Autumn has arrived here!Spring down under!

Autumn now has arrived with rain,wind and lower temperatures! Started the central heating in my house last Sunday and that’s still late in the season.
Though there still will be a bit of soaring, [my granddaughter joins the autumn soaring week from the Gelderse at Terlet,] we can call the season CLOSED! And it was a long and pretty good one.

Down under it all starts now and also Africa has had some comps already.
5 Youngsters flew in Potchefstroom for the Junior Title.
They had 6 out of 7 day’s between September 22 and 28.
Austrian pilot Lukas Kirchberger flew well, though he missed a day , but also won 2 day’s was runner up on 2 and once at spot 3.
This “kid” from Mariazell, finished in his LS 1d as the best, with a score of 2.810 points.The runner up Dick Daly in St. Cirrus had 2.587 points.

“The boy’s” ,….they are REALLY Young!!!!
Soaring Society of South Africa


The OLC, finished her year 2019 on September 23 with 44 starts from different parts of the world. A lot already from Australia, as they flew the Queensland State comps.
The year 2020 started on September 24 and the highest flight that day was 650 km from Brasil.
Then of course it’s looking straight away at the stats world wide.

Busiest Club; 2 from Holland ,2 from Germany and 1 from Australia in the top 5 from 2019.
1. Koenigsdorf in Germany had 372.025,32 km. flown in 985 flights by 95 pilots.
2. The Gelderse Gliding Club in Holland with 343.521,63 km. flown in 1028 flights by 98 pilots.
3. Gliding Club of Victoria in Australia with 280.163,80 km. km. flown in 773 flights by 68 pilots.
4. Amsterdamsche Club for Soaring in Holland with 279.574,62 km. flown in 749 flights by 85 pilots.
5. Unterwoessen in Germany with 259.250,85 km. flown in 777 flights by 66 pilots.

Busiest airport; 3 in France 1 and 2 in Namibia in the top 5 from 2019;
1. Puimoisson in France with 749.316,15 km. flown during 1,780 flights by 277 pilots.
2. Bitterwasser in Namibia with 605.197,51 km. flown during 783 flights by 134 pilots.
3. Vinon in France with 435.111,44 km. flown during 1.173 flights by 184 pilots.
4. Veronica in Namibia with 385.920,36 km. flown during 508 flights 82 pilots.
5. Serres La Batie in France with 382.521,96 km. flown during 1.080 flights by 160 pilots.

Looking at all flights world wide: ONE pilot is clearly the best.
KEITH ESSEX from the USA with 90.057,89 km in 128 flights.
Runner up,…with 53.158,73 km in 85 flights; Axel Nuss from Germany.

Looking at the BEST FLIGHT world wide;
1. Morgan Sandercock from Australia flew from Chos Malal in Argentina 2.321,54 km with a speed of 219 km./h. in the Perlan Project ARCUS J.
2. Jean-Marc Perrin from France flew from Jose De San Mart in Argentina
1.717,86 km with a speed of 132,29 km./h. in the DG 808/15m.!!!
3. Klaus Ohlmann flew from Serres in France 1.856,51 km with a speed of 123,60 km./h. in the Stemme S10 / S10-VT .

1. Klaus Ohlmann with 8844.03 points.
2. Jean Marc Perrin with 8705.10 points.
3. Keith Essex with 8381,13 points.

The SPEED CHAMPION 2019 world wide;
1. Keith Essex with 1074,11 points
2. Reinhard Schramme with 993,41 points.
3. Lukas Blattmann with 979,78 points.

Congratulations to ALL.
Of course each country has his own champion as well, here are a few from Europe;
Holland; Steven Raimond with 4839,72 points.
Belgium; Tijl Schmelzer with 4984,58 points.
Germany; Bernd Goretzki with 6656,21 points.
Denmark; Mads Lykke with 3428,57 points

Australian’s champion is Mac Ichikawa with 6427,80 points.
South African champion is Philip Goralski with 7050,42 points. The first South African is on spot 13; Mike Barenbrug.
Namibian champion is Keith Essex with 7677,11 points.
ALL South American champion is Jean-Marc Perrin with 8705,10 points.
ALL North American champion; Keith with 7832,41 points.
and many more!!!


30 September 2019 – 6 October 2019

Taylor’s Gliding Page

Last Sunday the sports [open and 15 m.] and club class Nationals 2019 started in Kingaroy. The first Nationals for the new season. In December the next Nationals are in Tocumwal, where they flew today in LS 4’s nearly 300 km..
49 Competitors in 3 classes now.
And for early spring they started with good weather and nice tasks!
Day 1;
Club; 325 km....from 24 in this class 3 out-landed and the best for the day was Andy Maddocks, flying around with a speed of 102 km./h in the good old HORNET.
Open ; 404 km….16 in this class and John Buchanan ” Butch” ,won day 1 in his JS 3/15 m. with a speed of 127.84 km./h.
His young mate Adam[ Woolley] flew around with 126 km./h in the Ventus 2A. Best speed,131.63 km./h., was by Andrew Georgeson in JS 1C /18m.
15 m; 404 this class 7 participants and Lisa Trotter is practicing well for the WWGC in January in Lake Keepit. She won the day, just ahead of her husband Peter. Both fly LS 8 and their speed was 124.40 for 122.76 km./h.
2 More “girls” practicing in this class Claire Scutter and Akemi Ichikawa.

Day 2 ; Cancelled.

shared by Taylor’s Gliding Page

Day 3;
; 1.30 AAT....All 24 pilots finished. Best for the day,…Michael Keller in a Mosquito;170 km. in time 1.30 at the dot. Nearly as good with also 170 km but 1.28 as time was Jim Crowhurst in his ASW 20. He had 9 points less [400 and 391] Day 1’s winner Andy was 15th.
Practice for the WWGC for Jo and Jenny in this class.
15 m.;cancelled

As seen by Kerrie Claffey, who flies in open in the ASG 29 and is also practicing for the WWGC.

Still not the fittest person on earth, hence a not so long blog.


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