task
“ written by Bert Schmelzer jr, who clearly loves his wife Barbara BUT also his VENTUS 3T.
The ARCUS M flew 600 km!!!!
As Schempp-Hirth added;” When wind is blowing strong in Rieti, problem comes for towing and unfortunately organizers of the championship had to cancel yesterday for safety reason. “
Very true!

hot – dusty – strong climbs – high speeds – good food – great company – …
What’s not to love about it

Courtesy Bert jr.

And yesterday for their first task.
BUT.….;” Day 2. Unfortunately, the situation is similar to yesterday for strong winds on the ground from south at about 12kts. In addition, very poor thermals, sparse precipitations.
So it’s no task today.
We have reason to think we will have good weather from tomorrow
. “

As shared by Arnaud.

So next week in the blog you get ALL the news.

No task yet so time to say goodbye
CU next Wednesday.
Cheers Ritz

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