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Sorry to all pilots and friends who have never been at “our” gliding centre, but the next couple of weeks the news will not be European but Australian and from Tocumwal. Today I use the sun room , where many of you have written emails to friends and family on the other side of the world.Dundee has allowed me to use his laptop and all is working fine.

We just said good bye to John Nugent who had a lovely stay here and enjoyed as much as we did , yesterday evening`s 2 cm thick T bone steak, prepared by Dieter on his BBQ.John was very sad to see the empty pool , the yellow grass etc as Sportavia meant a lot to him!
Also Swiss Chris was here with his daughter to collect his glider CH from Corkey `workshop. It is ready for a new season , but where……???
Tim and Laurel stayed for the night and Tim prepared his caravan , which he specially bought for his gliding weekends here in Tocumwal, to let it go “somewhere”.
We all know more after the auction, atleast that`s what we hope.

In between Eddie was pretty busy flying around with students/guests in the brandnew and very goodlooking 2d Jabiru. They operate from the North side of the WW2 hangar and they are called: Australian Sport Aviation.
For all European pilos who flew with us in the past and go flying in Benalla, Corowa or Narromine now, they are still welcome to fly with Eddie or Don ,only now in a Jabiru. You can contact them per email on
edmadden at or
donaldescott at Sorry but ” at ” is the sign I can`find on the computer but you KNOW!

Aircraft hire cost (using Jabiru aircraft):
-$ 140,- inc GST per hour for all training dual or solo and on solo nav training. Cost includes all pre flight and post flight briefings.
-$ 100,- incl GST per hour for solo flying (non training) .You have to have a pilot certificate .
-$ 100,- incl GST Trial Instructing Flights approx 30 Minutes flying time.

Membership cost: You must be a member of Recreational Aviation Australia. Don and Eddie can sign you up as a temporary member or 2 hours flying membership free , read no cost!!!
Per year you pay $132,- you also receive a monthly magazine. It also includes a student pilot`s license and operations manual.

So you know a bit more about flying with Eddie and Don or alone in a Jabiru. It is a cheap way of learning how to fly in a power plane and lots of friends have put this extra dimension of flying in their log book.Specially for overseas guests it is a cheap way of converting to an Australian license.The Jabiru is designed to take full advantage of the new Australian Aircraft Operating orders (CAO 95.55) which now permit this class of aircraft ,registered by the Recreational Aircraft Association and piloted by an RAA certified pilot to fly up to 10.000 ft AMSL & outside controlled airspace . A RAA pilot may operate from licensed airports and may also, by endorsement , carry a passenger.
More info you can receive from Eddie and Don also on their mobile phone: Eddie 0427 534122 and Don on 0429 001605.

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