What a splendid weekend!!!

Last weekend was “special”.
First of all of course summer started in this part of the world and winter for my mates down under.
WE had the longest day…so on our way to winter again…and THEY the shortest with in a few months…. longer days and summer again.
Our Scandinavian mates celebrated MIDSUMMER NIGHT.
Do I remember such a night??
YES I do…it’s some kind of magic evening around the fire and as it nearly stays light all night you feel some kind of “lost”.
I spend a few of those nights in either Sweden or Finland and always something special happened. Great memories!!!!
Also very special, at the beginning of this summer 2020 …a solar eclipse was to be seen,…unfortunately not here… .

The weather last Saturday as seen at Terlet by Marloes.

Our summer started really well with …if we still have the fore-casted 31 dgr. C next Sunday …a HEATWAVE!!!
Last Saturday was nice warm but they need 1 week here for a heat wave with temperatures above 25 dgr. C and from them 3 should be over 30. That started yesterday with great clouds over my garden and 28 dgr.C.. So we are in the middle of a heatwave now,…. over 30 here today,… if it is local or for the whole country I tell you next week.
The weather is definitely changing, we have many more sunny day’s than 10 years ago and drought??? We did not even know about it here.
Now they have vineyards in Norway!!!!!

Back to Saturday Tim Kuijpers flew NEARLY a declared 1000 km from Holland in his ASW 20; 999.98 km!!!Mind you over flat-land.
Another young pilot Robin Smit flew 915 km in his LS 4!!
Both flew JWGC’s. Tim was JWGC CHAMPION in 2011 [Musbach] and Robin vice- JWGC champion in 2015.[Narromine]
My Belgian mates flew from Keiheuvel 721 km in LS 8 [Jeroen] and 840km. in Ventus 3E [Tijl].They both flew JWGC’s as well.

Picture courtesy Jeroen Jennen, who flew together with Keiheuvel mate Pieter over Belgium, Germany and Holland. Long live the open borders again.

Sunday was another great day with 5 x a 1000 and
MONDAY was very special, at least for ASH31/21m pilot Hermann Eingang from Austria who manged to fly 1.408 km. from Noetsch.
1.251 km. was flown as well in a DG 600M/18m. !!!!
And 1.099 in an LS 7 WL!!!
Just over the border in Slovenia a few 1000’s as well…. one in a St. Cirrus and 2 in a DG 300!!!!! Well done!!!!
Worldwide 12 new 1000 km. flights .
Skysight shared the picture from the Slovenian situation.

as shared by SkySight

AND YES,…Holland had another 1000 as well now by Alfred Paul from Terlet in his ASG 29 E/18m.
My grandchildren had Sunday a great time at Terlet as well, with nice young mates and instructors at the Gelderse and 3 starts each!!!
A total of around 40 pilots added their flight from Terlet on the OLC.
Dutch weather impression by Frank

Weather on June 20 as seen and shared by Frank Hiemstra.


Fresh news from Matthew Scutter. ” Please welcome the newest member of the¬†#skysight¬†family. “
Congratulations,…..talking about former JWGC pilots ,Matthew is another one ,..he even was world champion at the Narromine JWGC.

Date of birth: 23.6.2020
Name: LL
Width: 15m
Weight: 269.2kg
Type: SZD-56-3 Diana 2-NG FES
Shared by Matthew Scutter’s Gliding


Some different skies in the UK yesterday. VERY interesting and huge lenti !!!

This pic was taken by Stuart Woolger who shared it on an Exmouth Facebook group
as shared by British Gliding Association

That’s it for now. The world slowly opens up more here on this side of the world. Let’s hope no new cases are going to ruin a bit more freedom.
Stay safe
Cheers Ritz

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