Another 13.5 m. WGC over! Containers on their way!


As shared by the organizers World Gliding Championship 2019

It’s a pity, ……so less gliders are flying in this class and…at a WGC; only 10!!
But those who flew now or flew this competition, in the past, love it. So I hope it will “grow” in the future. And the question of course is….will there be a future?
Last Wednesday the task was not yet set, but later it was , so we continue with the last couple of days.
September 11…2.30 AAT;
203 km. in time 2.38 was the winning combination and flown by Stefano who might well be on his way to his 2d title.
7 Out of 11 day’s now.
Vittorio flew 312 km. but needed 2.49 hour. Uli was 5th, loosing more than 200 points, which means that Stefano is number 1 overall now, with a bit more than 100 points on Uli.
Vittorio and Thomas have 31 points between each other so exciting as well .

September 12….2.30 AAT;
5 from 10 finished on this day. Uli flew 174 km. in time 2.33 ,good for a first place. Stefano was 3d , loosing 40 points on Uli. Meaning….a 66 points difference in favor of Stefano…overall. Vittorio was”out” and Thomas in ….so Thomas is 3d now, with 2 day’s to go.

Thomas is in, shared by World Gliding Championship 2019

September 13. another 2.30 AAT, later changed in 2 hour AAT.:
Whilst keeping an eye on it ,3 pilots [Vytautas , Peter and Christoph] were out after 54 , 95 and 75 km. after a start just before 3 AM.
BUT,….Stefano finished!!!! After he started at 2.51 he finished at 4.51 , so 2 hours at the dot,….with 162 km under his belt.
Uli ,who started tactically, 1 minute behind him, was in too, but had not enough points to make the change, as 5th for the day, so he remains runner up, whilst Stefano is still on spot 1!!! Good on him.
Daily winner;Vittorio….185 km. in time 2.13. Thomas was runner up…165 km. in time 2 hours at the dot!!!

Vittorio to the r. with a bag full of goodies. Cheese?

September 14; VERY LAST DAY!!!!
Here is the weather by meteo man Sarti.

as shared by the organizers.

First start was expected at 12.45!! Task C ; 2.25 AAT. a bit longer than the earlier task from 2.10 km.
It nearly looked like a regatta start as most left around 14.17.

Ready for the last [blue] day, as shared by World Gliding Championship 2019


First back at 16.36 was Polish pilot Christoph. He was 3d for the day.
Thomas won with 154 km. in time 2.21 and runner up with 152 km. in time 2.20 was Stefano. NO DOUBT; the new 13.5 CHAMPION!!!!
He won the first edition, then Sebastian the 2d and now he wins the 3d as well. Good on him.

September 14 in the evening ;PRIZE GIVING , Closing ceremony and DINNER, on the central Square of Pavullo.

With Thomas , Stefano and Vittorio, all with their arms folded.

With 10 out of 14 day’s, the CHAMPION and winners of this 3d WGC are :
1. Stefano Ghiorzo in Diana VersVS with 5.405 points.
2. Uli Schwenk in Mini Lak with 5.301 points.
3. Thomas Gostner in Diana VersVS with 5.028 points.

The only 3 in the 5000 points-range.

Great looking Prizes!!! With a proud straight-up-standing president of the jury Bob.
as shared by World Gliding Championship 2019



Interesting news;

From Finland.
Date for Rayskala Masters.

Rayskala Masters between June 6 and 15 in 2020.

Last week I got the next news;
Greetings from El Calafate!
The Airbus Perlan Mission II team has just launched another flight!
Our weather team has spotted some conditions today that may give us a chance to soar to some higher altitudes.  While the weather conditions have been challenging for wave, we are going up today to see if there are any elements of strong high altitude wave and lift that we can leverage. During the flight, we will also be collecting important engineering and weather data. 

Due to the rare weather phenomenon started last week called a Sudden Stratospheric Warming, opportunities for high level wave have diminished. So this could be one of the last high level flight attempts for Perlan 2 of this season. 

Virtual Cockpit

From Canada and France;
In the last 2 months I heard of 2 collisions from gliders and tow planes after release!!!! Not good!!! There are strict rules for both,… it just should NOT happen.
In France the pilots from the glider were OK , the tuggy badly injured.
In Canada both glider pilots died, the student was only 18.
Very sad!!!Both accidents are under investigation.

From TOCUMWAL [Australia];
Last Saturday the 14th of September, the huge Tocumwal airshow at “our former” WW2 airfield took place with great planes and lot’s of visitors.
A super day with good weather and all happy faces.

” Absolutely an awesome day at the Tocumwal Airshow, and what a line up.
The WX gods looked after us and great day was had by all.
Two examples of the only flying aircraft of their type on show and display. “
As shared by Tocumwal Soaring Centre
as shared by Tocumwal Soaring Centre

Here is a link to the line up of planes with great pictures
For the VERY BEST pictures from flying planes you can click on Mayday Photography
Just fabulous!!!!!

Lot’s of spectators arrived by plane and had first class views.

“Three and a half rows of planes, about 48 last count, all parked on the hard stand beside Sportavia ready to watch the Tocumwal Airshow. Magnificent sight.
Sportavia Tocumwal

From Holland;
At Venlo, 2 containers were packed , last weekend and they are now on their way to Melbourne with as final destination Corowa.
Of course Francesco and Grietje were there ,to co-ordinate the packing.
In it also Diana’s brand new JS 3 with the jet engine. She had only ONE day to try her glider out at Malden, last Friday ,before it was packed for the Nationals in Tocumwal and the WWGC in Lake Keepit in January.
The brand new ARCUS from William and Evelien was in too, ready for a new Narromine season.

Ready for the “down under season”
As shared by George.

From Kiripotib;
What a lovely room.

As shared by Guest Farm Kiripotib

And to finish this lovely picture shared by Bruce Wilson from his plane Lil Dot in his hangar, with in it his grand son Wil on the day of the AIRSHOW.

” Think I need a cushion  ” as shared by Bruce.

Cu next week . Still struggling from concussion. Even went to hospital to the neurologist…they indeed found a brain ….and it was undamaged.
Cheers Ritz

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