Latest news on the Keepit WWGC…. 16!BEST EVER INTERNATIONAL NIGHT!!

10 AM:
Bit late yes I know.
Early this morning I woke up after a knock on my door. It was Chris. “would you like to come for a cooked breakfast” I did.
So off we went, but we were not the only ones to have a great breakfast . Team USA, UK, Luxembourg and Australia were there. A bit crowdy so Lindy helped out with the eggs and a USA crew member knew how to make posh coffee ,so he did that.

More friends enjoyed the good breakfast at a very traditional house with the most beautiful plates and antique items. Hosted by Jean and Bob Dirks.
Chris and Lindy helping out, homemade fresh bread, jam’s chutneys ETC.
All hands help!!!

There I heard the day was cancelled.
believe the weather window is too small for a fair task, even for one class.CU at briefing tomorrow.

Frouwke and I did a little story and pictures on this WWGC for a Dutch Gliding Paper .They wanted more “young” girls at a picture , so here you are;

Nina the tuggy, Tanja from Germany crew, Serena pilot for Germany and Claire pilot for Australia.

Wet and wild,….rock and roll/ country, …awesome food and too many really nice but “killing” drinks.
A picture report with text.

Team Germany; with “FRANKFURTERS” in bread and beer. Stefanie with her crew and Katrin.
Team USA; with the crew helping out. The gentleman on the r. was helping out this morning in the cafe. They had spicy nacho’s and ice tea with vodka.
TEAM Australia; with Jenny [Ganderton] , Terry the TC, Mat team support, Dave the weather man. Nice sausages with onions , crackers with Vegemite, and all kinds of the bestAussie sweets as minty’s, Tim tam’s and laming-ton’s.
Team Italy; with Margot, Elena and TC Ricky. They had olives, cherries, aperol with Italian prosecco, spaghetti with great cheese!
Team Luxembourg:with Egg brandy and whipped cream and Bailey’s , with George. Diana was just getting food for him. They served more than a 100 drinks!!!
Team UK; With Liz upfront the rest serving pimm’s and delicious curry’s with rice.Eaten by many with appetite.
The Czech team; with real Czech beer which was loved by many, as beer is VERY expensive here.
Team Japan; Akemi with good sake and little bites to eat. Of course with a bird from oregamie.
Team France; With Anne Audier ..” Madame Bailleau”. Not only a good cook, but also an osteopath, crew and the engine from the French team, from what I can see.
They had the most food, with crepes and tarts full of meat and onions, crackers with pate foie and French cheese.

Everybody eat , drunk and talked in great spirit in the old new briefing room.
Then it was nearly 8 and some of the young ones , started to ” grap ” people to throw them in the pool. First as announced task setter Bruce and meteo Dave, who cried out loud he was drowning so I throw a “spaghetti”- help to him.

They even tried to push Bruce back in. LOL.
Dave playing he was drowning.

Then it totally got “wild” CD Mandy was thrown in, as was deputy CD Anita. Lot’s of TC’s were fighting against it but failed and were wet. Pilots got in one with her tracker in the pocket and another saved her glass of beer above her head but her camera was in the water.
In between Brad and Bill were singing their heart out again and more and more people went on the dance floor, which was wet ,….but no worries.
The French girls danced, the Czech TC did [ never saw him so VERY relaxed!! good to see]
What a great event it was.
All the little drinks , beer and wine made everybody “loose” but in a great friendly way. As it should be!
I loved looking at it!! And luckily Gisela and I looked like “eminences grises” So we escaped!!!

French TC ” incognito”.
the DREAM TEAM, crew from Claire but boys full of mischief. As you can see.
And …Sarah was thrown in the pool.
More “eminences grises” With Harry..Captain Blue Beard… who helps at the scales, and is called “a real gentleman” , Jay who is a tuggy, Mac, Ian Mc Fee also called..Mister Soaring” , Al called here Mr Death a tuggy , Mr Ian Barraclough , editor from Pilots Touring Guide [come back at that later]
Lindy who helps where ever she can, she thinks she does n’t do a lot ,…I see what she does and IT IS A LOT!! Greg who helps at the scales puts the cones out and more.
The by now here famous French dancing girls;Aude [Untersee ] and Amelie
MORE pictures from dancing. Some were REALLY good.
Brad and Bill singing all evening. There were many more dancers but the French were the best.

The “small”. drinks;

Pimms by the UK.
Italian prosecco created to aperol.

What a SUPER RELAXED evening. A few will have a headache I think,…no no not the pilots!!!!
You might have missed the Polish team, they were late ,AND,..they are excused….they only arrived here at 7 PM from their retrieve yesterday!

Back later 12.30 NOW.
as said ,…day cancelled.

Clear visibility today
courtesy British Gliding Team

2 PM;
Met several interesting people here.
Living in their van and spending a lot of time here in the club house are Daniel Dubreuil and Lise from Quebec in Canada, speaking of course French and English, easy here with all different Nationalities.
I was wondering how they ended up here.
Nice story;
They lived in California and they flew around to write and make video’s from their adventurous trips.
They were known as ” Captain D and the lovely crew” at that time the name of their youtube channel as well.
After 15 years they moved back to Quebec for family reasons.

How did they end up in Lake Keepit?
They wanted to avoid the cold winters and looked at the internet where to go. Lake Keepit came up because of the kangaroos.
That’s where they went. Bought a van and planned a week here.
That turned out to be 1.5 month and Daniel started gliding. He is a member now and his van lives here at the place, where we had breakfast this morning .
At that time the tuggie here was a violist, there was also somebody who played the guitar and song.
That created a new lifestyle for them, making video’s with music and writing their own lyrics.
So an Australian Canadian production business was born.
This morning I got the link to the you tube video ” Down under the Keepit Chapter”.
Here is the link;

Great music and ….Lake Keepit ….WITH a lake and green grass and blue skies with cu’s. Thanks Daniel for sharing.

CU tomorrow with more latest news and most probably another flying day.

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