WWGC….2020, not over yet….

—–EASTER, in The Netherlands had 2 “faces”. Easter Sunday was like summer with 25.6 dgr. C , the warmest ever April 12. Easter Monday the temperature dropped to 8 dgr. C with some rain……grrrr…..Just back to fall again….After today it should be better .

Pretty cherry blossom in my back garden. A pity it stays for just ONE week.

—-About the next WWGC held at Husbos,…..
The Women’s World Gliding Championship 2021 (WWGC21) which was to be held at The Gliding Centre at Husbands Bosworth in August 2021 has been postponed until August 2022.
Full details of the WWGC22 will be published in due course.”

——The last one in Lake Keepit is still fresh in many “heads”.
NO DOUBT at all, that Lake Keepit put on a GREAT SHOW. Never met so many enthusiastic volunteers and members of the club, who had to work really hard and not from 9 to 5, but still had time for their guests!!
Also the organization under the leadership of Mandy stood!!!! EVERY DAY…..
That the WWGC finally turned out “difficult” had NOTHING to do with Lake Keepit.
Also not with the organizers ,who were shocked as well and had to take unpopular measurements.
This last WWGC is still “boiling”. Till mid April an appeal is possible to the FAI, about the final results. As you know they changed after the Australian TC and his helper, admitted in a briefing, they had access to the tracking system without the 15 minutes delay.
For that reason the Aussie girls had an advantage over all other girls. They were “punished” with 25 points per day a total of 225 ,costing Jo Davis her title which went to Elena and Lisa Trotter her 3d place.
From the 10 countries flying there, 9 protested against this in their eyes unfair behavior of the Aussie team.NOBODY ELSE HAD THAT INFO!!!!
3 Countries [Germany, the UK and Luxembourg] filed a protest to the IGC which was honored.
Just before Easter I heard that the Australian team has filed an appeal against this punishment with the FAI.
So the international teams could protest too, by their NAC. Their last possibility to do so!!!
Till now there was only that protest to the jury at the end of the WWGC .
Will follow it for you. Though I really feel for the Aussie girls, as I like ALL of them, their problem is that they never can prove anymore why they did so well thanks to the involvement of their TC.
I like Terry but what he did was wrong,….he knows,..he admitted to what they did,….the girls should blame him for bringing them in this terrible situation!!!!
AND,..as far as I read or heard that has not happened,…WHY????
I don’t know, do they still believe in him …. do they know perhaps more than we do, OR…… are they not allowed to talk????

A few memories from not so long ago at Lake Keepit!!!! To never forget the joy there was as well.

4 of the 9 Aussie girls in good spirit!!!Jenny,Lisa [Trotter] and Lisa [Turner] and Jo.
And,…the 3 girls from the USA….Sarah,Kathryn and Sylvia.
The Italian ladies Elena and Margot and TC Ricardo.
CD Mandy. …Chief steward Frouwke and deputy CD Anita.
The very successful French team, a real close team as well. Pilots, crew and TC.

—–The gliders from Corowa arrived back in Holland last week. All in top condition,..what do you want more. A season to fly….maybe??????

—–Today the Dutch Government talks about the aviation in Holland. How to continue after corona/great losses.
Very interesting and a bit scary, as lot’s of my friends fly KLM and Transavia.
I just read that Qantas “culls its flying fleet to 3 aircraft. A drastic downsizing”!!Pfff…….Not to think of all those people who have lost their job’s already!!!!! Bloody virus!!!!!
Even worse…..about 125.000 people died world wide and it ain’t not over yet.

Not much to say today. Stay SAFE!!!
CU next week again.

Cheers Ritz

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