Tocumwal Diary with the latest on Lake Keepit.

After 10 hours of driving ,we are back in Tocumwal. The last hours from yesterday were a bit sad as a “shadow of bitterness ,anger and sadness” fell over the comps.
It was such a great competition!!!
And then ….we were all shocked , when we heard via the organizers and TC’s, that the Australian team did not use the track system the way it should have been done, thus having had advantage.
After the jury , several remote jurors and Gisela in Keepit, discussed the subject for hours ,…25 points for 9 day’s was 225 points lost in total for the team.
For some countries that was not enough. They think of the next step.

There are a lot of stories, the REAL story will be here tomorrow. One from me personally ,one from a combination of 9 TC’s.
I need one more night to sleep over it.
Don’t jump to conclusions TOO quick by looking at FB stories or “colored” stories.

All pictures and the full story will be here tomorrow too.
Here are a few already

Sylvia and Sarah and Katrin.
Chrissie as runner up, ELENA as new CHAMPION and Celine as number 3 with a few of the 7 ladies receiving a certificate.
Aude as runner up, Sarah as new STANDARD CLASS CHAMPION, Ayala as number 3.
Anne at number 2, Melanie AS THE 18 M CHAMPION and Katrin as number 3.
THE CUP WINNERS from France!!! Great team, madame Bailleau in the middle with her daughter.A proud Eric up front.
Mandy , as CD from the Lake Keepit WWGC hands over the FAI flag to Liz who will be the CD in Husbos in the UK in 2021.

As said,….MORE pictures and stories tomorrow,

Do you know how loud an FA 18 is??? Will tell you tomorrow!!!

AND,…VERY PLEASED to find out that I broke the UVALDE_ RECORD of unique viewers per day.
Uvalde was the best since 2012, yesterday is now the BEST EVER DAY!!! THANKS!!!!!!
Still remember how glad they were with that in Uvalde!!!
Don’t even want to know how many “clicks” that are.
Hope it reflects on Lake Keepit!!!!


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