Life changer….

The year 2020 is a real life changer. We all started it happy. I did in Lake Keepit.
Great …., no a fantastic time there, till the moment we heard of the problems with the Aussie team.
As you could read in my last blog, the last words have not been said yet.
Have n’t heard anything new.

Then we thought that those small problems were big, we were all full of it.
NOW we share CORONA!!!!!What a disaster, a real disaster…..That’s a problem.
Loosing family and friends, not be able to see the elderly and doctors and nurses who work so hard that they nearly fall over.
Lock downs, young people who are restricted to their houses and can’t go to school.
People loosing jobs, also friends flying for airlines . Some are at home waiting for better times to come,….they might still hope.

The world will change. I even think the aviation world will be hit worst, still hope not TOO bad, but I do not see me quickly back in Australia, where I lived and worked with so much pleasure for so many years.
There will be a new reality and when we stay healthy and safe we should already be happy.
So let’s stay optimistic and enjoy what we have and can do.Not a lot of soaring, though the weather here has been great for it.

I still noticed some flights on the OLC world wide, though most clubs here are closed and some countries even closed the airspace for soaring.
Best day in April was last Sunday, that is ,..looking at how many flew; 310 world wide.
Even 3 over 1000 km. flights in Germany [2] and Czech Rep.
Specially the Swiss pilots have had some great runs.Just over 1000 km. on April 24.
Yesterday also a 1000 km-ridge-flight in the USA, set as a 750 FAI triangle ,but the weather did not co-operate as low clouds stopped the pilot to reach the TP, but a nice long flight in a Ventus 3. Speed 143 km./h.
Also in the USA…. ,Tony [Condon] flew in his Cirrus nearly 500 km ,after his wife Leah towed him with the CAR , to about 1400 AGL on April 25.
He loves the post frontal weather, he mentioned.
They are so lucky they can fly.
Mind you ,…worldwide, on April 26 in 2015 there were 615 flights and on April 27 last season 505 ,but on Saturday, April 20 1886!!!!!
So showing that a lot of pilots are looking at great skies.
We had yesterday the first rain in 6 weeks,…yes VERY DRY here.

From Claudia’s Gliding Page this great picture
” German gliders are following government guidelines “
courtesy one of Claudia’s German friends Ute.


Here is a mix of some nice pictures to cheer you up too. Don’t know from all who took them, but they are in my file “special pictures”.

2015 FAI Awards Ceremony Rotterdam, The Netherlands 24 September 2015 Photo credit: Frans Guise
Narromine Nationals ..long ago.
Picture courtesy Brutus.
Bones on the wing of the Mallard. One of our tuggies in the past.
Manfred Radius at the airshow cutting the ribbon with the tail. He was a regular guest at Sportavia.[SSC]
The SOARING CAFE team in Uvalde in 2012, with Carol, Bill, Ritz and Rand.
GREAT picture,no words needed.Courtesy Jacek Lewinsky.
Fabulous finishes in the UK.
“Good old “Dick Butler in his CONCORDIA
Courtesy Jacek Lewinsky.
With Bill Riley [RIP] , founder of the SSC ,in front of Eddie’s hangar.
Joey glide..finish in Lake Keepit, when there was WATER IN THE LAKE.
I believe it is Nick from New Zealand.
Finishes at Terlet “Courtesy Arjan Vrieze.
No idea where this was. Sorry,….Maybe Nitra????
Long ago…..Mac and Stan Witek [RIP].
Last but not least SARAH, the winner in Lake Keepit this year when everything was still “normal”.
The VERY last one for this blog,…granddaughter Indya to the left after going solo at Terlet.

CU next week in good health and spirit…Stay safe certainly all friends as old as I am or older…..
Cheers Ritz

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