Before departure news AND…after arrival on Wednesday the AUSTRALIAN DIARY!!

Last Wednesday the African weather was really on!!! Full throttle for many pilots and there are a lot at the moment over there;
What about 42 over 1000 km-flights only on the 27th!!! That sounds more like it!!!The first 33 spots on the OLC were over 1000 km. flights .
Bitterwasser had 14 and,…a great one from Luxembourg pilot Guy Bechtold who flew a 1.162 km triangle!!!!On a total of 1.220 km.
Pokweni had 6 and has Alexander Mueller in his EB 29, who raced around;
1.083 triangle and a total of 1.400 km!!!!!Speed …159 km./h.
Sebastian Eder in the EB 29R flew from there 1.376 km. [ 1.081 triangle] with a speed of 156 km./h.
Kiripotib had 9 and Juha and Antti flew this time 1.211 km. and this one was a 1.020 triangle!
Bloemfontein had 2 great ones by UK pilots Mark [Clark] and Edward [Downham] and both flew the 1000 triangle. Edward flew the distance in an ASW 27 and hopes for a new UK 1000 km. record. Hope it for him as well.
And Mark flew in the JS 1 his very first 1000 km. Great feeling for him!!!
Douglas Backhouse had 5 over 1000 flights and 3/4 of them were by Dutch pilots. Max [Dolfin] flew 1.111 km. in the Arcus M, Tjeerd [Reitsma] 1.114 in JS 1 and Lodewijk and Hans in the Nimbus 4DM a distance of 1.073 km. They flew a declared 800 km. with a speed of 131 km./h. and flew the rest as OLC km’s.
They called it a SUPERDAY.
Kuruman had that day 2 pilots flying and both flew the 1000 in ASH 31/21m. and ASG 32 MI.
Veronica had 7 over 1000 km. flights.
WHATADAY!!!!! Even Namibia was in hurrah- mood!

And,…no worries, the next day was about the same;another over 40 x 1000 km. flight’s, BUT,…only 3 triangles one by one of the Polish” Lucaszes” this time Grabowski together with a mate; 1.007 km.[total 1.190 km.] from Gariep Dam.
One by Jake from Bloemfontein; Great flight from “hotshot” Jake [Brattle] from the UK in a JS 1.
He is the current junior world champion and he flew a 1000 km. triangle with 150 km./h. His very first one!!!
Well done!”been there,…done that!!”
First 1000km flight and I think a new British Open Record – what an epic glider (thank you Tim).
Thanks to SkySight for convincing me the task was on!
Thanks to Soaring Safaris for letting me take the day off!

Guess he “works ” at Bloemfontein, nice job. Another junior who spreads his wings as Robin in N.Z. We did that in the past as well.
And one by a French pilot in the JS 3 also from New Tempe Bloemfontein.
Another 25 on the 29th. Indeed the season is ON!!!!!
This weather will continue for hopefully a few more weeks.

And an interesting flight also on the 29th, in Argentina, where Klaus [Ohlmann] took his Stemme for a “ride” over 1.822 km. First “on steam”, to wave and then racing is on.
The plan was different, but wave did’nt work at all in the south. A lot of convective activity with clouds and rainshowers everywhere. But a Stemme goes, where it works.
We found finally wave in Esquel and then it works really very well especially between Zapala and Chos Malal



Started from Kingaroy with 12 young pilots. December 1 was their first day, not a real flash one, but flyable for 5 from the pilots. The 2 hour AAT was won by James Nugent, who has flown a few already. Good pilot!!!
He flew 238 km. in time 22.3
Miserable day for young Ryan Driscoll in his LS 3; he had no valid start.
JoeyGlide in progress now ,till December 7.

AND,…….”The GFA has provided us with trackers again this year! Track the pilots on the task today using the link below!”


When you see this picture you know we are talking WWGC’s.
The containers from Czech Rep and the UK have arrived in Lake Keepit. The WWGC starts there on December 31 2019 and runs till January 18 2020.
When this one is over the next one will be in the UK;
Here is their news:
Calling all women of other nations hoping to fly in WWGC2021 at HusBos – the 2020 HusBos Challenge Cup International from 18 – 26 July is a great pre-Worlds practice opportunity. A number of places are reserved for overseas entries but the entry list is filling up fast! For more detail and link to enter click:


Those calender’s are really impressive!!!
+++Really impressive+++
The new picture for the 1st Advent invites you to dream. Time for the contemplative hours to let the old season pass in review and to dream of new deeds in the coming year.
Now in the
 Gliding Calendar – Fotokalender Segelfliegen.
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Nice Christmas present .
As shared by Gliding Calendar – Fotokalender Segelfliegen


Latest news for EUROGLIDE fans;
The track from 2500 km. has to be flown in 13 day’s.
Start June 22 2020 at Venlo, till July 4 final day plus prize giving.

The picture shows the intended trajectory of about 2500 kilometers. With the turning points Venlo – Szczecin Dabie (PL) – Fricktal Schupfart (CH) – Strakonice (CZ) – Venlo.
Deviations of this plan will be possible until the briefing day to deal with airspace limitation or other last minute obstacles.
Also the intention is to add one extra turning point per class on the first leg to avoid crowded airfields after the first day of flying.


Today Sunday it was raining in Tocumwal, but the weather seems fine when I arrive on Wednesday.
All organized, suitcase packed, health not TOO bad, so off we go tomorrow.
Cu on the other side of the world with the

Cheers Ritz

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