Latest news at the Keepit WWGC..21 !!!Last day cancelled at 1PM. We have champions!

8 AM :
We had rain yesterday, you might remember that after so many years of dry weather, I could not believe that there would be rain.
BUT,…it rained ALL DAY!!!!!A real good drop!!!
GOOD NEWS…it was dry at 6.30 PM and nearly all “soaring-ladies” and their crews arrived for a great BBQ evening.
When you do your best as a club , and put ALL YOUR FRIENDLY EFFORT in setting a great WWGC , you get back too!!!

Look at the pictures;

Left part of the outside tables
Right part.
A real good evening AGAIN.
One load of steaks and sausages for the “volunteers” and salad was prepared as well.
Inside tables as well with volunteers and jury
With Gliding Australia Magazine Sean [Young] upfront to the r.

Everybody used the club house kitchen as their own. Meaning all guests feel very welcome here.
Must say the hospitality from this club is overwhelming.

Do they fly …yes or no?????
Welcome to day 11…… take 2.
There is a problem with the weather server,…no weather yet!!!
they are waiting for an update.
in between I got news from the USA and they are going to send me weather updates!

Meanwhile gridding will be after briefing and starts at 10 AM this because the runway is soft.
club up front for 2 hour AAT
standard for 1.30 AAT
18 m. for 1.30 AAT


I guess for a few pilots , crews and tuggies a bit of a surprise that we have another day,…BUT that’s why the girls are here.
So day 10 from 14, good average.

Off to briefing, cleaned a bit first, so running late. Sorry.

10 AM:
LAST briefing of this WWGC.
Due to radar problems in the USA they had no weather, but SkySight-Matthew made a new arrangement, I believe via New Zealand and on base of that tasks have been set . Small ones as you have read already.

WHEN …they fly today,…closing ceremony will be tomorrow as was planned. BUT……if not it is tonight at 5 at Sport and Rec.
10.05 AM;
It’s OK to grid now.Please take care to make gentle turns with the car.
Order is same as yesterday.

Dave with the weather;
Yesterday and today had a low pressure through, with clouds and rain.
For today they expect;
—cu’s at 10.30
—temperature 38 dgr C
—Short window
—4000 ft at 11
—5000 at noon -plus
—rain arrives 2.30 /3 PM.
—SW and SE wind might “collide/meet” over the field at around 3, Could be nasty,…could be interesting…

Bruce with the tasks:
The last day’s have been really challenging.
We will monitor the weather. Yesterday we could see it close by, today it’s further away.
Day should give a fair chance to ALL.
All I can say ” and ” we do our best today!” by Bruce.

The German team has a video reporter here for production [ most probably TV ….when they like it,…”they WILL like it !” and later YouTube] for the South part of Germany .
Alex ..Alexander Triebel …is making the film. It will be most probably be on in March, when Serena his sister is back in Germany as she will show up then there for a TV interview.
I have his email, so when it is on I’ll inform you in my regular blog.

At the table today:

Nice Aussie slippers!!!!

In the briefing room today:

French “MOTHER_OF_THE_TEAM” Anne Audier…”Madame Bailleau.”
AND,….The Royal Airforce is here to be part of the closing ceremony. With Adam’s mum and dad in the back and tuggie Jay.

10.30 AM; Tasks today!!!

18 m…standard…club class.

Interesting. Only Club class has a B task too from 1.30.
Does it mean that only one class flies today???
Let’s wait and see.
It’s sunny here with overcast, but clouds under it.

Slowly starting to look back at this WWGC. Will do so “phased”.
What a pleasure it was.
Very unexpected I arrived here,,… with lot’s of new “mates” ,….I leave here.
Really lovely club members and atmosphere here. More about the club a bit later. I can strongly advise you to fly here.
Before I forget; Thank you for reading all over the world. Got lovely reactions from all parts of this world.

Let’s wait and see how the day and this WWGC unfolds. Back later.

11.15 AM;
Worried faces from TC’s at the moment.
First launch at 11.45!!! In half an hour.

12.30 PM:
Skies to the SSW looking from the field here.
Looking pretty “scruffy” is what John [USA] mentioned.

Looking to the SW. Team huts from Czech Rep ,Italy and France visible.

12.40 PM:
Launch delayed to 12 noon. Sniffer goes soon.
Tug’s still here.
Tension grows.

12.50 PM:
TC’s called to the grid.
2 Of them were busy with a protest shared by ALL TC’s!!!!
Still stay out of it ,though it is a protest in ALL openness, they told me.
Will give you the official news about it later, when it’s there.
More delay 12.15 NOW.
Still no tugs to the grid!!!!

12.05 PM:
Delayed till 12.30!!! Club class has Task B now. 1.30 AAT.
whilst waiting pictures from Pôle France Planeur about the weather yesterday just after it was cancelled.

12.20 PM:
more delay now till 12.45 BUT,…they see clear skies coming.

12.35 PM;
Delayed till 1 PM. Is there still hope for a day???
Tuggies still here.

12.40 PM:
Sniffer launched by Nina.
Star tuggie master Val , “controlled” the 5 male tuggies without any problem. They even all adore her.

12.50 PM:
Weather man Dave mentions;”no blue holes, no patches of sun.”Would n’t be launching now!!!” But,..NW is a line of clouds.
We wait!!!!

With still a protest going on , we have WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!
18 m. class:
1. Mélanie Gadoulet from France in her JS 3 with 8.137 p. CHAMPION!
2. Anne Ducarouge from France in JS 3 with 8.123 points.
3. Katrin Senne from Germany in JS 3 with 7.829 p

Standard class:
1. Sarah Arnold from the USA in her Discus 2 with 7.798 p . CHAMPION
2. Aude Grangeray from France in Discus 2A with 7.932 p.
3. Ayala Truelove from the UK in LS 8 with 7.601 p.

Club class;
1. Elena Fergnani from Italy in Discus with 7.859 p …CHAMPION.
2. Chrissie Grote from Germany in LS 4 with 7.735 p.
3. Celine Rault from France in LS 4B with 7.708 p.

The Australian team got 250 penalty points for “unsporting behavior” .
Look at the scores on TASK 10. Protest is still ongoing.
Sad for the team but as some call it, ” cheating” is NOT allowed.
Will come back on that later, when there is an official statement.

It puts a bit of a “damp” , a “shadow”, on this so well organized WWGC.
Such a pity!!! Organizers of course,had NOTHING to do with it. This WWGC DID NOT DESERVE such an end!
AND,…I do feel sorry for Jo loosing a club class title like this. It’s all about culture of the sport and being fair,..I know,…but what did she know about this “cheating.”
I count on the fair judgement of all 10 TC’s talking about it and wait for an official statement.
Mind you,…I love to see Elena win too!!!! Got to know her when she was still a teenager,… now she is WORLD CHAMPION. WOW!!!!

TEAM FRANCE is happy with 4 pilots in the top 9 looking at 3 classes!!!
Melanie and Anne as CHAMPION and runner up in 18 m. class with just a few points difference.
Aude Grangeray in Standard class on spot 2 in Standard and be sure when day 1 would have been OK, the other Aude would have been in the top 3 too. It is as it is!!!
Celine on spot 3 in club completes the French success story!!!!

Team Germany has 2 winners ,one number 2 Chrissie and one number 3 Katrin.
The USA has SARAH , a world champion who was about ready to be it!!!
Elena from Italy
,…for me a bit unexpected, but a GLORIOUS Champion in Club class!!!
The UK has with Ayala a great number 3 in Standard class.
About Chrissie;
When she arrived here she was sick, it got worse with fever. Doctors in Tamworth Hospital diagnosed her with pneumonia in one lung.
With medicines she quickly was on the meant again.
Just in time to fly good, …better,… best!! With as result a nice runner up spot in Club class.
Well done Chrissie!!!

NO Secret that
TEAM FRANCE won the TEAM CUP….904.15 p.
TEAM UK was runner up with 894.81 points.
TEAM ITALY was 3d with 859.11 points.

Part of the 47 ladies!!!

In between tuggies are bringing their tugs to their home fields.

2.30 PM:
A bit more about Lake Keepit! All the rest you can find on …or if you wish to speak to the manager ..or…
We are the friendliest gliding club in Australia , { I totally agree!!!}operate 365 day’s a year, with training courses running weekly.
We have our own dedicated airfield… Gliding power training or commercial aviation traffic.
No airspace restrictions for the majority of our flying area. Little other aviation traffic in the vicinity.
Our club operates within Lake Keepit State Park. Gliding is just one of the many activities in the park[ boating, fishing, tennis,biking, walking.bird watching,children’s water park and just relaxing in a stunning rural area.”

Lake Keepit has NSW’s only fully immersive gliding simulator.
They have a dedicated staff on site,… a full time manager,… a midweek instructor and tow pilot along 25 volunteer instructors.

I loved it here so have a look when you pass by or always wanted to learn gliding by your self!!!
It’s worth a visit!!!

Well that’s it from me . We leave tomorrow very early. Don’t know if I have time to publish the last story and pictures to night, but the epilogue might come from Tocumwal after a 10 hour drive.
CU then. It was my pleasure!!!!

What ever,…I loved it here!!!Except for the problems in the end!!!

Cheers Ritz

There will be 2 Fly Pasts over the pool at sport and rec.
the first at 4.30 is a reconicense flight then the F18 is at 5 pm sharp.
the bar will be open from 5 pm and we’ll start cooking at 6 pm.
The podium is delayed until after dinner due to 4 protests that must be considered.

4 thoughts on “Latest news at the Keepit WWGC..21 !!!Last day cancelled at 1PM. We have champions!

  1. Hi Ritz, thanks for your reporting. Your site was always the first one I logged on to every day. It gave a great picture of what was going on. For me it was a nail biter the last two days, when Sarah’s spread to #2 had shrunk so much.
    We are jubilant here.
    See you somewhere in cyber space again
    editor, Hangar Soaring

    1. Thanks Frauke. Indeed,…CU somewhere.
      A pity it had to finish the way it did.
      The Aussies could have won but as most call it “cheated” with the trackers>
      Sarah did a GREAT JIB and was the deserved winner!!
      Cheers Ritz

    1. Thanks Werner,
      a pity it finished the way it ended as till the “cheating” of the Australian team it was a fabulous competition.
      More news tomorrow!
      Cheers Ritz

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