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4 PM;
In between the French team is cooking in the club house with some help from Swiss Kurt.The chocolate for the chocolate cake smells superb.

BIG job to cook for 16.Swiss Kurt helps.
This club house kitchen is very well equipped!!!

It looks like a full meal with potatoes and vegies [beans] as well. AND ,….. for 14 people!!!! Not bad. Big job though ,…in an unknown kitchen. An Australian boiled pineapple fruit cake,…mmm….. also baked this afternoon in another oven here. Never even heard from it,…but then,…I can’t cook /bake anything.

Boiled pineapple fruit cake!!!!
The Frech chocolate cake. They prepare the English cream to go over it ,

4.15 PM;
The first 18 m. pilots are about 70 k out. So to see quite a few have flown to the good looking clouds over the mountains .If they still continued their task, we only know when they are back.
In club class Kathryn is at the 3d TP at 4300 and Claudia is already further at 6000 ft.
In st. class a few are between TP 2 and 3 at 6000 ft.[Aussie team] and the Czech team is on her way to the 4th and last TP at 10.000ft. Liz is back home with Ayala, they turned short.
Have a look.

5 PM;
The skies to the SW still look good as you can see.

Looking at the SW whilst several pilots come in
Looking at the NNW there seems some over development.

And looking at New Zealand:

Picture courtesy Geoff Soper:
” Bushfire smoke from Australia enabling some different images. It must be absolutely horrific in parts of Australia if the smoke is that thick here in NZ.

Scores will appear later at soaringspot.

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