Latest news on the Keepit WWGC… 15.Updated!

10.30 AM;
It was for some a hectic evening.
If you have no trailers for 2 of your JS 3 gliders [they arrived in a container from France …no space for trailers!] ,I can imagine the panic on the face of one of the crews yesterday evening.
We need help” ,was what he said. I knew Diana had flown back on her jet engine, so she was home and she had a trailer. So, as I remembered as well ,that George said earlier, that if the French need a trailer they would help , I send the crew to them.
I heard they drove up and down twice to get their pilots and gliders.

I heard still voices at 3.30 AM, so the very early morning. The tuggies had done 4 retrieves and then had to refuse one, cause of deteriorating visibility.
Everybody was accounted for so that was good!!! Heard of no damage yet, even better.
Not the first time ALL gliders out-landed on a big FAI event , for sure not the last time either. Part of the game.
The young ones called it “an adventure” and ” time to visit Mac Donald’s”. Others , as TC’s from countries with 6 pilots, had to get their highest logistic skills above, to deal with it all.
Looking forward to some stories. I read already that some arrived back home at 5 AM and a few gliders were retrieved this morning.
Some pilots got in at 5am this morning other teams have been setting out on retrieve this morning! ” British Gliding Team.

Claire Scutter’s Gliding;
Claire flies CC in this comps and does a great job. Is at spot 9 overall in standard class.
Here is her story:
What a day! 😩
450 km task set for standard class. At 2:30 pm we started. Conditions were not as good as predicted and by 5pm we still had 300km to go! With the day set to finish by 6:30pm there was no chance we would make it around the task and it became a distance day with a mass land out.
Lisa 🇭🇲 Aude 🇫🇷 and I all landed in the same field at 7pm. It was nice to have some friends today .
The dream team crew were already on their way and had the glider de-rigged and the trailer closed in record time – 7 minutes! 
I think the task setter and weather man will be tossed in the pool at international night this evening

“CC has landed!”
As shared by Claire

Here is team UK:
Yesterday we 18m were launched into a rather unsoarable sky with 538km to go. We had got about halfway when the day died at around 7pm. With 170km to get home, the full tank of fuel JUST got me onto glide back to Lake Keepit where I arrived slightly before last landing. Ayala and Claudia in common with all their classes landed out and were back around midnight.”
By Liz.

I won’t say it was late when I got back yesterday but here’s the sun setting!  “
As shared by Liz.

There were winners as well!!!! Not for many points but every point counts!!!
18 m; Ailsa who flew 387 km. from the set 538 k. “got” 482 points. Katrin was runner up with 348 km. and 434 points.
standard; Aude [Grangeray] who flew 300 km from the set 435 k. for 600 points. Then Anna, Ayala and Cornelia each good for 287 km.
club; Barbora flew in her ASW 19 290 km of the set 417 km for 600 points. They all flew together , 11 landed not too far from each other and their points are between 500 and 574 for runner up Jo.

More later about the retrieves. Off to Manilla soon for lunch.
Tonight INTERNATIONAL NIGHT. … at 6.30 for 7.
Ritual sacrificing of the weather forecaster and task setter scheduled for 8PM.”
All food is kept in fridges and who needed more fridge room,….no worries organizers would help.

Also later; a “wrap up” from week 1 here in Keepit.

3.30 PM;
Lovely lunch NOT at the pub …too much fat food….but at a lovely little cafe with superb food.
Not a lot of people here, they really enjoy their day off.
So no more news about the retrieves.
Get a lot of reactions on the blog, but here is a special one from Cal in the USA and not the youngest anymore:
Having fun trying to follow all the ladies especially Sarah who taught me to fly gliders. Always special. Thank you for keeping us all up to date on the flying. ”

Looking at week 1 from this WWGC ;
With 7 out of 7 days, from which 1 day was cancelled in the air, it is a successful competition till now.
2 Days were ,in my opinion, too ambitious ….the cancelled day due to late weather chances and the mass-outlanding-day.
That day just started not strong enough, never reached the speed the task setter and weather man expected/hoped for and for that reason the task was just too long. Indeed easy to say in retrospect.
The organization in TOTAL, stands, the scores are fast, the “tuggies are the heroes of the skies” , the field runners in the blistering heat the “little heroes” and the radio and landing advises by Peter always cheerful, clear and safe.
Jacques takes care of the trackers and Gisela runs up and down to check all scores as juror and Frouwke as steward to keep an eye on everything.
Sean got the official site in perfect condition with news and videos.
The office is ran smooth, bills are in time to show you what you have spend and the food at Sport and Rec. is nicer than expected.

The office with Michelle and Chris.
Courtesy Frouwke.

What more? Yes some of the girls were/are really tired , but fought, also on the last day, for the points. Great job!!!
“A girl has to do what she has to do ,….and she can”.

About Lake Keepit!
SO DRY,..SO SAD,….. but what great people!!!!!.
They all experience with this drought new situations in which they have never been before. They have to deal with them AND …..they do deal with them.
No water ,…they buy it.
Sand everywhere,..Wendy comes extra to clean.
No vacuum glider to clean the dust out of the cockpit,…bring your glider to the hangar.
No connection between car and trailer,…I find you one.
No car to travel…come with us.
I can give you a long list.
Everybody is cheerful , it’s a pleasure to be here between all the club members. They have very strong feelings for their club!!!!And ,..some are “worn out ” too, you see it ,but you won’t “feel / notice ” it.

Looking forward to the next week.
6 More day’s weather,smoke and dust permitting.
We can handle it!!!
By the way the member of team USA is back with the team again, his kidney stone is OUT!!!

Ready to make some pictures at the INTERNATIONAL NIGHT and to try some special prepared food.

CU tomorrow!!!

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