20 thiest EGC from Prievidza ! Issoudun !Great flights from Keiheuvel!

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20thiest EGC for small ships!
July 6-July 20 2019.


As shared by Czech Republic Gliding Team

On July 3 the first official practice day was organised for 87 pilots;
34 in Club class, 29 in standard and 24 in 15 m. class.
Club got 262 km., standard 307 and 15m. a task of 312 km. Looking GOOD!!!

15 m. class ready to go for first official practice day.
as shared by Czech Republic Gliding Team

2 more good practice day’s with set tasks from around 300 km and a day with 3 hour AAT’s.
“The organizers decided we’d had enough of practicing in the hills so sent us south in to the flatlands towards Hungary on a 3 hour Assigned Area Task. Wave and shifting bands of high cover made low level conditions tricky at times. At other times there were 6 knot climbs up to the 8000ft. ” as shared by Team UK…..Tom.
The 3 hour AAT in St class was won by Keiheuvel pilot Jeff Kell,…there must be something in the drinking water there,…302 km. in 2.59.
In club class Ukraine pilot Darius Liaugaudas in the Pegase 101A was the best with 289 km. in time 3.10 and in
15 m it turned out a real German Ventus 2 and  3 day; Sebastian Bauder [Ventus 2a]had 307 km. in 3 hour at the dot, Freddie Hein , who is the current European champion, 303 km at the dot and Jan Omsels 303 km. in time 3.03.
Then there was on Friday evening  a mandatory TC Briefing at 6 pm, and a mandatory safety and operation /  Airspace briefing !!!
Yesterday the opening at 5 PM.

The always very strong and successful team from Poland.
With Sebastian and his dad around the girl in black and one of the 2 Lucaszes to the right.[ Grabowski]
As shared by Sebastian.

The “POMMIES”, with some very experienced pilots young and old[er]. Great team.
as shared by British Gliding Team

Team Belgium with Jeff as the only pilot and Gitte  his wife, Leon and Anna his children and 2 times 1000 km.-pilot and mate Jeroen as crew.
as shared by Gitte.

Team France always STRONG,..as shared by Pôle France Planeur

Team Germany , never underestimate them, as shared by the German team.

And THEN,…it all starts!!
Today Sunday ALL 3  classes have a 2 hour AAT.
More on Wednesday.


German Gliding Nationals in Stendal.
Pre WGC for the 2020 WGC 18 m. class….July 8-19 2019.

Starts tomorrow with 89 participants!!!
German Nationals in 2-seater and open class and International Stendal Glide 2019 in 18 m. class [competition training].
More on Wednesday!!!


Zomerwedstrijd from Malden in the Netherlands!
July 2019 – 13 July 2019

As shared by Zomerwedstrijden

Being involved in the Summer comps means that when you are good and have enough points, you can go next season to the Nationals. It’s a fun, but serious competition with also pilots who have been in WGC’s /EGC’s already, as George Schuit and Ferdi Kuijpers and pilots who flew Nationals already a great mix of pilots.

First day is today with 177 km. in club class and 183 km. in a mixed open class.


First briefing in the beautiful briefing room from the most beautiful 2 storey- hangar in the world at Malden. With George and Diana and Chris [Zippel] who flew in the past with us in Tocumwal and now is “ground-slave” . He came all the way from Berlin.
Shared by Martijn Alders.

25 Pilots in total…more next Wednesday.


44th Concours International, the BGA overseas championship and the French Nationals in 18 m. and open class.

From July 4 till 13 they fly with 50 participants the 44th Concours International and the BGA Overseas Championships so many UK participants . 2 Classes combi and club.
Parallel on this competition they fly from July 7 till 13 the French Nationals in 18 m. and open class, so around 90 pilots at the field. A big happening!!!
18 in open class and 24 in 18 m. 42 in total the the FRENCH NATIONALS.

As shared by Aeroclub Issoudun

On the 4th of July, was the first flying day for the multi class and club class.
Multi class;
Task 1….251 km. From the 20 starting pilots 15 finished. Best was UK pilot Iain Evans in JS C/18m. 1 EVO. He started relatively late  324 PM. Speed 90 km./h. which was 7km./h faster than the runner up .
“Our” ex- junior Nick Hanenberg , but still very young, did well as number 3 for the day.[Discus 2A]
Task 2….279 km. A Swiss win today by Gabriel Rossier in the ASH 31MI with 111 km./h, which was was 8km./h faster than young Nick in the Discus 2A,  who was in the top 3 again!!
16 From 20 finished.
On the 6th NO FLYING but
Task 3 was on again today on Sunday. 3 Hour AAT.
More on Wednesday.

Great picture! Shared by Dutch Junior Gliding Team

Club class;
Task 1….212 km.  17 From 24 finished and good old Brian Spreckley showed how to do it. He won in his Libelle with a speed of 76 km./h. Bit slower than French Adrien Dubreuil who flew 79 km./h in his LS 4. [handicap 104 whilst the Libelle has 97]
Finn Sleigh and Jake Brattle both in ASW 20 started 15 minutes later than Brian, good for a 3d and 4th place. They belong to the UK junior squad and prepare in Issoudun on their JWGC in Hungary later this month.
Great to see Shaun Lapworth again in a glider and a competition. After his nasty accident he is BACK!! Good on him and on spot 6 for the day.
Task 2….233 km. and yes,…one of our juniors won the day!! Jelmer [Vis] in the St Cirrus was a tad faster than Brian. Nick Faber another Dutch junior started and flew together with Jelmer and was 3d in his St Cirrus.3 Dutch juniors practicing as well in Issoudun.
Only 2 outlandings, so a good day!
Task 3 also here no flying yesterday but today 262 km.


FRENCH NATIONALS for 18m. and open class from Issoudun.

They start at July 7, TODAY with 305 km. for 18 open class pilots and 309 km. for 18 m. with 24 pilots.
More next Wednesday.



2 consecutive 1000 km flights! HURRAY!!!
One flight took 10 hours and 50 minutes , the other one 11 hours and 26 minutes!!!!
Courtesy Bert Schmelzer sr.

Flying 2 times a 1000 on consecutive day’s is superb AND Jeroen Jennen from Belgium did it, on July 2 and 3 in an LS 8 …just a standard class glider..no jet, no turbo, only Jeroen!!!.
Here is his story:
“Day two, thousand two. Started with the feeling that a second 1000k would be possible, the start went better than yesterday. Once reaching the Rhine I was ahead of schedule, to bad the weather didn’t improve like it did Tuesday. Had to fly more conservative towards the turn point and afterwards to the south. Once reaching Paderborn after a long glide and the clearance to cross overhead I hit the first good thermal of a few. The south east leg was incredible, also with the wind behind but things went smooth. Once turning back and leaving the Thuringer Wald things became difficult. The wind was getting stronger and for some reason I couldn’t catch the thermals in one time, had to search a lot and the speed went down slowly. Up on the Sauerland the weather improved again, got low there but with the sun, hill and the ski resort below a great thermal was a must. From there on the clouds became bigger and a street helped me to improve the speed again. From Senden to Keiheuvel was a fight, had some good thermals but had to search them for a while. Once reaching the home field I had to go back for 25km, with the wind I wanted to climb before my TP but the thermals didn’t co-operate though. A long and hard struggle for me at fg, but with no fields in our final glide I tried to climb some more around Lommel, I’ve reached it quite low and very late, but got myself a 0,2 to reach fg with the wind blowing me towards the field! There my supporters were cheering which made the flight even more beautiful.
Great achievements Jeroen congratulations!!

A happy chappie;
Tijl Schmelzer after his 1000 PLUS new Belgian record. The family VENTUS 3 E ” 2X’ was the record winning glider.
A “sit” of 11 hours and 42 minutes!!!!
courtesy Bert Schmelzer sr.

That day, July 3, Tijl Schmelzer took a few records from Namibia back to Belgium. He flew 1.121 OLC km.s and a
Belgian record Out-and-Return Declared + O/R Free Distance 1044km+
Not very often that you can reclaim 2 Belgian records from Namibia to Belgium! 
Awesome weather this week…” He flew the VENTUS 3E.
Some really good young pilots there at the Keiheuvel flying 4 x a 1000 in 2 day’s. What about that!!!.
Bert sr. ,proud dad, wrote;”
“On July 3 Jeroen wanted to fly/chase another 1000 km and Tijl was focused on a new Belgian record.Uncle Eddie [from Jeroen] was up early to be their tuggie. And off they went; Tijl far into Czechia and Jeroen in an LS 8 to the neighborhood of Coburg with TP’s in between.”
And they did it!! Great achievements by both. Both declared their flights and the 2 records from Tijl not from Namibia now anymore, but from the good old “Keiheuvel” ;
declared out and return from 1.044 km. and and a free out and return from 1049 km , ….1.122 OLC km’s.
“We experienced Namibia on the Nordsea.”
Even more impressive due to due to challenges of very tight airspace.
I nearly could hear  here the cheers at their return.

Last weeks Belgian / KEIHEUVEL 1000 km-heroes . Tijl ,Jeroen en Wim.
courtesy Bert Schmerzer sr.

Quite a FEW “NEARLY” 1000 KM. FLIGHTS!!!That’s a bit sad, certainly when they are as close as 997 in Holland from Lars in ASW 28E from Terlet and 967 km. by Tim from Malden in ASW 20 and 992 in a St Jantar by Markus in Germany [Auerbach]. BUT,…it remains an unforgettable experience!!!
A total of 8x a 1000 in Europe. One from Bas Seijffert from Terlet in JS 1C/21m.
And the 812 in an LS 6 from Ronald Deerenberg is worth mentioning as well.


News from DG:

The FES system is getting more in more popular in nowadays single-seaters. Lots of clubs and private pilots enjoy the benefits of this easy to use propulsion system. It’s a system useable for everyone which elevates the glider back to safe altitude and which is unbeatable when it comes to comfort and easy operation.

DG Flugzeugbau decided to install this system in its DG-1001 family. The well known FES unit by LZ Design will be modified so it delivers approx. 30kW. In combination with a new battery generation we expect a similar performance as shown by FES single-seaters such as the LS8-e neo.

Prototype manufacture will begin late this summer. The first flight is expected to take place in spring 2020.”


AND…to finish a great picture from a special event in Holland.

“On Thursday June 27 you could see this exceptional formation above Teuge. 36  Parachutists from the  European Canopy Formation formed the biggest ever formation over Holland.”
Courtesy KNVvL


Cheers Ritz, by the way after we had 24 dgr.C in the night ,we had a couple of day’s ago MINUS 1.6 in the east of the country during the night…..in JULY!!!!Of course another record,…ha ha!!!

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