Tension ,average weather and excitement in Szeged!CIM and PAN AM.

11th FAI JWGC.

Last couple of days for the junior pilots and they had a few day’s already under their belt!!But it’s only over after the last day. So being tired, tense or having last-day’s-jitters, it is all part of a JWGC and,….it all can have an influence on the performance.
Who keeps the head COOL!

Ready to go for it.As shared by the organizers in their gallery.

Day 11...Task 9 ;
Keeping the heads cool is important on Wednesday as the temperatures raised to 34 dgr. C in the shade. The forecast for the rest of the week is ” flying till the end”. For today,…no rain.Last day is Saturday!
First launch at 12.15.
Of course I am a tiny bit orange-colored , so pleased to see that, after a few difficulties in the beginning, the Dutch boy’s are really doing well.
Mind you we had since the beginning 3x a JWGC champion; in 2011 Tim Kuijpers,[club] in 2013 Peter Millenaar [st.] and the 2017, so current champion in St Class is Sjoerd van Empelen.
In the morning as usual the prize giving and Jelmer was for the 3d day in a row at the podium….on 3 this time.

UK toppers Jake and Finn and Dutch topper Jelmer after winning task 8.
As shared by Dutch Junior Gliding Team

Club class….3 hour AAT; Messages as “2000 m” , showed another good day!Some even flew in wave. But it was a tricky day with strong [head-] wind. The 3 German pilots in club did well, stayed together and finished on spot 3-4 and 5 behind the 2 young Czechs David and Daniel, who is still hanging in. Consistent pilot.
The UK had a a bit of a difficult day too.No Jake and Finn today upfront but Jake at 15 and Finn on 27!! So loosing points both, but Jake is still on spot 1 overall and Finn is now number 3 ,35 points less than Max from Germany who is in between.
34 from 44 finished.

Hanging in !!! Daniel Ryba. Good on him.
Courtesy Czech Republic Gliding Team

St. class…2.45 AAT; You wish for nobody to outland, but certainly not for the number 1 in standard class, Robin. He flew so well!!!! Today he was out after 59 km!!!He started together with the other German mates , they both finished ,Simon S.even won the day with 275 km. in time 2.41.
As I read they had problems in the beginning, before start already, to find good lift and then there was the strong head wind. Height was important; weather to stay as high as possible. Robin got low and had to land, Simon was low,but found lift over the paddock. I have seen that before…one out, one continues. I remember that year, even the paddock, the disbelieve of the pilot looking at the other slowly going up and disappearing.
Robin “dived” from 1 to 4, he only got 99 points, his mates went up ;Simon Schroeder from 3 to 1 and Simon Briel stayed at 2, he was 13th for the day. A tough day for the German team, but they believe in each other and it is NOT over yet!!!.
Good day for the Czechs Jaromir and Jan on 2, and 3 .
25 From 36 finished.

DAY 12… task 10;
They all woke up in a cool morning with covering clouds but the expectation was that flying in the afternoon was possible.So small tasks,..but ….a flying day and later launches and starts.A grey/blue day.
Club…143 km;They had a day,..but what kind of day. Mass out landing again and only a few distance points no speed points.
Dave Collins in his LS 3 won the day for 166 points, and not really important for him as he was on spot 40 overall and stays there, BUT he won a day at the JWGC!!!
Daniel [Ryba] was runner up and I admire his consistence.He needs 42 points on the last day to be in the top 3. Starts around 3 PM.
No significant changes.

Standard…161 km.;Sjoerd from Holland did well flew over 100 km. but heard that most had flown back, meaning it would not be a valid day. So zero points for 104 km. He and Lucas Schneeberger were the only ones over 100 km. Well done guy’s even for zero points. They were recognized by the organizers!!! Good!!
German team shared some pictures on more difficult out landings. Hope there was no major damage.

At least there was help also for Tobias Pachowsky from Germany
Simon Ganter from Switzerland. Glider looks fine.

Tough but with enough helping “hands”.
And a picture from the Danish team below.

Day 13 task 10 in club and 9 in standard; One but last day!!!
After another mass outland, again very short tasks! Some tried hard for 4 hours, the day before, that’s tiring, certainly at the end of a world competition with many day’s.!!! So I hope the last day’s , will not be a lottery -day after such great friendly fights for the top.
First launch at 11.45. Lift after launches 1.5 up to 1300 m. later 1600. Stable air and high temperatures,so pretty weak weather, but CU’s were seen as well. Let’s wait and see what happens. Flying messages from the air, became more enthusiastic!!
Club….165 km.; a 1-2 for Dutchies Robin and Thijs, with a speed of around 80 km./h in St Cirrus and LS 4. Jake was 13th ,Finn 16th but not too bad with one day to go, they are together again in the overall top and Max ,who only had 428 points as number 27 for the day, shares this runner up spot.
2 Out and a top of 578 points for Robin.
Interesting to see was , that Robin started early at 13.36, whilst many others started much later; Jake and Finn at 14.48 as last and a big bunch with the German and French pilots at 14.40. That’s more than ONE HOUR difference on a short task.
This is part of John Goods view on the day:”
For possibly the first time here at JWGC2019, the weather exceeded the forecast.  Not by a lot, and not for the whole day, but at least for a while lift strength and especially thermal heights were really pretty good. In the face of this, the tasks (no doubt set with the assumption of weak weather, and in view of zero finishers yesterday) were too short, as evidenced by the winners’ devalued scores (578 and 487 points).

At a WGC event, a short task on a good-weather day – especially one that’s mostly blue – is guaranteed to produce “start gate roulette”: everyone wants to start just a few minutes behind everyone else, then use them as markers to show where good climbs are to be found.  So for the best part of 2 hours today, it was an aerial version of “After you, sir.” “No, after you – I insist”.  The result – especially when the day weakens a bit – is that the late starters may struggle to get home.  It’s strange that top pilots would deliberately delay their start until it’s too late to achieve good speeds – but the contest format, the scoring rules, and the advantage of flying with other gliders make this a (semi-) rational choice.

Today’s Club class results show this clearly: 18 pilots had start times more than an hour later than those who achieved the best speeds of the day.  Among them were all British, German and Czech pilots – the three teams that hold the top 6 positions overall. 

It’s interesting that this effect is not seen in todays Standard class results, which show that all pilots started over a span of just 27 minutes.  Perhaps the fact that that class launches last each day has something to do with this. 

Don’t know the youngsters from Belgium this year but one of them was 3d. Good on him.

So this is Thomas.
As shared by Belgian Gliding Team

Standard…176 km.; a new name as number 1 for the day; Emil Dalboe-Pedersen from Denmark….487 points for him. Not so many points for the German leaders as Simon S was 26th with 296 points and Simon B and Robin had less as they finished on spot 29 and 31.But with 1 day to go the Simon’s hold on; 6.750 for 6.568. Behind them 2 Polish pilots Tomasz and Julius with 6.307 and 6.071.

Day 14…task 11/10; VERY LAST DAY!!!!
I looked at a short video from team UK [Jake and Finn] getting together to say a few words with 3 German boy’s and I must say ,…they are SO relaxed.
As relaxed as Brian Spreckley was on the last evening when he became WGC champion in Benalla.
So, today seems another blue day with dry thermals and already nice warm in the early morning. Expectation is for 1 to 1.5 lift.
The UK team members added;” The big day is upon us. Both classes have very similar AATs today, conditions are blue and not all that strong. The boys have spent the time since briefing discussing how best to play the day, and they’re now all on the grid waiting to launch. Good luck…we’re all counting on you. “
The weather during the day improved and was really better than forecasted.

Club…3 hour AAT; First launch was at 11.30; In this class it’s all about the UK guy’s, the German boys and the Czech ones.And,..between ASW 20, LS 4 and not to forget Daniel’s ASW 19. Difference in points between Jake at 1 and Czech pilot David at 6 is 7.467 and 7.234.
Till 4.40 finishes were scored then there was “silence” till 18.30????!!!
17 were scored and keeping the best for the last day’s it seems that Robin won another day. But it was weird to have to wait SO long on a last day.
We had seen that there could be more than an hour difference in start time but,…on the last day???
Lot’s waited ” Everyone is nervously waiting for scores – we honestly have no idea which way this will go. Thanks to those of you back home who are also furiously refreshing Soaring Spot ” Team UK.
They continued with the scores at 19.10!!!!

Then it is not Robin but another Dutchie on spot 1; Thijs Bastiaanse.
Meaning that all 3 club pilots, Robin, Thijs and Jelmer, had a daily win during this competition!!!
The top 3 overall was scored and as Jake was runner up behind Thijs, he won the comps with Finn as runner up and German Max as number 3.

waiting for final score!! Team UK ; Everyone is nervously waiting for scores – we honestly have no idea which way this will go. Thanks to those of you back home who are also furiously refreshing Soaring Spot .
British Gliding Team
Happy chappies they did it!!!!
Finn gets his bubble- shower AND congratulations.
so did CHAMPION Jake
Jake tries to avoid the bubbles. Well deserved CHAMPION.

Standard…3 hour AAT; their gate opened at 13.35 Also in this class some early finishes from early starters. They had scores till 17.00 then it was quiet there too. At that stage , around 6.45 PM Sjoerd was daily winner in the st. class.That would mean 2 Dutchies on top again in each class one.
At 8 PM still only 21 scored.BUT,..Sjoerd was the daily winner!!!!
4 Out on the last day.

And that was that. Party time and today prize-giving.
Great results and great flying by the young ones.
Top results by the German, UK , Dutch, Czech and French team.
The TEAM CUP was for Germany with 904 points.
Of course the UK team was runner up with 852 and the Dutch team 3d with 833 followed by France with 825 points.

Total results and WORLD champion in club class;
1. Jake Brattle from the UK in ASW 20 with 8.453 points.
2. Finn Sleigh from the UK in ASW 20 with 8.306 p.
3. Max Dorsch from Germany in LS 4 with 8.263 p

Certificates for Tobias from Germany on 4 in LS 4, David from Czech Rep. in LS 4 on 5, Philipp from Germany in LS 4 on 6, Robin from Holland in St Cirrus on 7,Milan from Slovakia in Pegase on 8 Mark from Slovenia in DG 300on 9 and Jelmer from Holland on 10 in St Cirrus.

Total results and WORLD CHAMPION in Standard class;
1. Simon Schroeder from Germany in LS 8 with 7.422 points
2. Simon Briel from Germany in Discus 2A with 7.262 p.
3. Tomasz Hornik from Poland in Discus 2A with 7.000 p

Certificates for Juliusz from Poland in Discus 2A on spot 3, Robin from Germany in Discus 2A on 5, Aude in Discus 2A and Hugo in LS 8 from France on 6 and 7, Sjoerd from Holland in LS 8 on 8, Sofiane from France in LS 8 on 9 and Jaromir from Czech Rep in LS 8 on 10!!

GREAT RESULTS, super comps even with 2 mass outlanding- day’s SUPER YOUNG ONES.Pictures later or on Wednesday.


29 July 2019 – 14 August 2019

The 3rd FAI Pan-American Gliding Championship is on now at the SOSA Gliding Club in Ontario . Shared by FAI – World Air Sports Federation

After 4 day’s of flying they had no task on Tuesday. ” weather forced a rest day”.
On task 4 with NO finishes in 15m/st. and 6 in 18 m. and none in club class the comment from US Soaring teams was :”  @SOSAGlidingClub was a challenging one with many wrinkles, as CD Ken Sorensen likes to say, and many land-outs. “

Task 5 on August 7;
15m./St. ….245 km; Good on Sarah,…she won the day in her Ventus 2ax. 98 km./h. Francois was 3d.
2 from 14 were out.

Sarah telling “the rest” how she did it.
As shared by US Soaring Teams

18 m…255 km; Sergei is in a good flow. He won another day; 93 km./h. But spot 1 had to be shared with USA pilots Sean [Fidler] and Jae [Walker]
All 13 finished.
Club….221 km;  Greg Shugg from the USA won the day in his LS4.Carlos was runner up and Sarah’s husband Jason was 3d.
All 13 pilots finished.

Francois [Pin] ready to go. As shared by US Soaring Teams

No flying on Thursday. The weather is ‘off” a bit,….. it seems everywhere.

Friday August 9….day 8 task 6;

As shared by US Soaring Teams

St/15 m…..3.15 AAT;249 km was the best in time 3.19 and done by Phil Gaisford . 4 US pilots in the top this day in this class.Only 7 from 14 finished. Some flew back. “Poor” Francois got ONE point for the day!!!
18 m……3.30 AAT; 338 k. was the best result in time 3.39.From 13 2, did not finish. Canadian pilot  Joerg Stieber won the 961 points.
club……3.30 AAT; 255 in time 3.05 by Argentinian pilot Carlos was TOP. One pilot had minus 23 points due to hazardous maneuver and Jason , husband from Sarah only 31 for 13 km..
The TC from Team US Colin Mead;” Weather wise the day was also frustrating as the high winds caused problems.  Thermals were weak and broken making it difficult to climb and get on task. Several pilots landed out or returned to SOSA for a relight or after one or more tries returned and quit the day. “
And…..” Unfortunately in Club Greg Shugg and Jason Arnold landed out.  Both executed great starts but ran into weak condition on task.  Jason broke a gear door on landing but was easily repaired and is read to go. “

Jason get’s enough love and care before start from Sarah.
As shared by US Soaring Teams

Saturday August 10.. day 9, task 7;
15m/st; 4 hour AAT ….5 US pilots in the top with Phil as the best with 369 km. in time 4.11.
18m; 3.45 AAT…Good old Gary Ittner won the day in his ASG 29, flying 388 km. in time 3.53. Canadian pilots Jerzy and Dave were runners up.
open; 4 hour AAT...Argentinian pilots Raul and Carlos were the best with 334 km. in 4.07 in ASW 20 and 318 km in time 3.55.

Task 7 weather as shared by US Soaring Teams

More on Wednesday.


30 July 2019 – 9 August 2019

Last day’s in Bailleau had better weather again. After 2 non-flying day’s everybody was ready for their best final sprint.

July 31….Even TV France 3 was interested in our sport!!!
As shared by Les Planeurs du CVVE Bailleau

They have a different way of looking at comps and I share what they are doing again;
International / Speed Race : for those who prefer to fly the fastest, during the optimal period of the day, or for those who prefer to be on time for the evening barbecue.
International / Long Flights : this class is the one that best fits a “usual” contest task, where tasks are set to maximize distance, across most of the flying day
There is a side race within the Bailleau International contest : the “Trophée Le Maon” (named after a former and iconic Chief Pilot in Bailleau). This trophy awards the “fastest” pilot during the Contest.
Last year won by Sjoerd van Empelen, now flying as still current JWGC standard class champion, the JWGC.
Like every year for 22 years now, Bailleau International will also be running the now famous “Amical” Contest, for which it will be the 22nd edition : a very good atmosphere, a competition aimed at rookie racing pilots, the “Amical” was initiated by Bernard Launay, and it is one of the best ways for a pilot to take his first steps in competition …
Its main purpose is to allow contestants to discover all aspects of a competition, but with the benefits of a dedicated organisation, achieving a stress level close to 0% ! While it definitely IS a gliding contest, the “Amical” can act as a perfect springboard for the Bailleau International Contest .

DAY 9 task 6;
Speed class….351 km.: Best speed 101 km./h for Jeroen [Verkuijl] and you can’t call that real speed , meaning it was tough weather!
Only 28 finished and with 2 day’s to go Jeroen leads with 500 points; 5.045 points!!!!
Young Peter [Daems] from Keiheuvel is runner up with 4.545 points.
Distance class….576 km; Yes that’s distance again !!!!! BUT,… Later changed in 469. Still a nice distance and French pilot Christophe Delort D’Exea in his ASH 25 /26 m. flew around with 113 km./h. A tad faster than Dutch pilot Steven Huiskes in Ventus 3, who moved from 5 overall to 2!!!! Number 1 is “dad” Ronald [Kaay.] climbing from 3 after being 5th today.
The AMICAL….301 km; No…. after winning every day till now , Noud [Kaay] did not win this day; he was 3d. Maybe after a too early start at 14.50. The winner Théo Manfredi in LS 4 won after he started 27 minutes later in his LS 4.That’s learning too !!!

Day 10…task 7;Last day!!!!!!
Speed class; 2.30 AAT….The Duo Discus from the Gelderse won the day. Tjeerd will be pleased. 109 km. h. Runner up good old Patrick Stouffs in a 15 m LS 8. Good to see him back in comps again !!! Only 1 out. Margot was 25th, so a less good last day for her and she dropped from 3 to 5 overall.
Winners in this class;
1. Jeroen Verkuijl [Holland] in 18 m. JS 1C EVO with 5.829 points!!!!!
2. Pieter Daems [Belgium] in Discus 2b with 5.353 p.
3. Martin Bierhuizen [Holland] in ASW 27 with 5.187 p

Distance class;349 km….Other team members from the Gelderse , now in their not long ago purchased Nimbus 4 D , won with a speed of 122 km./h. . A pity to see that Francois who was 1 overall is not flying his EB 29R the last couple of day’s.
Winners in this class;
1. Jan Willem van Doorn/ Ronald Stellaard [Holland] in Nimbus 4D ;6.317 p.
2. Ronald Kaay [Holland] in ASG 29 /18 m. with 6.272 p.
3. Steven Huiskes [Holland] in Ventus 3 /18m with 6.134 p

Top winners. As shared by Jan Willem.

Amical class; 2.30 AAT…YES yes young Nout won 2.35 km. in time 2.36. Good on him.Theo , a local pilot from Bailleau was runner up.
4 flying in this class and Nout and Theo are both more than 1500 and 1000 points ahead.
So true winners:
1. Noud Kaay in LS 4 [HOLLAND] 4.629 points.
2. Theo Mafredi [France] in LS 4 with 4.240 p
3. Nicolas Peigne [France] in Pegase with 3.096 p.

Courtesy Kyra Versteege.


4 August 2019 – 14 August 2019

Arne shared this picture with the text;” The Smurfs hanging out pre-launch
With Ronald, Arne, Alberto and so to see at the back Davide.

DAY 4 …TASK 4;
18 m….2.15 AAT; And Swiss pilot Stefan [Sidler] won the day in his ASG 29 with 137 km./h just ahead of Bert jr. [same glider] with 136.94 km./h.
18 from 19 finished!
After 4 days Giorgio, who was 4th today, is the number one overall with Bert on number 2 with 11 points less,…that is feeling pressure for Giorgio!!!
mixed….2 hour AAT; AND,…not an off-day now for Luca!!! He won; 224 km. in time 2.01.
Laurens was 3d, but still leads overall.
10 From 11 finished.
open….2 hour AAT; Only 5 pilots left in this class as the NIMETA and ASH 31 MI, are not scored anymore, but with Alberto [Sironi], Ronald [Termaat] Pierre [de Broqueville] Davide [Schiavotto] and Eric [Bernard], all strong pilots!!!
269 km. for Eric [JS 1 c/21 m] was the best result. The THE Broquevilles were runner up
They started together but Pierre was a tad slower;129.46 km./h and 129.04 km./h.
And surprise surprise the NIMETA was back again but not yet in the right mood; out after 131 km.

Nice picture from the air over the Rieti playing ground for glider pilots.
As shared and seen by Arnaud the Broqueville.

August 9…day 6 …task 5;
18 m….376 km. A great Rieti day with top speed by Giorgio Galetto in his Ventus 3; 140 km./h!!!All pilots did finish.

Giorgio, as seen in the paper IL MESSAGGERO, about gliding in Rieti; Good.
Shared by ilmassaggero.it

mixed….355 km.Italian- ARCUS M -day, as Istel & Cavattoni won with a speed of 126 km./h.
open…394 km. Eric and Pierre seem to fly together at least they start and finish together. 137 km./h for Eric and a tad slower for Pierre; 953 for 952 points!!!

August 10…day 7…task 6;
18 m…406 km; 6 Pilots , Giuseppe Dal Grande, Bert,Giorgio, Werner [Danz] and Arne [Neumayr] , Stefan Sidler, flew the task. Best speed of 129 km./h for Giuseppe .
But the great day was cancelled in all classes and that gave me a “creepy” feeling.
I was right. There was a mid air, for that reason, cancellation of the day, but everybody is OK.
mixed …352 km; team Brunazzo and the Leuteneggers finished.
open…371 km; Ronald finished with a speed of 140 km./h

The official news ;” Today a collision occurred between two gliders. One of them was able to fly back to Rieti using self sustainer engine, the other pilot launched with a parachute, landing totally unhurt. Now they are at the bar talking friendly about the accident. Due this reason today’s race is cancelled. “
They fly again today!

More on Wednesday.

Too much maybe but there is a lot happening. From now on it’s only the Wednesday’s again.

Cheers Ritz

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