Comps in Italy and Slovenia continued and finished!

Ferrara in Italy
Standard class nationals and Ferrara Cup 2020.
26 June 2020 – 5 July 2020

They continued after 4 cancelled day’s on July 3 with a 1.30 AAT for the 23 Cup-“fighters”.
After 3 days of soaring, 4 non-flying days and 3 day’s to go ,….the overall scores looked like this with 5 pilots between 1.849 and 1.934 points.
Riccardo [Brigliadori] in the JS 1 had 1.934 p.
Peter [Hartmann] in the Antares 23 E had 1.873 p.
Giancarlo Grinza in the 18m. Ventus 3 had 1.863 p.
Davide [Schiavotto] in the 18m. JS 3 had 1.856 p.
Giorgio [Galetto] in the Ventus 3 had 1.849 p.

Task 4 for the CUP-FIGHTERS, was a prey for Riccardo/Ricky who flew 164 km. in time 1.32. Only 417 points for the winner, but those are POINTS….so good for his top position.
Task 5…. 276 km.;won by,…yes Ricky…he is doing WELL!!!! Speed 111 km./h quite a bit faster than Giancarlo who flew around with 103 km./h. About the same as Peter.
Only 1 out. No secret that with 1 day to go Ricky leads with about 250 points!!!!
Task 6….268 km; so a nice one to finish this CUP. A blue day with 32 dgr.C. so blue thermals.
With 119 km./h Peter won the day just ahead of Ricardo.
Great 3d place for young Davide.
Maybe not that young anymore as in Husbos he must have been under 25 and now we are 15 years further…time flies!!!
I even heard he has a family as well.As said…time flies.

The final results for Coppa Citta di Ferrarre.
1. Ricardo Brigliadori in Js 1 /21 m with 3.832 points after 6 tasks.
2. Peter Hartmann in Antares 23E 3.590 p.
3. Davide Schiavotto in JS 3/18 m. with 3.510 p.

A REAL happy Ricky . As shared by him.

The Standard class pilots had the same “pattern” in day’s and started on July 3 again as well .
Also a 1.30 AAT for the 11 pilots.
Task 4; both Fergnani’s did well. Brother Nicola won for 107 points and younger sister Michele was 3d with 102 p.
Sister and WWGC CHAMPION Elena was not flying.
Guido Dalla Rosa ,who is at 1 overall, just made it back for 87 p. He flies a 15m LS 8.
Task 5…242 km. Luca [ Urbani] showed his experience over many years and won the day with a speed of 100 km./h ….the only one over 100 km. h.
Luca [Monti] was runner up with 95 km./h.
Task 6….227 km; Guido Dalla Rosa won the day. He won 3 day’s in total but on task 5, when he was still leading overall, he was the only one “out”. Dropping from 1 to 5…..That hurts!!!!
So the final results for the standard class are:
1. Luca Urbani in Discus 2 with 3.075 points and Italian Standard class CHAMPION.
2. Lorenzo Monti AND Luca Monti equal on 2!!!!with 3.008 points.

With Luca Urbani in the middle and the “Monti’s on either side of him.


CELJE in Slovenia.
27 June 2020 – 4 July 2020

Tuggies in action by Luka Luka

The Slovenian gliding nationals and open gliding championship at Celje airfield had less “off-day’s” ……. only 1 with no task.
Club class;
On July 1 they even had a 3 hour AAT , task 5, won by Andrej [Kolar] in the DG 300;255 km. in time 2.59.
The next day was for Ales Fink also in DG 300. He flew during an 1.30 AAT, 142 km. in time 1.30 at the dot!!!
Only 10 finished.

Andrej in his DG 300 as seen by Luka Luka

Open class;15 pilots and 7 HC pilots.[Ukrain, Belgium, Austria x2, Australia, Germany and Italy]
Local pilot Bostjan Pristavec in LS 8/18m. was the winner of the 3 hour AAT; 313 km in time 3.17.[982 p.]
Pierre [de Broqueville] in the EB 29 flew 340 km. in the same time for 955 points.
The 1.30 AAT the next day, was won by Pierre with 190 km. in time 1.30 at the dot.
Matthew [Scutter] in Diana 2 and Katrin [Senne] in JS 3 followed….all 3 fly HC.

On July 3 the message from SkySight was …..
Slovenia Soaring Forecast 03.07.20: 100% chance of being able to kayak to your tent. “
And,…indeed that happened. A kayak “peddles” through the camping and kids “splash” in the water.
That meant THE END of the CELJE CUP 2020 as they could not fly anymore.

as shared by Luza.

Winners in Club class;
1. Jože Verdev in DG 303 with 3.156 points and National Champion.
2. Andrej Kolar in DG 300 with 3.099 p….from NAVITER….Good on him.
3. Boris Žorž in St. Cirrus with 3.074.GOOD!!!
They were the only 3 pilots with points over 3000 during 5 day’ s of flying.

The standard class winners!! Aeroklub Celje

Winners in Open Gliding Championship;
HC 1. Gintas Zube in ASG 29/18m. with 3.863 points.
HC 2. Pierre de Broqueville in EB 29 with 3.757 p.
1. Sebastian Ramšak in Ventus /17.6 m. with 3.711 points.
2. Boštjan Pristavec in LS 8/18 m. 3.661 p.
3. Uroš Krašovic in Ventus 3 with 2.930 p.


Other news;
When will Namibia open again?
In Europe we generally survived the corona wave. Germany is loosening up and travel within Europe is allowed again. But many ask can we fly to Africa again in winter? In any case it does not look bad for Namibia. Namibia is also loosening up. With the exception of the hot spot Walvis Bay travel is free again within the country. And on September 18 they want to open the borders again
Preparations for the coming season at the Bitterwasser gliding center are ongoing. The planning is currently going through everything that could be possible with regard to conditions and how they can be implemented in the lodge. Director Rainer Hog: “We are doing everything we can to fly in Bitterwasser again in November.”
In any case there should be no savings for young pilots. Wilfried
Großkinsky sees his 1000 k training camp as set for the young pilots he has invited. And the young glider pilots, who are now fighting for the invitation of Bitterwasser AG for a week of long-distance gliding in Namibia in the Europe-wide Bitterwasser Cup will not make any efforts in vain.
The Namibian tourism initiative will prepare a basis for how and under what conditions holiday traffic in Namibia can start again this summer: In mid-July, Namibia will launch the “tourism revival initiative” for an overseeable number of tourists. This first tentative opening will show how holiday traffic, this important source of income for the country, can be revived.

Ely Arpt, was the place to be for 1000 plus flights. I counted 6 in 2 day’s. You think that pilots are over the moon , certainly for the first one, happy with the so maniest , so looking at the comment from Keith Essex I was a bit confused…you fly for fun…or…
His comment over his 1.202 km flight [912 FAI triangle] made me think;
” Uwe, it was awful. 19k cloud bases made me want to give up and go back to the airport. I had a scary 15 knot thermal that made me want to go home too. I wish I would have been driving instead. “
By the way his 12th 1000 plus since Mai 24 2020. The longest was a yo-yo on June 28 when he flew 1.618 km. from Minden in a 15m. JS 3 with a speed of 217,59 km./h.!!!!!!!.

For my Aussie mates;
On behalf of NSW Gliding, Lake Keepit Soaring Club is pleased to host the 2020 NSW State Championships. A great place to go to!!!!!
It’s been a tumultuous year, what better way to shake the shackles of 2020 with a week of fast & fair competitive gliding at
your favourite social club with a gliding problem, LKSC
. “

Talking about Australia,…today they closed the borders between 2 states. Victoria and NSW. Melbourne has a lot of new corona patients so for every bodies safety they closed the borders.
As you know I lived for several years in Tocumwal and the Murray River is the border between NSW and Victoria.We lived in NSW but often shopped just over the border in Victoria.
Very tough on my mates but for their own good… I then hope .

As promised…..Tijl’s blog about the in’s and out’s on his 1.250 flight very interesting to read….lot’s of great preparation.:

6 x a 1000 in France from several fields, last Monday!!! 3 in open class gliders and 3 in 18m.Ventus 2CM….18 m.,ASG 29E….ASH 26E!!!!
25 x a 1000 in Germany yesterday ….6 of them FAI triangles!!! Have a look at the OLC. Whilst we are sitting in the rain at least till next Monday.

The by now monthly Gliding International “arrived” digital on my laptop. With news about
….the Schleicher AS 34.
…after 3 moths Sebastian Kawa is recovered from his up hill landing after an electric failure.
…More problems with engines of ALL kind, are a “sorrow” !!! OSTIV looks into it too.
….PERLAN pilot Jim Payne about the record flight in the Brazilian made and designed [ by Brazilian born professor/aerospace engineer Paulo Iscold] NIXUS
…Hydrogen fuel’s future..
…the worlds biggest wind tunnel company
…international aviation news for glider pilots

Enough to read so CU next week
Cheers Ritz

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