Latest news on the Keepit WWGC ..13 !

8 AM;
What a superb soaring day yesterday! Enthusiasm all over!!!You can see that already at the bar area after flight. On a good day they like to see each other and talk, share moments!!!!

Members from team USA , Australia,Italy and tuggies and helpers.
The French team “digest” the day their way. They did well with a shared 3d spot in 18 m. and a first in standard

The Australians had a TOP-day! Winning in 2 of the 3 classes and with huge speed in 18 m. Also Liz from the UK had that speed …Awesome!
Looking at 18 m after 4 good soaring-day’s Melanie and Anne from France top the overall list with Alena as number 3. She lost a few points by being 9th yesterday.

Ailsa , before racing around with huge speed. She is 6th now overall.
courtesy Gliding Australia

In standard it was Aude Grangeray from France who was just a tad better than Ayala and Anna. After 4 day’s Sarah still leads before Anna and Aude.
In club it was Jo, Chrissie and Jenny who topped yesterday’s scores!!! Overall it is Jo, Celine and Chrissie but still a few day’s to go.

Picture from Christian and Tanja;

Tanja loved the flight ” so beautiful, so nice!!”

Organizers message this morning;
Good morning welcome at day 6.
Standard …18 is order at grid.

No tasks yet!

Blog will be a bit different today ,as I go to the grid later to see the first launches there and to make some pictures.

News on the fires;
It seems that 1870 houses have been destroyed in Australia in the West, East and South and 20 people sadly passed away. Specially Kangaroo Island has been hit HARD. Poor animals as well
I miss out at all news here but, the disaster with the 737-800 from Ukraine in Iran is a drama as well. 176 People died as I read a lot from Canada.
What can I say!!!!!!

18 m…..3.15 AAT.
standard….3.30 AAT.
club …3 hour AAT

Treasurer Chris and president Tim before briefing. Both VERY HARD working gentlemen!!!

10 AM;
Back after briefing ;
Sponsor today is GO SOARING.

Always running up and down,..busy..busy..
CD Mandy…Chief steward Frouwke and Deputy CD and safety officer Anita

Safety by Anita was longer today but necessary.
safety is a system
first line of defense –the individual….
second line –the system
third ..assurance.. hazards can lead to failure.
—-landing-lines of defence
pilot..eyes out….don’t hit anyone ..execute well
Crew…eyes out same story.
system…we all do what is expected…it’s designed to minimize risk and provide predictability.
Yesterday the system was not always honored!!!

There will be technical infringements;
warnings and penalties for incorrect retrieves from the field or if you have no crew.
It all should be quick and safe!!!

Weather by Dave
smoke haze increased overnight with easterly airflow.
NW wind will “blow it away” during the day.
Very humid today.
Thermals 5/6 kts. up to 9000 ft.
Early finish between 4.30 and 5.
Wind light and variable.

Finish ring is today 20 km.
Mandy told me that the 30 minutes before the lines open are not always 30 minutes . Sorry for writing that, sorry for when I might have confused you.
Glad that I know now!!

THE WINNERS from yesterday! And YES,…Men at work was heard in the hangar again, accompanying the winners.

Chrissie, who was already WWGC CHAMPION IN 2003 AND 2013 , Jo and Jenny the best in club class.
Ayala, Aude WWGC CHAMPION IN 2015 AND 2017 and Anna the best in standard class.
Liz, Ailsa and the 2 French girls Anne , already WWGC champion in 2013 and 2015 and Melanie.

Now I was planning on going to the field today but my camera light was red , meaning it needs “food” desperately.
So tomorrow will be the day. A pity as I was fully dressed in long sleeves and long pants to avoid sunburn.
Now is pretty hectic anyhow because the tugs are already going to the field for the 11 o’clock launches.

Team UK having their team briefing here today; With Charlie, Ayala, Liz and Claudia.

10.45 AM;
15 minutes to go.
Just heard that there was a real lightning show in the S and SE yesterday evening. Missed it all ,…had a good and long night.
There is a small window in which they have to squeeze all gliders in today. They expect over-development later in the day.
Tracks are similar as before, but today they might overlap, so the pilots from different classes might meet “on track”.
Bruce finished with :” Have a wonderful day, it might be quite interesting.”

11 PM:
Standard class launching is in progress now for their 3.30 AAT with CC ,Claire as number 1.
Claire, sister from Matthew Scutter, the man behind SkySight , who created that beautiful meteo-software and every-day-sponsor here, was cheered on by the crowd, because of her brother, when David the weather man put her in the limelight.
This is Matthew when he just was crowned as the new JWGC world champion in Narromine.

A HAPPY Matthew in 2015 as JWGC Champion.

11.20 PM:
All gliders from standard have been launched and 1B , Katrin was the first to go up in 18 m. for their 3.15 AAT.
She was unlucky yesterday by missing the TP on 500 m., which cost her points .[ 50 as I heard]. Katrin by the way was WWGC champion in 2007 and she is the current champion in 18 m.
It’s nice to see those heavy 18 m. gliders pass by here, as they do so at eye-height.
I see one glider return at 20….. now at 11.19. sounds Czech or Polish …LS 8 ….W8 , I just hear , with Jana Veprekova.
And XM , Alena, went out of the grid to start later. Alena was already WWGC champion in 2003.

11.40 PM;
Last glider from 18 m. is launched, they keep an eye on “early roos” running at the right site of the grid.
Club is launched straight after,…. with V 57 , Celine Rault as the first . They fly a 3 hour AAT.
Their launching finished , they do relights now. Alena was launched at 12.12 as the last for the day.
Line from standard opens at 11.45.
Line from 18 m. will open at 12.05.
Line from club will open at 12.30.

Great clouds popping up over the field.

1.30 PM;
Have to get used to this early time. Only an hour difference, still….
BUT ,..pilots are up high. Some reached 10.000 ft and words as “wave” are used as well as “I can’t find it”.
Skies looking good here , but it seems less good on track.
Some clubbies have started, they are on the way to their first circle.
Standard shows some pilots on their way to the start point.
18 m. is hanging to the east of the start point as well. They all got height there.
This all with 15 min. delay.

2 PM;
EVERYWHERE good looking clouds ,some strong willy-willies and a bit more wind from the W at this moment.Maybe created by the thermals.

Some nice pictures from Manilla, whilst you are waiting.

1899 …..nice old houses.
News pole.

2.10 PM;
ALL sofa’s here are used “to the fullest”.

Crews from France and Czech Rep. A well deserved afternoon rest.

2.30 pm;
Lake Keepit from above.

That’s all what’s left from the Lake.
Courtesy 10th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships

4 PM;
Not much to say!! They are all flying , some are still high,… but some showers , one South of Gunnedah , are hanging around.
Everybody is awake here now and looking at the weather or G-track on their phones.
According to G-track, pilots in standard class are between 5 and 8000 ft and only CC is over 10.000.
Club “is busy” in 3 circles with 8000 ft as height and French Celine over 10.000 ft. so is Jo Davis.
18 m. is between 6 [Melanie] and 10.000[Diana]
All 15 minutes ago!!! And those 15 minutes “fool” me everytime.

4.05 PM;
Walked to the field and saw KW land, very fast with a bit of wind in the back!!! From Club class. IIC had landed already and Sylvia XJY, is at 10 k so arriving. Kathy is 10 k out.

4.15 PM:
The girls from the USA just landed at 20 with wind from 240 dgr. 10 to 15 kts.
First Sylvia then Kathryn.
Landing is possible on both runways 14 for straight in or long landing,but most choose for 20. Also WH Claudia from the UK .
BM has announced her arrival as well.[Sabrina from Germany]
CQL has landed as well [Chrissie from Germany]
The shower South from Gunnedah, I mentioned earlier moves to the East south from us, so passes by. Looks heavy from here , but has no influence according to Peter at the radio.
T 1 announced her arrival Kerrie from Australia.
They all come more or less in one by one.
4.40 PM:
V57 =10 k out. ….AJ…40…as well
J1 [Judyta] lands at 14,..

All traffic ; the wind has changed here to 180 dgr. still 10/15 kts. ….some blowing dust ,when it occasionally gusts to 25. Not often.
JO….10 k out……CQO…CC…
Safety officers Anita and Gregg are keeping an eye on the wind for advise of landing direction!!
So far ALL good.
UKE…57…LT…HS…J 7…

18 m is arriving soon too, as is standard class .
Go back to the landings.

5.12 PM:
Some more finishes;
57..P1..HS..L7..J7..PA..BY..XZ..51..XBY…MM..1 B..OG…FM..FQF…PT…W8..PO…PT..FE…1A…XM…
Some might be double, some I have missed by running up and down.
ALL ladies have finished!!!!

The sun is carefully shining again. Showers have passed by. All clear at the moment!!!
Just caught up with Indea ,lovely daughter from Anita with her 3 gorgeous children. They have a few really nice grand-grand parents as Hank and Lorraine and Tony and Jo!!!
I know them all. Blessed kids!!!

3 Gorgeous grand children from Anita and Bruce.

5.30 PM;

ALL Club class scores are already on ..preliminary.
Celine looks the winner today with 351 km in time 3.12.
Standard scores VERY preliminary at the moment; 402 km in time 3.38 for Sarah.
18 m; Looks like Elena did well again with 467 km in time 3.24
The 3 French girls still have to be scored and Stefanie.

CU tomorrow ANOTHER REAL GOOD DAY here in hospitable Lake Keepit!!!!!!!!
A State Recreation paradise!”
Bit dry though .

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  1. Enjoying your blog Ritz – I check it out several times a day to keep updated. Anita is far too busy to let her Mum know how things are progressing. Warm regards – Lorraine

    1. Thanks Lorraine, indeed Anita is VERY busy
      and INDEED she is doing a great job,
      full compassion for safety. Will greet her from you.
      Hope you and Hank are both well’Cheers Ritz

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