Final week from EGC !!Stendal…rain, but GOOD today!! UK 18m and 20 m. NATIONALS!! OstrowGlide2019!


As seen by team UK….British Gliding Team

I prefer bigger pictures in the blog but they gave problems. So don’t forget to double click to see them in full. I will get used to it, so will you…..I hope.

Let’s start with Sunday after the loss of the blog. They did n’t fly anyhow on the 2 day’s before, one day was cancelled the other one was “a day-off” /rest day.

Monday July 15 showed big tasks!!!! Task 8.
Standard class: 502.80 km.after the party/dinner and the rest day everybody was keen to go for it again. Most keen it seemed Robert Schroeder from Germany in his LS 8 NEO; speed 121.87, which was just a tad faster than Polish pilot Lukasz Błaszczyk, yes one of the Lucaszes again in his Discus 2A; 121.09. Difference in points; 11.
22 From 27 finished. Some had air space penalties.
Club class; 500 km…..and that is pretty much for a competition for “our” small ships.But …no worries 25 from 31 flew the task and the LS 3’s were the fastest; Ferenc Tamas from Hungary won with 101 km./h
The 999 points were for German pilot Uwe Wahlig, who really flies strong during this EGC.
Number 3 was Marek Sawczuk from Poland in ASW 20 F;102.53km./h.  for 996 points.
15 m. class; 504 km.… French pilot Max Seiss showed his skills in flying around with a speed of 120 km./h in his JS 3. The other Lucasz , this time Grabowski, and then you know that will mean DIANA 2 ,was runner up; 119.44 km./h.
Only 2 out by entering forbidden space.

Tuesday July 16; Task 9;
The morning news was;”The weather remains the same, just with small changes. Because of the slightly worse conditions in the western parts of Slovakia and Orava area, the tasks are set more around the airfield area. All in all, the thermals will be maybe a bit tricky, but we know you all will manage without a doubt! 
The task length is a bit over 400km for all classes. You have the possibility of reaching 1000 points!”
Standard class; 425 km….And the “discus -Lucasz” was now the best with 110 km./h. for 1000 points. Just  a TAD FASTER THAN French pilot Lucas Delobel also in Discus 2A. [109 km./h.] And to mention the whole top 3 , all in Discus 2A by the way, I add Danish pilot Filip Bojanowski as well.[108 km./h]
28 Started 26 finished.

Club class; 400 km… As I mentioned already Uwe [LS 3] has the time of his life during this EGC. He won the day and added another 1000 points to his total. Great flying as well by the UK boy’s as Ge [ASW 24]and Tom [LS 7] were 2 and 3 !!!
31 Started 28 finished.

15 m. class; 436 km.…KAWA-day! 1000 points for him.992 for Radek and 907 for Jan[Omsels] The top 2 in this class is very close and for that reason it will be an exciting last few days.
Sebastian has 6.837 points. Radek 6.738  and 3 day’s to go.
Organizers wrap up of the day:
Back to task information now. Everyone described today’s flight as trickier but still better than expected. It is always good to have low expectations. There were definitely more clouds, turbulences, plus some shower at the beginning of the task than was initially expected from the forecast, but in the end, the conditions got better.”

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Wednesday July 17; TODAY!!!
Expectations;” The pilots can look forward to a similar day like yesterday. It is going to be racing with the task lengths 360-400km for all classes. The weather also remains the same- cloudy
Standard class; 395 km.….
club class; 349 km…
15 m.;399...

In the evening, so tonight INTERNATIONAL EVENING.AT 7 PM.





As shared by Aussie guest Dave Jansen.

A bit of a hick up with my blog as you could read under here. So I continue now with Stendal’s open and 20m. Nationals and the INTERNATIONAL STENDAL GLIDE 2019 in 18 m.
The last blog with all the news from the comps last week is gone for ever.
Till last Monday they had 3 day’s  out of 8 in 20 m., 4 out of 8 in open and 3 out of 8 in 18 m.
Clearly the weather- gods are not co-operating there in that nice place Stendal, where the Dutch in the past flew their nationals, because there were always complaints about our weather.
Last Saturday all classes flew .Small tasks,…but they flew.
In 20 m. ;2.30 AAT…Alberto Sironi and Elena Fergnani were the best in their ARCUS T. I met both during my Rieti visits. Lovely people. Elena is from a real soaring family and I met her and her brother also at JWGC’s.
Open class ;3 hour AAT…Another 5 first places for the EB’s and a 6th for the NIMETA. Good to see Ulrich Knauss in his EB 28 on 5. Best speed 125 km./h.
18 m; 2.30 AAT…and lot’s of out-landings.10 in,…10 out!!

The new week looked hopeful but Monday had to be cancelled as well. But really better weather was forecasted so there was hope for Tuesday.
Tuesday July 16 …..NO HOPE!!!But,…still 3 day’s to go. It SHOULD be better !!!!
A lot of talking about the weather here is a mall part of the interview , under news, with meteo man Walter Hermann, who was glider pilot on competition level as well on July 14:
The weather conditions make the present championship challenging not only for the pilots but also for the weatherman. What has been the most challenging day for you so far?

The most difficult day for me so far was yesterday [day 6 of the championship] because there was a dichotomy in weather conditions: on the one hand, a strong atmospheric instability in the east and, on the other hand, stable conditions in the west. And we were exactly on the edge between the two. And the problem was to discern or to predict when and where the overdevelopment and possibly thunderstorms would occur. And if this difficult situation happens, to inform about it the competition management to the best of my knowledge and belief, because one cannot say with 100% , not even 80% certainty: “There and there thunderstorms will occur” . We could see yesterday that after initial overdevelopment in the east, the weather stabilised for a short time, during which it became possible to fly a short task, but shortly afterwards again overdevelopment occurred followed by the thunderstorms and rain showers.
More on the EGC-site .

Wednesday July 17; TODAY….only 3 days to go but ……tasks today. AND,…nice ones not small AAT’s.
20 m; 372 km….
open; 427 km…
18 m; 315 km….

More on Sunday.




UK NATIONALS at HUSBOS for 18 m and 20 m.
13 July 2019 – 21 July 2019

The 18m and 20m national championships competitors are making the best of some great racing weather.
This pic was taken from a Duo Discus passing Bicester today on route to the first TP at Didcot.
As shared by British Gliding Association

Husbands Bosworth , in short HusBos, is the place for 54 pilots to see who is the best in the UK in their class!! I was there when they hosted the JWGC.
They started last Saturday with a scrubbed day, also there,… real Mid-European weather.
The 14th was still not good so no task, but….
Monday July 15, beginning of a new week and ….. a working day again. BUT,…only for 18 m.
18 m; 205 km. 37 pilots in this class and lot’s of “flash” gliders. “Old ” and young pilots, a few with a very successful career already in gliding,  but they oldies ” with respect” are still doing well.
Russell Cheetham [JS-MD- 3] won the day!!!89 km./h. shows it was not an easy day. Runner up also well known; Andy Davis with 88 km./h in JS 1C. Kim Tipple also well known in WGC circles was 3d in his ASG 29E.
20 m. scrubbed.

Tuesday July 16; the better weather has arrived so “better” tasks.
18 m; 325 km….and nice speed…129. 55 km./h by winner Steve Jones in Ventus 3 T and a tad slower by brother Phil in a Ventus 3; 129.29 km./h. starting rather late and  flying together.
36 Started and 35 finished ,…speed from the slowest finisher 100 km./h.

20 m; 320 km….Edward Downham in the Duo Discus T won the day with 109 km./h. GOOD!! Only 6 from 17 flew over 100 km./h.
All 17 started and finished.
More on Sunday.



12 July 2019 – 21 July 2019


Sponsor happy and in the end the winners as well.
As shared by OSTRÓW GLIDE – International Gliding Competition

24 Competitors in 2 classes 18 m. and club class.
18 m. class;
The first 4 day’s showed smaller AAT’s and  task 2 even a valid day with no finishers and won by Janusz Centka in ASG 29E. Task 4 was a good one with 485 km. 4x an ASG 29 in the top with all a speed of around 128 km./h.  among them Janusz again and 2 times a JS 1C with Joanna Biedermann.

Club class;
Also 3 smaller AAT’s to start with and a bigger one on day 4; 366 km and won by  Paweł Głowacki in Pegase. Stanislaw Wujczak in his St Jantar was 3d.
No task yesterday and not yet today.


And to finish this marvelous picture shared by Visa Matti Leinikki. Double click to see the full impact.

Cheers Ritz

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