The Latest News on the Lake Keepit WWGC…9 !

8 AM;
When I start at 8 ,a lot of people have started their day already earlier. I hear action already at 5, but I try to sleep a bit more then.
Today it was 43, but in Western Sydney I just heard it went up to 50 dgr. C. That ‘s a bit TOO hot!!!!
Yesterday was a superb first day.
Specially the Aussies, I heard some have been training for this comps already for 4 years, started fantastic.
Interesting as well ,that over 478 km. 2 girls gain 1000 points . Both Elena from Czech Rep. and Lisa [Turner] achieved this in 18 m. class.
Speed 145 km./h.
Ailsa was 4th and Jenny 7th.
In standard it was Sarah who smashed with her speed the others as she was nearly 10 km./h faster than the runner up; Aude Untersee from France;137.84 for 128.96 km./h.
Sarah straight away leads with 129 points, yes I know it is still day 1, but we celebrate EVERY day all good results.
The slowest, with respect, flew with a speed of 115 km./h.
In club 122 km./h was the best speed for 2 Aussies Jo and Jenny [Ganderton];1000 and 975 points for them.
Still a few warnings and penalty points on day 1 , hope this will get less in the future.

A nice visitor this morning for the president of the jury. In front of Gisela’s house was a nice Australian goanna.

A friendly goanna.

10 AM;
Sponsor today Maddog Composites . On each table the “not to miss” stubby holder for nice cold beer.Or…a small bottle of water.

Sponsor for the day!

The winners from yesterday were called to come to the podium and when they stood there, the 3d hymn from Australia was put on. After the National song and Waltzing Matilda , the band “Men at work” with their ” land down under” , always giving me a HAPPY feeling, was put on. I guess it gave everybody a happy feeling as well, specially the winners.

Here they are. Yesterday’s winners.

CLUB CLASS; Jenny [Ganderton] and Jo both from Australia .Judyta from Poland was not yet in the briefing room. Both Aussie girls were still” boiling ” from enthusiasm, when they had a beer at the mobile bar later after their flight. “A team effort” they called it
Standard class; Sarah on 1, Aude on 2 and Lisa on 3. Later Aude got zero points .
18 M Class; Very special!!!!2 Ladies on spot 1 Lisa [Turner] and Alena and on 3 Liz from the UK.

What happened more in the briefing?
Anita with ; A few very important safety issues.
” do not fly over or under each other” think of wind gusts.
Be gentle with your maneuvers. p.e don’t pull up.

—-Collect trackers straight after briefing and bring them back before 7 PM, preferably by one person.
—-Australian Night tomorrow= free for the guests, “not for the Aussie team”. Starts at 7.30 with music by Brad Edwards and his brother Bill.
We all hope the French girls will dance!!!!

Briefing room as seen yesterday by British Gliding Association

Weather is very stable also over the next couple of day’s, though today is slightly weaker than yesterday. Ceiling around 10.000 ft. with around 5 kts. No cu’s over Keepit, not when they leave not when they come back. On track they might find a few, certainly over the ranges.

18 m; A task..465 km…B task…350 km.
standard; A task..459 km….B task…336 km
club; A task…381 km..B TASK…274 KM


Cameron and Jeff helping me with what’s app. Helping during the day at the field.

10.30 AM;
This morning 2 young very clever fellows, Cameron and Jeff, helped me with the whats app on my Aussie phone. Now I get the important messages.
The fine tuning was done by Diana.
By the way,…Did you see the nice video-interview, from Sean with Lisa Trotter after flying day 1… and with the other winners , if not have a look at
YouTube Gliding Australia

A Tasks for today;
Blue is Standard…yellow is 18 m and pink is club class
as shared by British gliding team as tweet. Of course I can make pictures myself but why doing things “double”.

Tuggies are preparing , pilots slowly move out of the club house, into the heat. First launches at 12.
Gyrocopter rides available ; 80 dollar for 30 minutes.
You see I am part of the WWGC what’s app-group now.
11.30; Tuggies are moving to the grid. Found my sunglasses and one of the tuggies the hat. First launch in time at 12.
One pilot is still doing ” touch and go’s”!!
Some of the Czech girls , leave for the field.
15 minutes to go and day 2 starts with ” new hopes and expectations.”.
11.45; The gyrocopter is making a video over the field.
It just started and created a huge dust cloud spreading over all clean washed gliders!!!!MMmmmmm……

12.PM; CC , from Standard, was the first to go with the A task in the pocket, followed by the yellow gyrocopter with the video guy in the back of the 2 seater.

Standard class being launched.

12.20 PM; they finished standard now. Lisa Trotter was the last to go.
Start-line should open in 30 minutes at 12.45.
12.21 PM; Lisa Turner in HS the first of the 18 m. class.
12.21 PM;18 m. class is launched now. 51 , Liz, was the last on tow.
Line should open in 30 minutes. Opens at 13.10.
12.22 PM; launches from club class in progress now, after a very short break to let a thermal pass by. First to go was Amelie from France.
1.10 PM; Club has been launched now. Line opens at 13.40.

2.30 PM.
Most of the pilots are on track now. I thought some left a bit late, as the weather clearly is less than yesterday. Still large tasks.
No “booming” willy-willy’s in the afternoon and more smoke. We heard 2 fires reported over the radio close to Manilla, about 35 km from here to the NE.
Still a bit upset with the unofficial scores from yesterday.

Whilst waiting for the club to be totally launched I was told that the 2 French Aude ‘s flying in St Class, have been infringed the air space yesterday. One a competition airspace infringement the other at Tamworth. Quickly looked at the unofficial scores and yes, Aude Untersee get’s zero points instead of being runner up yesterday and the other Aude [ET] lost a few . That’s hard!!!!OUCH!!!!
1 PM. Peter, one of the tuggies mentions an engine failure. He landed safely. Very experienced guy both in radio calls and towing!!!

Nice picture from Diana’s JS 3 with the jet engine.

3 PM;
Of course we heard that one of the tugs had a problem this morning. Did not know that it was at 600 ft. with a glider on tow. The cylinder cracked so the tuggy had to wave her off , at that moment she did not know exactly why, but found out quickly.
“Cool” reactions from the tuggy and the Polish pilot. No worries!!!

3.30 PM;
looking at the G-track-live, club class has a long first leg from 133 km. They should be now there with still 250 km. to go.
Standard ‘s first leg is 209 km. to the far SW. Nobody seems to be close to the TP. Still more than 250 k to go.
18 m;still 330 k to go!!!!
In between Sean has updated the official site, which looks much better now. All actions from NOW, this moment , not anymore from 2 months ago. GOOD!!!

3.45 PM;
Good to see our ” future” finding each other in the club house.

Italy, Australia, Germany and the UK. It needs one German girl making the movement that the bar is open and …off they run. Back with beers at 4.15.
3 Crew members from the Czech team ; Ivan ,nice Russian name, Tomas and Pavel.
Father David and daughter Alannah drawing cartoons.Husband and daughter of the very hardworking lady in the office; Lynley.

4.30 PM;
Sarah [St. Class] is flying well again according to the G track live. They have started the one but last leg from 165 km. then still 23, to get home. Quite a few are 60 km. behind!!! But ,..they fly in the good area and have lift up to 13.000 ft.
Club class is busy ,still with 15 minutes delay, to conquer the 2d leg still having to fly one leg of 71 km and one from 57 to finish after another 23 km.
18 m; has a leading group from 6 working very well together.They have done half of the 191 km leg ,still 180 km. to go.They just reached 9000 ft after a great thermal.

5.15 PM;
I expected club first.
My finish radio is on NOW.
BUT,… it’s standard who races home first with LT and XZ up front Aussies Lisa [Trotter] and Kathy. Of course Sarah was with them too, or they with Sarah. She said she had a “funtime”.Don’t know when they started but soaringspot will tell us soon.
5.30 PM;
as said before looking at the tracking these girls were about 60 km. ahead. Very quiet now but JP announced her arrival.

6.35 PM;
Today I looked at the finishes at the field so no call signs here at this blog, but tomorrow I will do that again. There is a huge spread in arriving gliders so points will be not as close as yesterday.
They are still coming in NOW.
Looking at the scores from Standard, Aude took revenge straight away with 1000 points and a speed of 131 km.h in the Discus 2A. Good on her!!!!
In 18 m, the french girls did well too at this stage.
In club nobody is scored yet. They might come in now.
You can find the scores at They are all preliminary of course.

Analyses tomorrow!!!! Long day off now.
Cu tomorrow.

Message; All who want O2; bring the bottle to the hangar now for overnight filling.Grant is away tomorrow morning. Just to let you know.

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