Hottest spring ever in Holland!

Such a pity that the “new normal’ is not the “old normal” ,but what can you do.
At least rules are less strict now, but it shows as well more infected people.

Ken” incognito” in our new normal, with a compulsory mask.
As he said, “it’s either this or not flying” Easy choice.
As shared by Ken.

Last Wednesday when I published my blog ,the Swedes had sensational weather; 3 x a 1000 and all 3 flown from Dala Jarna , which is NW from Borlange, where the WGC was in the past.
Looking at the tracks they flew together in a Nimbus 3/25.5 m., in a Ventus 17.6 m and an LS 6. Some kind of yo-yo ,….must have been good over a big area. Most probably they declared the flights as well.
The 838 km. flight from Per Carlin in an LS 1f, from Arboga was TOP too.
Also Noetsch had a 1000 k. in in a DG 600m/18 m.

SKYSIGHT published this picture about the great weather in Sweden with text:
” Outstanding flights in Sweden today, looks like a declared 1200km flight in a Nimbus 3. “
It was a declared 1000 plus 200 km. so a total of 1.226.8 km.!!!!!!!!

Last Thursday ..Ascension-day….was a “day-off” in parts of Europe. Normally we have a million German guests at our Nord sea beaches and a lot from Belgium as well. BUT,…covid-19 keeps many borders closed.
With the great weather it could have been even more as most have, or take the Friday off as well.
You could see on the OLC that lots of pilots were happy with the weather and the fact that they could “play outside-again”.
2101 Flights on this Thursday including 5 x a 1000. One by Tomas Suchanek from CZ. in his Ventus C 17.6 m.
3 From Germany ….one special in a Nimbus 4 T ; a 1000 Triangle….and Wolfgang flew one from Austria in his Ventus 3.
Worth mentioning as well the 885 km[ 750 triangle] from Bamberg in an LS 4 WL.

Saturday was another awesome soaring- day in Holland.Mark [Leeuwenburgh] even topped the world wide OLC list that day, with 909 km [403 km triangle]
Also junior Maurits had a great day with 811 km in the Discus 2T/18m.
They partly flew together from Hilversum as their club , the Amsterdamse, at Soesterberg, has temporarily no soaring- action due to the breeding from some protected birds.
309 pilot’s added their flight to the OLC list.

Yesterday Finland enjoyed cold clear again, with superb conditions.
I still remember the first day from the Europeans in Rayskala with a 1000 as task , flown by nearly all pilots in open class.
In the evening I saw 3 x a 1000 from Finland. Twice from Rayskala with Antii in Ventus-2cxa 18m FES and Sami [EB 28] and 1 by Sorin from Jamijarvi in an ASH 31 /21 m.
987 km. in an LS 8 T by Kristian Roine was good!!!!! As well as the 750 FAI triangle from Antti[Koskiniemi] in the DISCUS 2!!!!
He tried a national speed record….112.74 km./h.
48 Flights from Finland and I saw flights from a lot of my mates.

The Pentecost weekend looks pretty good so my grand children hope to fly then too.

It is nice to see that my friend Teresa who lives in Sweden flew in Ekeby yesterday, whilst her son visited in his “chopper”.
In this COVID 19 period the helicopters are used as well to transport patients between hospitals, I heard. GOOD ON YOU MIKAEL.
Such a proud moment for a mum.
I remember when my son passed by in his plane over Keiheuvel, when he was still in training to be an airline pilot. Felt very proud then too.

As shared by Teresa.

And to finish this spectacular picture shared by many, but taken by Jan Erik Arud.
The video from this ASK 21 in landing in Norway is on you tube.There you can see lightning and hear THUNDER!!!!

ASK 21 in landing. Courtesy Jan Erik Arud.

And to remind you again that things can go terribly wrong as well, this picture, shared by the Italians, from the glider flown by a 29 year old/young lady.

Last Sunday this DG 200 was badly hurt. The female pilot survived this crash and had only minor injuries. How lucky she was!!!!

CU next week
Cheers Ritz

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