Slowly the world opens up again!!

—-Yes…. slowly some borders open and,….. some schools,….some shops ……also hair dressers start again…. an enormous job, Denmark had over 4000 who wanted a haircut on the first day they were open.We still wait here …with long hair!!!!Maybe tonight……there will be a meeting from the government and the corona-advisers.
KLM started flying, with 15 % of the capacity and in Belgium trains and buses drive again. EVERYBODY however needs a face mask.
In Germany as well.
Some glider-pilots fly again.
Quite a lot of Europeans pilots got messages from their NAC how slowly and carefully to open the flying season. Restrictions will be in place at several countries in different way’s.
On the BGA website I found the next news with lo’ts of links;
The COVID19 pandemic and resulting restrictions have resulted in the cessation of gliding operations with a significant impact on clubs and individuals. In due course, clubs and pilots will need to consider issues relating to restarting gliding, including the validity of licences and certificates.
You can find the links at

In Australia there is good news too. The season just finished there, but also in winter you can fly there at places.
Tuesday evening 12 May, 7 pm to 8:30 pm AEST
We propose to schedule a second seminar at a time to better suit our members in Western Australia.
One of the speakers is Professor Sydney Dekker. He is an expert/authority on human factors and system safety..
He lives in Brisbane and is a professor at the university there, as well as at the university of Queensland, [ Honorary Professor of Psychology ],but is Dutch. AND, the far past a good friend from our Dennis.They both started soaring at the same club. Sydney even visited Dennis grave in Tocumwal not long after Dennis died.
The seminar will cover:
0) Sidney Dekker — Introduction
1) Justin Couch — DI safety
2) Chris Thorpe — ground handling incidents and safety
3) Sidney Dekker and Chris Thorpe — currency and flight safety

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—-A lot of good things have happened as well in this corona time. Lots of people helped each other and nurses and doctors worked their way trough day and night to save patients.Applauded in many countries.Many showed their respect in a thousand way’s.

This is a real nice story which brought tears to my eyes. I copied it from Lizzy , as she uses the words I would have said:
Of all the amazing stories that have unfolded during this pandemic, this will certainly be one that stays with me forever …..
A 99 year old army veteran who set out to walk 100 laps of his garden to raise £500 for the NHS before his 100th birthday.
Having captured hearts and minds across the UK (and world), he looks set to smash £30m today!
Happy Birthday Captain Tom

At his old age he was still promoted to Colonel…What a hero!A well deserved RAF Flypast was his as well.
Picture shared by Lizzy.

—–The Fly Past over New York is well worth mentioning too.

The US Air Force Thunderbirds and US Navy Blue Angels conducted a special joint flyover of New York City, Philadelphia, and nearby communities. The mission, part of Operation America Strong, saw both teams launch from the Blue Angels’ home base at NAS Pensacola, fly up to NYC, then return home again at the end of the day. Along the way, the jets were supported by four KC-10 Extenders from JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey, an incredible sight of its own. The tankers were easily tracked as they lead the teams north and then orbited over New York while refueling.

—–News from Australia;
Canberra Airport first airport in the country with thermal cameras to help protect against COVID-19 to help us get flying again.
PS: please download the COVIDSafe app and let’s get life back to normal. “
Soaring as well, in the heart of the continent as Robert mentioned;
Great day flying today. Four out of the ten gliders based at Alice Springs were in the air all day! “

Red sand,…must be” the Alice”…Courtesy NT Soaring

——-Great “real” Dutch spring skies , as seen by Robert.

Courtesy Robert Jungblut.

—-Last weekend more pilots took the glider for a ride.
On Saturday 143 mostly in the USA and Brasil. None from Holland,..we had nice skies but also lot’s of showers with hail and at some place a thunderstorm.
On Sunday 312 flights most in Germany , with an 865 km flight [657 FAI triangle] in a Discus 2M/18m. from Worms.
The Kries family [No I do not know them] went out with 2 gliders; Felix in a Discus 2 A with 685 km[565 triangle] and Norbert in a Ventus 3 T, with 721 km [582 triangle]Good day for them.
Other good flights from Austria and an interesting one in a NIXUS by Jim Payne from Minden in the USA. A wave flight from 867 km.

On Monday Germany [5 ] , Hungary [9 ] and Denmark [12 flights] had good polar- weather-circumstances with that pretty cold air.
I know that visibility on such day’s is “huge”.
According to Vladimir Fedorov , there were more great flights from Denmark that day;
Great 718km together with Tom and Mikkel,  in the Arcus, Ole in ASH31 and Stig Øye in Ventus3! From scratching the bellies at 450m to racing at 200km/h at 1700m. Teamwork at the top level to make all come around the islands! Visited Møns Klint (chalk cliffs) for the first time, and crossed the Great Belt yet again “
Nice pictures too.

Courtesy Vladimir Fedorov
courtesy Vladimir Fedorov

Yesterday 16 Danish pilots enjoyed great circumstances. Even up to over 800 km in a 16.6 m. Ventus.
The Finnish mates had a good spring- day yesterday as well. Rayskala had an 800 km flight in an LS 8.
AND YES …you could wait for it a 1000 km……in Germany in an ARCUS M. Only just with 1.0001 . km. [584 FAI triangle]
The LS 4 flight in Germany from 851 km.[630 Fai triangle] from Stadtlohn [not too far from the Dutch border,a TP during several of our comps, we had on the OLC ONE flight in a Stemme!!!] is impressive.
And 866 an ASW 20 from the same field, as impressive.
87 flights only in Germany, it starts again…..

And to finish this nice heart high up in the air here over The Netherlands.

Shared by my niece Maria on our”day of freedom” yesterday.

Stay healthy,..hopefully we can go back soon to the new 1.5 m. normal…..

Cheers Ritz CU next week.

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