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8.15 AM:
Monday ,….and it’s the last week of flying here at the WWGC.
A cool morning and ,…actually cold water comes out of the cold water tap. Before,… it was warm to hot.
No flying yesterday as the wind blew over the field. Not even instruction was permitted due to gusts up to 35 kts.
They got a “new” instructor here as well. One who has been here already for 2 seasons.
Jordan is his name, he is from Lasham , looks very young , is not old, but older than he looks.
He is my new home mate and what I heard he is as an ace-instructor,….GOOD!!!
Kurt, born in Switzerland and living in the Sydney area has left us after a week of hard work at the field and helping out here in the club house.

Kurt just before he left.
And this is Jacques, I did not share a picture from him yet, but he is important for the trackers and more. Nearly 80 year old Janet is sitting in the back. Still a member of the Gympie gliding club.

Today is day 8 “take 3”!!!
Gridding is busy when I write at 32 and club is up front, then standard and 18 m.
Briefing at 9.30 as usual. No tasks yet.
Breakfast now, after a delicious dinner yesterday at the cottage from Jean and Bob, where I was in the morning as well. SUPERB!!! Carroll Gap Farm house. Don’t forget to make an appointment.

Looking at the overall scores with one week to go, we see that in
18 m. Melanie Gadoulet and Anne Ducarouge from France are leading with 5.219 and 5.209 points!!!
At 3 is Liz Sparrow {UK}with 5.125. So all very close and everything is possible. Katrin Senne [Germany} and Ailsa McMillan [Australia] follow with 4.980 and 4.909. They are still in the race as well.
standard class; Sarah Arnold [USA] still leads this class with 5.230 points. Followed by Anna Piotrowska from Poland with 5.075 p.
At 3 at this stage Aude Grangeray [France] with 5.066 and a tad lower Ayala Truelove from the UK with 5.057 p. Also the 2 Czech girls Dana and Hana are still in the race with 4.992 and 4.985 points.
Club; Aussie Jo still leads in this class with 5.344 points. She did so for all day’s except for day 1, when team mate Jenny Ganderton was at the top.
Celine Rault from France is runner up at this stage with 5.292 and Chrissie Grote from Germany is 3d with 5.158 p.
Pretty close behind is her team mate Sabrina Vogt with 5.118 and Elena Fergnani from Italy 5.040. p.

So in ALL classes are possibilities for a lot of girls!!!!
Off to briefing soon.

10.30 AM;
Briefing is over .Tasks WERE set and might be still on but they expect at 11 news from the fire bombers to see how the smoke from the fires at Mount Kaputar will effect those tasks.
18 m; 456 km
standard ;452 km.
club;4 hour AAT.
After 11 we know what’s going to happen.It will be TASK C see below!!!!

More news at briefing.Liz from the UK started with the presentation for the WWGC in 2021 at Husbands Bosworth called as well HUSBOS.
She will be the competition director at this WWGC. Date has been changed it is ; AUGUST 14 to 28 2021.
They fly in 3 classes; 18 m..standard…club.
–They have an easy airspace….ideally placed
–analyses on weather over last 10 years…best weather and most racing day’s.
—practice; be quick they kept some places [50] for guests to be part of the pre-worlds.

briefing; Prize giving from day 7

Jo ….. Barbora as winner of the day and Ines Engelhardt from Germany.
Anna from Poland …. Aude from France as daily winner and Ayala from the UK.
Katrin from Germany….Ailsa as daily winner and Anne Ducarouge from France who was equall 3d but this is Melanie .

Today’s sponsor; LX NAV.

Domestic news:
Members of the International Society of the Flying Broom stick invite to the BABAJAGA ceremony …10 pilots will become members of the Club at 8 PM.
Ceremony is tomorrow after dinner at the Sport and Recreation .
—-For Thursday there will be a BBQ at “my” /the club house. Bring your own meat and salad.
1. UK ….912.06 p.
2. France…906.58 p
3. Germany…865.02 p.
4. Poland…859.17
5. USA …851. 17

Weather; SE weather over the next couple of day’s. Pretty long day today between 11/11.30 AM and 6 /6.30 PM.
Will share the picture from the 7 day forecast for the Gunnedah Area when I have it. Got it straight away!!!!

Forecast for this week.

CU’s at 3 PM; 9 to 10.000 ft in NW task area.
Wind at 5 PM light S SE. Landing 14.

Task; Bruce said with a smile from ear to ear that he was tempted to set a 1000 k today,…Laughter!
Influence from smoke will define task today A or B or C or D.
Extra info; The West side of Mount Kaputar is very landable.

Tasks; C.
18 m; 3.30 AAT. ……With 3 big circles from 50..30 and 30 km.
standard; 3.45 AAT…… With also 50..30 and 30 km. circles.
club; 4 hour AAT
. ……With 40..30 and 30 Circles.
First start at 12 !!

Big circles today!!!Yellow is 18 m and standard is blue ,pink for club.

11.35 AM;
Tuggies start their engines. We are half way trough , so last week beginning soon.

12 PM;
Clubbies are leaving now for the first flight of the last week with task C.
First one to be launched, is 40 with Elena ….”full power,full power”….from Italy in her Discus. Followed by MF with USA pilot Kathryn in her LS 1f.
15 To go!!!!
12.10; Sylvia in XJY announces her arrival at 20 right for a relight and was back here at 12.12.

12.22 PM;
all clubbies are up.
Relight XJY happens straight away at 12.26.

12.28; standard class launches in progress now.
P1 Agata from Poland is the first to go , followed by team mate Anna in LOT.
Also BY [Sarah] is back for a relight at 20.
1 A [Akemi] passes by so does PO,[Serena], FQF with Cornelia , S7 [Ulrike] is the last one in st class.

12 .48; Standard is up in the air, so is Sarah .
First FQ with Melanie , followed by team mate FM with Anne and Liz from the UK in 51 and HS , with Lisa.
10 to go.

1.12 PM
MM and P , Diana and Johanna, are the last to be launched. After 1 hour and 10 minutes they are all up in the air.
Good luck ladies!!!

Starts in front of the door. Nice skies!!!

Line club class opened at; 12.55
Standard class at; 13.15
18 m. at; 13.40

Bruce has been up to Mount Kaputar to see how the fire and the smoke is and he said, “it’s going to be real nice day“. It won’t effect the tasks.

Back later.

3 PM;
Great cu’s , LOOKING GOOD!!!!
Most of 18 m. are , after passing Mount Kaputar, on their way to circle 1. Leg is 171 km.
Club shows that the Czechs have started early and they are in the first circle. After 140 km.
Standard ‘s first leg is 169 km.some have reached the border of the circle.

5 PM;
18 m is in the one but last circle, whilst I “nearly ” die from the smell of the amount of garlic in the kitchen here. They did around 262 km and some are on their way to the last big circle with one smaller to go and the last small circle on final glide.
Minding the 15 minutes it will be less than 200 k to go!!!With height between 4 and 8000 ft.
Standard;339 k. for a few “in the pocket” a bit more than 100 to go. An average of 7000 ft. and lot’s of flown k’s by the Aussies and Aude G and Cornelia.
Club ;is with the first starters in the Narrabri circle, 315 done about 100 to go. They are between 5 and 8000 ft and the best have flown over 300 km.

Radio on ,…but still a bit too early
The first in Club COULD have gone straight over the start line at 12.55 and should be back after 4 hours.So around 5.
Standard line was open at 13.15 with a 3.45 AAT the first could be back soon too.
18 m…line opened at 13.40 for a 3.30 AAT. The first might come soon too.
No noises at the radio yet!!!
Keep an eye on it.
5 .10 PM:
Skies still look fabulous so I guess they fly as much kilometers as possible.
Bit more wind than this morning looking at the wind sock from the SE.

Wind is variable and light runway 14 long landing….
The first to land was Sarah in XBY.
More announced their arrival all from standard class and from club class;
Still extraordinary weather.;
Missed a few with running up and down.
57…40…BM…ET…SC [straight in] …LOT…XJY…XZ…BM…L7…V57…CQL…HS…OG…WH…T1 …KW….IIC….MM
MM flew the whole task with the wheel out, as there was no way to get it in!!!!
Fast ladies today!!!! More tomorrow. FOOD and drinks now!!!!! The other way around.
All ladies back!!! GOOD!!!!!!!
BUT,…as you know scorers are fast so have a look at

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