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I copied some news from France which I had written in word. About the last day;

Multi class;
The last day turned out to be a strong one and the 4.30 AAT was used best by Sofiane Scally in her LS 8; 563 km in time 4.32 so a nice speed of 124 km./h. Good on her. More girl power!!Gabriel was 6th ,but so far ahead during the week that it did n’t matter for him. Good business for Nick being 4th.
In the end the overall scores were :
1.Gabriel Rossier from Switzerland in ASH 31 MI with 6.944 points.
2. Hugo Corbille who was runner up on the last day in LS 8 with 6.680 p.
3. Nick Hanenburg from Holland in Discus 2A with 6.595 p.

Club class;
they had a 4.30 AAT on their last day and the Dutch boy’s got used to the climate and the area ,so with their talent,  they won the last day;
Mark in the ASW 24 flew 521 km in time 4.28 so a speed of 124 km./h and Jelmer 486 km. in time 4.42 [speed 103 km./h] . Both finished in the top 10  Jelmer on 4 and Mark on 7 [from 11 the day before!!] !!!
Overall scores after 8 out of 10 days;
1. Brian Spreckley from the UK in St Libelle with 6.715 points.
2. Finn Sleigh from the UK in ASW 20 with 6.555 p.
3. Jake Brattle from the UK in ASW 20 with 6.471 p.

Open class; NATIONALS;
With a set task of 582 km. Philippe de Pechy showed his flying skills and won the day ;speed 135 km./h. Just a tad faster than Sylvain.[134 km./h]  The first 5 gliders were JS 1C.21 m.
On 6 and 7 Aboulin /Loring and Jutta Sturm so more girl power!! Both in ASH 25.
With his runner up spot Sylvain moved up from 4 to 3. And Philippe from 7 to 4.
Overall scores after 6 out of 7 good days.
1. Team Aboulin /Loring in ASH 25 so FRENCH CHAMPIONS with 4.912 points.
2. Eric Bernard in JS 1C /21 m with 4.899 p.
3. Sylvain Gerbaud in JS 1C/21 m with 4.841 p.

18 m. class;NATIONALS.
560 km. was their set task and sorry if it get’s boring, but MORE girlpower; Winner for the day; Marilyne in her JS 3. Speed 124 km./h.
Just a tad slower and 123 km./h for Anne Ducarouge.
So the French have a female CHAMPION in this class.
1. Marilyne Abadie –Berard in JS 3 with 5.243 points.
HC Ricky Brigliadori from Italy in JS 1C with 5.218 p.
HC Margot Aquaderni from Italy in Ventus 3 FES with 5.208 p.
2. Silver for Eric Garnier in ASG 29 E  with 5.159 p.
3. Bronze for Christian Mallick in ASG 29E with 5.105 p.

Nice comps to follow there in Issoudun!!

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