Latest news at the KEEPIT WWGC..20! UPDATED !!!Day cancelled at 11.25!

8 AM:
WHAT A DAY yesterday!!!Those who really wanted to go for it, did so showing some big “shake up’s” in the overall scores.
Some tried SO hard, they just “lost” it, on maybe the last day of these comps, which is sad!
A “normal” morning here with the message that briefing is at 9.30 gridding at the normal time and this day club is first then standard ans 18 m. last.
Looking outside does not yet mean rain , but looking at the West is dark blue, not a good sign.
The TV shows at the weather news, that the east coast from NSW shows big showers even going in to the S of Queensland.

Looking at scores and the 18 m., it was current WWGC champion Katrin Senne who flew her JS 3 to 1000 points. The French girls “hold “on and were the runners up.
Stefanie outlanded and Diana decided to fly back home with a headache worsening by smoke.
Total scores at this stage with maybe 2 day’s to go: 1. Melanie, [8.137 p] 2. Anne, [8.123 p] 3. Katrin.[7.829 p]

In standard class it were the French girls Aude G and Aude U, who were the best with Claire as number 3. [ 391 km in time 3.39….399 km. in time 3.48 and 392 km in time 3.53] Young Claire is doing a real good job.
One outlanding and … remains a bad day for Anna from Poland. She dropped from 4 to 15, pretty sad. She missed the first TP by 0.5 km.
Sarah still leads with 7.998 p. At 2 is Aude Grangeray [7.932]and at 3 it is Aussie Lisa Trotter.[7.643]

In club class there was some “noise” about Jo [Davis] starting, late getting in trouble etc. IF she did she recovered perfect with a 6th place.Elena [Italy] had a REAL good run, she was 6 km. faster than runner up Jenny in her Mosquito. Elena flew 398 km in time 3.52 for 1000 points.
One outlanding from Amelie ,she flew 341 km. but could not finish here. She was rather pleased with the aerotow retrieve as in France that’s not possible. She liked it!!!Some kind of “adventure” for her, making “the pain” of an outlanding softer. She dropped from 7 to 13 overall.
Overall scores:1. Jo in her ASW 20 7.928 p, 2. Elena in her Discus climbing from 5 to 2 [7.859 p] and Chrissie staying wither LS 4 at spot 3.[7.735]

Off to briefing soon now. Just said good bye to Daniel and Lise who travel for another 10 day’s around in their van. We will be gone ,when they come back.
Tasks have just been put up on soaring spot.
18 m; 1.30 AAT
standard; 1.30 AAT
club; 2 hour AAT.

First launch at 11.30!!!
Pre start altitude; 5000ft MSL.
Different than before we have had mostly 6000 and one day 7000 ft.

Later today a bit more about the book: Pilots Touring Guide from Ian Barraclough …as promised.

10 AM:
Briefing is over and at all tables were really nice meringue cookies from team France.
Sponsor today is Jules Art, by July Maddocks. She has an art galley in Andy’s work shop. She sells her own art there and is a very talented artist.
She creates the most beautiful vases . Julie is a ceramicist, painter, crafts person and teacher living in Ipswich .
Here is a link to her site enjoy it, so much to see!!!!

Yammie cookies, eaten with taste by ALL.

A long list from volunteers was showed and all got a big applause!!!
Prize giving from yesterday.

With Jenny at 2, Elena purely happy at 1 and Judyta from Poland on 3.
with Aude Untersee at 2, Aude Grageray at 1 and Claire at spot 3.
18 m. CLASS:
with Anne at 2 , Katrin at 1 and Melanie Gadoulet at 3.

An extra picture this morning from team Italy with Elena winning the day.
She is a member of a real soaring family and I met all of them over the years visiting Rieti in Italy or at junior WGC’s where her brother Nicola participated as well.

Also Ricky is ONE BIG SMILE. Margot still busy with the task from today!

Some domestic news;
BBQ evening tonight and a huge ” 2-seater- BBQ” has been bought and is installed whilst I am writing. Final result tonight.

Kerry , manager here , started the job early this morning , now they “work” with 4 on it.

Safety by Anita.
–about limitation of vision
— the blind spot
—optical illusions
all with pictures.

Weather by Dave in co operation with SkySight.
—Low pressure trough brings rain from the East
—temperature 33 dgr. C
—90 % chance of rain
—Possible storms with maybe downdrafts.
Here in Lake keepit
—-very short window of opportunity
—4000 ft soarable
—bands of heavy cloud
—rain by 2.30
As Dave said ” not a particular pleasant outlook”.

Bruce as task setter mentioned, that the East has the best weather but there is NO possibility for out-landings there. So a “no-go”.
Not much to talk about. “We have to try” ,even a small window, a “hole “between showers…”it’s possible” but it did not sound very convincing..
GOOD LUCK, were the last words from him today!

This competition is long and has been hot and at some day’s very trying, one pilot [MM] is still sick and not flying today. It is after 11 day’s also some kind of competition who has the strongest /best condition/stamina as well.

The brand new BBQ for tonight.

Should I bother about the tasks??? Yes I should.
Here they are;

18 m,..standard…club…

One more thing ; Peak Pictures has added 189 new pictures to the ALBUM  10th Women’s World Gliding Championships — met Káďa LY
Great pictures!!!!!All pilots are covered whilst launching and finishing.

And a request from Petra from the Czech Team .
We are looking for someone to take a car and glider to Tocumwal…car with glider will be ready to leave no later than on Jan 18 in the early morning.
Can leave anytime after that but should be in Tocumwal on Jan 20.
Of course money for fuel will be provided in full amount. We can can add some snack and treat for the driver as well.
If any good soul would take this job for us it would help us so much.
Petra team JO

Part of the Czech team. Petra is not on it.

Really nice trip for a young person to have a sponsored trip to Tocumwal.

11 AM;
Gusting wind over the field.
Message from organizers. STRONG WIND take care of gliders!!!
AND,…much faster than I expected ,..the new BBQ is ready. Top Job!!!

Brand new good looking toy!! Organizers are determined to make EVERYBODY happy here in Lake Keepit …and they do!

11.10 AM: A sniffer goes up.

11.15 AM; Tuggies go to the runway. Weather man Dave in a plane, advises big cell, could’t hear where and heavy rain south as well.
Launch delayed 10 minutes.
4400 ft and 3 kts. reports Dave, but also “a storm is getting closer”.
He is coming back to land. Strong gusting wind ‘s ,… fun..but “street” worked

11.25: DAY IS CANCELLED in all classes:
STORM COMING…take care with gliders….wind could be very strong.
Message from the organizers.
And…..Bruce recommendations; de-rigging if you are able. Please take care of the wind!!!
Thank you for your optimistic approach this morning ;Anita.

11.30 AM: Wind picking up. Had a look outside and there is a SW wind and a big “cell” is hanging to the NW of us.
HUGE activity at the field to bring gliders back to the tie-down area and or in the trailer.
Lightning to the W. and thunder to the NW. The “gap” / window , they hoped to use, is already “closed” ,as the bad weather came in earlier than expected.

11.45 AM; Dust storm over field now! Lightning and thunder.

11.50 AM: Lightning hit the ground just N of the field on the other side of the Lake and started a fire. Smoke rises. They called those who have to be called. But the big cell will “kill” it as it moves to it.

First time in my life I see a beginning fire due to a lightning strike!!!
And the cell moving to it.

12.15 PM: RAIN!!!!! FINALLY REAL RAIN!!!!!!

REAL rain,…from red dust to red mud!!!
Little rivers going to the field. will there be a “beginning” of grass tomorrow???
Hiding for the rain.

12.40 PM: Kangaroos are happy with the rain and hopping around through the muddy puddles.It’s dry now. Still thunder and lightning!!!
One more day to go????? Let’s wait and see.

We just got a great idea from the organizers.
” It is not certain…and of course we try to fly tomorrow…if we do NOT fly, we make a plan to organize the closing ceremony tomorrow evening so everyone can leave early on Saturday morning if they would like to

1.15 PM:
I like John’s reports, so I hope you do too, a bit more inside info from the “weird/challenging ” day yesterday.
A tricky day today.  The morning weather forecast made it sound simple: a weaker version of yesterday, with good conditions confined to the area south and west of home. There were some warning signs in the form of northeasterly winds and mid-level clouds intruding by mid-afternoon, but lift was predicted to stay good until 6:30pm.  This proved optimistic – in reality we had lots of high and mid-level cloud, storms to dodge (or work the edges of, as you saw fit), and an early end to the day that made things very challenging for late finishers.

The trouble – in the form of high cloud shading the sun and virga in the northeast – showed itself early in the day, and there was some thought the tasks might be shortened, but this didn’t happen.  Launches began at 12:30, and all classes were off on tough-looking area tasks.  This at least had the effect that most pilots started fairly promptly.

Trouble continued with storms that developed in the south and southwest.  Fortunately, they never grew beyond a “manageable” size, and all pilots were able to navigate around them, in some cases with significant detours, and in others by using storm-generated lift to make fast progress.  Some pilots climbed to over 10,000’ in the best of this lift.

The march north got increasingly difficult, with thick high- and mid-level cloud shading the ground.  For many, the final 70 km on the way home was done in “survival mode”, taking any available weak lift in conditions that looked as if none should soon be expected.  Not all succeeded.

Two who did – and without much strain – were Kathy and Sylvia in Club class.  They foresaw the weather trouble, started early, flew together and made good progress around the task.  Like many, they arrived near home needing one last climb when these were becoming scarce.  But they found a good one on hills to the north, promptly climbed to a comfortable height, and finished without difficulty.

Sarah had a final glide bordering on desperate.  She found a weak climb about 60km out that gave about 1000’ less than she needed.  Some promising hills on the route home, that often have lift late in the day, on this one now had next to nothing.  At the final steering turnpoint, 23 km from the finish, she was some 500’ below what is reckoned to be the minimum necessary height, and it looked as if her chances of finishing were fading.  But in dead air she somehow made this work, crossing the finish just slightly below the required minimum height (which incurs a small penalty).  She gave some thought to a landing in the dry bed of Lake Keepit (a friendly option due to the current drought) but found she had just enough energy to make the runway and roll to a stop near her hangar.

And last for today: THE PILOTS TOURING GUIDE.
is for planning flying adventures. It seeks to answer the questions”why go there” and “what you will find when you do”.
It has info on destinations.. over 2000… , where a touring pilot is welcome.You can find info on where there is a PDF and at the same address is a link to the book.
The guide is updated continuously and is published every 2 year.
When you have suggestions for future editions please send them to Ian the editor.
I have already 2; Corowa and Tocumwal.
Was a bit surprised they were not in it.

Tonight BBQ. Will make pictures for tomorrow!!!

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  1. Thank you for the great coverage of the WWGC! For the many of us who cannot travel so far, and are looking out the window at 10 cms of snow falling in Canada, it was almost like being back at the 2012 WGC in Uvalde. Great work!

  2. I have two videos of the radar for today at Lake Keepit. Give me an email and I’ll send it to you. One is a gif animation and one is a *.mov file.

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