3d FAI Pan American Gliding Championship..CIM..updated with last day…And more…

3d FAI Pan American Gliding Championship.
29 July 2019 – 14 August 2019

Like a painting!!! Finishes from task 6 last Friday.
As shared by US Soaring Teams
And the airfield from above below!!
The pic is of the beautiful SOSA field from above.
As shared by US Soaring Teams

August 11; day 10…task 8;
15m./St; 348 km.…4 US pilots in the top today with Phil in the Discus 2 as the best;95 km./h.and Tim Francois and Sarah following.
8 From 12 finished.
18 m;368 km....Here 4 Canadian pilots in the top 4. Best speed by Jerzy 103 km./h. followed by Joerg, Sergei and Dave.
3 out including Gary……
open; 303 km….nice mix of pilots from Argentina, USA and Canada in the top 3; Matias, Greg and Sylvain.

A beautiful day to fly in Canada 🇨🇦!
That is really the Canadian shoreline on Lake Erie
Courtesy Sean Fidler Sean’s Soaring Page

August 12; Day 11..task 9. No tasks !!!

August 13; Day 12 …task 9. LAST DAY!!!!!
15 m/st…264 km.; A good last day but bringing no significant changes in the top. Sergio Reinaudo [ASW 27] won with a speed of 90 km./h. Tim was 2d Sarah 3d. She always has a good “endsprint”. So the final scores are;
1. Luke Szczepaniak from Canada in ASW 27 B with 4.708 points.
2. Tim Taylor from the US in Ventus 2 with 4.405 p.
3. Sarah Arnold from the US in Ventus 2AX with 4.195 p. She was 8th overall after task 3.

mixed ….278 km.;5 pilots between 93 and 96 km./h. Winner US pilot Bob Fletcher. Runners up 3 pilots from Canada. Sergei, Jerzy and Joerg.
1. Jerzy Szemplinski ,from Canada in ASG 29 with 6.935 points.
2. Sergei Morozov from Canada in ASG 29 with 6.830 p.
3.  Joerg Stieber from Canada in ASG 29 with 6.760.p
A Canadian “clean sweep”.

open…215 km.;No not the Argentinians in the daily top 3 on the last day, but Sylvain from Canada [speed 82 km./h] Greg from the US and Krzys Wiercioch from Canada. Final results;
1. Carlos Iucci from Argentina in ASW 20 with 6.609 points.
2. Matias Pasztor from Argentina in St Cirrus with 6.498 p.
3. Rafael Bravo from Canada in LS 4 with 5.990 p.


4 August 2019 – 14 August 2019

Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

I guess there was a lot of talking after the mid air last Saturday and the cancellation of the day ,even with top results from some pilots.
Good however, they cancelled , as normally when this happens, other pilots help out or stay over the spot, or if possible, even land close by, to help. AND,..as everybody should have the same chances this is the way to do it.
As everybody was OK and safe I publish the picture from the glider as a memory to fly safe!!!

Glider from Alois after he had bailed out.
Courtesy IL MASSAGGERO via FB.

So they continued on Sunday;
August 11…day 7…task 6;
18 m…405 km; Bert jr. from Belgium, who flew so good at the cancelled day now got the 1000 points for a speed of 134 km./h!!!!
As the gliders from Alois ,who bailed out and Thomas who brought the VENTUS 3T home to Rietie, can’t fly anymore there are 17 participants now, and 2 of them were “out”.
Very glad only the gliders had damage!!!!!
Giorgio still leads but Bert has reached him nearly; 5.250 for 5.229.
mixed ….387;The Bouderliques drove their ARCUS M with a speed of 129 km./h through the Italian skies for 983 points. Laurens now mostly flying with Anouk , daughter from Ronald and Caroline, was runner up. What an experience for Anouk who started gliding at Terlet not that long ago.
open…411 km; Ronald would have won the cancelled day, now he flew the new task with 140 km./g about 5 k. faster than the runner up Alberto .

August 12…Day 9….Task 7;

CD Aldo with assistant in the tower. I have been waiting there for fishes many times.
Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

18 m….3.15 AAT; On The first day he belonged to the last finishers. On day 2 he was “out” and lost nearly 700 points, so not a strong start for Giuseppe Dal Grande in the Ventus 2CXM. After he flew more consistent and won day which was cancelled and today he won again, just ahead of Bert jr.; both 371 km. but in time 3.24 and 3.47.
Only 10 from the 16 who started finished.
Mixed….2.40 AAT; The Bouderliques with an early start, won the day;320 km. in time 2.38.
Only 5 from 10 finished.
open….3.15 AAT
: 367 km. in time 3.24 was the best and Ronald got the daily prize. 3 were out, Pierre and Arnaud after 145 km. , Bruno after 107 and Davide after 88 km.
A pretty difficult day.
Landing in Rieti day 8 after a tricky day with weak climbing conditions specially in valle Gialla where some gliders turned on their engine and another landed. “

As shared by Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

August 13…Day 10…Task 8; Not really predictable weather for the last 2 day’s.
18 m….2.10 AAT; They had another tough day and 14 from 17 finished. Another win for Guiseppe who keeps the best for lest.
Bit of an off day for Bert, loosing nearly 200 points[442 p.] and a better day for Giorgio ,[629 p.] so they changed places in the overall top.
With 1 day to go it’s Giorgio, Bert and Arne. With a real good day for him he can over come the 87 points to the top 3 spot.
mixed. …1.50 AAT;
Team Brunazzo in the ARCUS T was the best 227 km. in time 1.53.
From 10 , 8 finished.
The final top 3 is nearly “clear; The Bouderliques, Team Brunazzo and Team Laurens /Anouk. The rest is too far behind.
open…1.50 AAT
; On the first scores Ronald won and Alberto was out, but then the scores disappeared.NO scores!!
The next day the scores were there,and indeed Ronald wonbut the news for the day was the unfortunate out landing from overall number 1 Alberto, who dropped from 1 to 3.

I think they fly today, Wednesday, as well. Not always clear in Italy what’s the last day till the 14th or including the 14th.
So when they fly I add the news and final scores later.
For now the top spots are for Giorgio in 18 m. The Bouderliques in the mixed class and Ronald in open.

What fun it is spending precious time with international gliding friends in RIETI! Having nice dinner talks, coffee morning bike rides, gliding together, laughing and having fun……this evening we are wearing PINK…..because it is Louis Bouderliques favorite color…. “
Text and picture by Katrin Senne.

AND,…they flew,.. on a nice looking day with ” Beautiful and high cumulus over Terminillo.
August 14…Day 11 …task 9;

As shared by Aero Club Rieti “Alberto Bianchetti”

18 m….1.50 AAT; He won the first day and the last one; Alvaro. Today with 125 km./h over 234 km. , quite some faster than runner up Bert with 121 km./h.over 258 km. for 516 points.
Giorgio was 5th but with the 463 daily points he could stay number 1.
Final results in 18 m. class;
1. Giorgio Galetto in Ventus 3 with 7.135 points.
2. Bert Schmelzer jr. in ASG 29 with 7.008 p.
3. Arne Boye Moeller in JS 3 with 6.849 p

Mixed class…1.40 AAT; Team Brunazzo flew 242 km. but in time 2.21. [ 353 points]
The winner team Istel flew 196 km. in time 1.40 at the dot!!! For 470 points.
Final results in the mixed class;
1. The Bouderliques in Arcus M. with 6.414 points.
2. Team Brunazzo in Arcus T with 6.315 p.
3. Team Laurens Goudriaan /Anouk Termaat in ASG 32 MI, with 6.173 p.

open…1.40 AAT; 216 km in in time 1.52 for 521 points, not enough to climb in the cores, for the THE Broquevilles. They stay at 4.
Final results in open class;
1. Ronald Termaat in JS 1 C /21 m. with 6.839 points.
2. Eric Bernard in JS 1C /21 m. with 6.715 p.
3. Alberto Sironi in Quintus M with 6.640 p.

Party time and prize giving followed at 8 in the evening.


Some pictures , before, from and after the JWGC prize giving including the WORLD CUP WINNERS.
The 11th FAI JWGC is over and out,..”Done and dusted”!!!!
Great show!!!

Number 3 in the WORLD CUP, great flying specially in the last week, winning MANY day’s.
With Thijs, Robin, Jelmer, Sjoerd, Sjors and Lars and TC Nick, former junior pilot! He did well with his team.
As shared by the Dutch team at the opening.
WORLD CHAMPION Jake and “Aussie” UK TC Matthew and RUNNER UP Finn. Huge job!!
As shared by British Gliding Team

Here is what Matthew shared in Matthew Scutter’s Gliding
Last year I was asked if I’d defect to be the team captain for Team GB for the Junior World Championships. I wouldn’t have agreed to it had it not been for these four great blokes with a lot of potential, for which I now feel vindicated in my judgement! It wasn’t an easy competition, club class brought the right gliders for the expected conditions but reality delivered weather more favourable to lower handicap gliders preventing them from stretching the legs of their ASW20’s. Despite this they flew a careful and tactical competition to a 1-2 Gold and Silver overall. Standard class had less a problem of having the right gliders but rather a problem of low bum-in-seat time with their gliders, but flew respectably to a good result overall, winning us the Silver medal in the team cup. It was much busier on the ground than I imagined with four pilots in the air but we had a dream team of cooks, crews and coders making sure every obstacle that might stop the pilots achieved their full potential was managed and mitigated.
I look forward to seeing what they can achieve in the future! Congratulations guys!

German standard class Champion Simon S. and runner up Simon B. and 2 Polish mates Tomasz and Juliusz on 3 and 4 and again Germany with unlucky Robin on 5.
Shared by
Szybowcowa Kadra Narodowa – Polish National Gliding Team
The German team
As shared by German Junior Gliding Team

And I finish with the Dutch again, these 3 countries had the highest result in the WORLD CUP.

They were better and better every day, won several daily prizes and even had a clean sweep one day . Proud on our young guy’s.!!!
Shared by Lars Groot who looked back on the comps in a very good wrap up.
Great effort from the TC from Germany, the UK and Holland!!!
As shared by junior team Germany.

Enough for today CU next week on Wednesday!
A huge thank you again to Bill, for his help and today also for my 13 year old grandson Dexter, who customized the site . Those young ones are so much more clever than I am. It seems you see everything in the right format on your smart phone now???!!!

Cheers Ritz, CU later when they fly in Rietie today and otherwise next Wednesday.

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