Last 2 days of 18 m. and open class in Hobbs New Mexico. Italy’s 18 m. and open class comps ! Top flights from BE and NL !


Very blue and you can “see” the heat.
As shared by Soaring Society of America

In both classes new, but familiar faces on the daily spot 1 on contest day 7.
Not a super-doper-flash-day as you can read in Steven’s news, but a very blue day.;
“Day 7 US Open Nationals. Not my day. Was not willing to push on into shadow over the desert scrub, so I turned around and went home. Two in my class used their engines to get home, the rest made it around. I probably could have, but just didn’t feel like pressing that much.”

Open; Ron Tabery in his ASW 22 BLE was the best during the Assigned Aere Task from 193 miles; 200 km. in 3.05 “gave”  him 1000 points. DB was 5th .
The top 3 Jim [Lee] ,David  [Mockler] and David [Coggins] were 3, 2 and 7 for the day in their JS 3 C’s /21m.
18 m; Gary Ittner won the day in his ASG 29/18 m.
1000 points for 198 miles in 3.10.
Not the best day for the overall top 3 with one day to go: John [Seaborn] on 3 , Jerzy on 15 and Keith [Essex] on 10.

Trying to close the canopy of the JS 3 on a HOT day.
Soaring Society of America

Contest day 8 very last day; 3 hour TAT. [Turn Area Task]
Stevens personal view on the last day ;
“Day 8 and the final day of the US Open Class Nationals for 2019. Forecast was for weaker weather, lower cloud bases (at least, there were clouds today!), but generally soarable conditions. We had a 3 hour Turn area Task, with turns at Lamesa (20 mile radius), Plains (20 mile radius) and Andrews (20 mile radius). The area around Hobbs was a little sparse on cu at the start, but things got better as we went east to Lamesa. It was obvious you just wanted to touch Plains, then we had to deal with blow offs coming in from the west for the trip into and back out of Andrews. I had a 45 mile final glide under the overcast. Thank goodness for long wings! Got 6th place for the day! But, sitting out a day cost me dearly in the final scores. Oh, well. It was a fun contest. Looking forward to coming back to Hobbs!”
open; Dave Mockler won the day 1000 points for a speed 75 m./h. No extreme differences so the final scores were pretty fast ready;
1. Jim Lee in JS 1C/21m. with 7.538 points.
2. David Mockler in JS 1C/21m. with 7.405 p.
3. David Coggins in JS 1 C/21 m with 7.205.

With good flying Ron Tabery reached spot 4 with 7.188 points and DB who lost 40 points on the last day on Ron was 5th ;7.183, so a difference of just 5. I guess they had to laugh about it together!

18m. Special day for Robin Clark in ASG 29; he won the last day and moved to spot 3 overall passing Keith, who was 6th for the day.
Final results:
1. John Seaborn in JS 3/18m. with 7.587 points.
2. Jerzy Szemplinski in ASG 29 with 7.420 p.
3. Robin Clark in ASG 29 with 7.319 p.



Bit heavy certainly Jim’s open class one, Congratulations to all!!!
Soaring Society of America posted by Leigh


open;2nd Place, Dave Mockler, winner, Jim Lee ,3rd place, Dave Coggins

18 M: 3rd place Robin Clark, winner John Seaborn 2nd place, Jerzy Szemplinski

Nice comps to follow!!! Also thanks to Steven Leonard and Leigh Zimmerman.


Coppa Citta di Varese in Italy.
Calcinate Del Pesce  June 23-30.

This is also the Italian NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in 18m and open class.
On day 1 NOBODY finished both in open and 18 m. class. The task was 274 for all and the best flew over 250 km but it turned out NOT a valid day.
Task 2 showed a 2.15 AAT and in 18 m. Ugo Pavesi managed to fly 193 km for 441 points. On the not valid day he flew 244 k.  for zero points whilst the runner up had 116 k.and the rest under 100 km.
In open it was Alberto Sironi in his Quintus who flew already 259 on the non-valid-day , this day he flew 202 km. for 472 points.
Task 3 with a 245 AAT in 18 m. had a new face; Alessandro Villa in the Ventus 2CT/18m. Ugo was runner up.
In open also a new face Antonio Soffici in Nimbus 4T; 249 k. in time 2.51.
Task 4 was in open a prey for Alberto again. A short 2 hour AAT with 191 km. in time 2.04.
18 m. had the same task and Sandro Montemaggi flew as daily winner 177 km in time 2.02.
The next day was scrubbed and on Friday no task 5.
Task 6 with 2.40 AAT’s in both classes. Ugo seems to be in the right mood and won another day.
236 km. in time 2.46. Overall he is just under 100 points above Sandro.
In open the Nimbus 4T from Antonio was the daily best [231 km. in time 2.42] and Ugo as runner up with only 3 points less and Alberto on spot 6. A pity that Alberto was the only one landing out on task 3, as I know he is an excellent pilot.
Task 7 with another 2.45 AAT. Alberto won and showed his class. With Antonio as runner up it was clear who won the open class in Italy.
In 18 m. Luca Castelli in JS 1EVO won the last day but nothing changed he was 3 and is 3 overall.

The total scores from open and 18 m.
1. Antonio Soffici in Nimbus 4T with 2.543 points. He was 3d for the COPPA.
2. Ugo Pavesi in ASG 29 with 2.463 p. Ugo was also winner of the 18 m. class and runner up for the COPPA.
3. Sandro Montemaggi in ASG 29 with 2.377 and runner up in 18m.
4. Alberto Sironi in Quintus with 2.338 p.

The results to see who would win the COPPA were easy. Peter Hartman from Austria, but flying a lot in Italy, was clearly the winner in the ANTARES 23 T; he won every day!!!!
3.999 points!!! Runner up for the Coppa was Ugo with 3.317 points


My beloved 2d home, TOCUMWAL, was hit by frantic weather.A terrifying torrential storm, hurricane???tornado???, no clue but it was devastating.

Tocumwal in the heaviest part of the weather. Finley a bit to the N got it’s share as well. So did Koonoomoo a bit more to the S. where, just a few years ago the petrol station [opposite the BIG STRAWBERRY] was wiped of the map and it happened now again.
Courtesy Eddie.

TOCUMWAL: “Many trees down onto houses and several verandas, and roofs destroyed. 
One aircraft damaged .
Several hangers with doors dislocated and ….The Air Ambulance Helicopter just left YTOC taking somebody to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.” It looked like a war zone, I heard.
Not good.

The airport was hit , meaning several dislocated hangar doors and what I heard damage on one plane. Town was hit harder, as a narrow strip went straight through town!!!
But only damage how bad that is, no personal injuries or causalities. The people involved with the air-park were grateful for all help so were all town people;
” huge thank you to all the volunteers and workers who have worked through the night to clear roads, properties and powerlines of debris following yesterday’s storm. We appreciate all you do under such adverse conditions. It is not over yet for many, so please be understanding.

The SES was fabulous;
The NSW SES Tocumwal volunteers have been working throughout the evening along with NSW Police, NSW Rural Fire Service, Fire & Rescue NSW and other support agencies/organisations. The damage is extensive and more resources will be in Tocumwal from tomorrow. ”
They are still busy.
This all happened last Saturday.

Some pictures shared by SES.


 Murray NSW SES

Some of my friends were hit. One lost the back of her house as a huge tree fell through the house. Her son’s car was damaged by another tree close to the house. Another mate lost the roof of his house, just gone with the wind. Many others had minor damage.


The July -August issue from GLIDING INTERNATIONAL was in my mail box so here are a few of the again very interesting items.
—The first 6 pages are for Hanna Reitsch,”Germany’s ACE glider pilot.” This “tiny” but BIG  lady is well described in a story by John Roake himself, who met her as TC for N.Z. in Chateauroux where she addressed the pilots on a non flying day.
—the surprise announcement by Schleicher; AS 34 ME...Electric powered self-launching Standard Class Sailplane.
—Would the start of a membership recovery program help to stop the massive decline in club membership?” Join us to help recover our membership problems?
Gliding International in very worried and interested in this subject.
—The SHARK 304 S.
—Lots of International Aviation News and of course “things with Wings”.
60 pages of all kind of interesting news!!



Pilots and crew are slowly arriving. The first had hot and bothered conditions in Prievidza in Slovakia.
More next week.

TOP FLIGHTS YESTERDAY : Have a look and study them well on the OLC,….just great flights and loooooonnnnngggg in flat as a pancake Holland and Belgium!!!!
I had no idea yesterday that the weather was so good but it was. In Holland nearly 1000 km flights from Malden .Tim Kuijpers  flew in the ASW 20
A REAL 1000 in a Nimbus 4 as well by one of the Delft Students Jurjan Venema from Terlet.
From Keiheuvel in Belgium 2 young men , Jeroen Jennen [LS 8] and  Wim Akkermans [Discus 2T] declared a 1000 and flew it. GREAT!!! Congratulations!!!!Some kind of out and return[yoyo far into Germany and half the leg done again.
Fabulous flights also from our new young Dutch Champion , Roelof Corporaal, flying his Pegase over a declared 750 triangle , together with Sander Terpstra in an LS 4 WL from the club [Gelderse] doing the same. WOW.
The first time , I just read, that a 750 has been flown in a club class glider!!!!!
Sander mentioned after this 10.16 hour flight that it felt like working!!!
A total of 9x a 1000 in the USA , Belgium and Germany.

Roelof and Sander after their extraordinary flight in Pegase and LS 4. Of course with the Frysian flag!
Courtesy Zweefportaal


Jeroen and Wim after their 1000 k from Belgium. Looking very “fresh” after an 11.24 hour flight!!!!
courtesy Sofie Huybreckx [wife from Wim and niece from Jeroen]


Last but for sure NOT LEAST.

Today our son and brother from Inge, Dennis would have celebrated his 50-thiest birthday.
A day to remember him EXTRA with all of you who knew him.


One week before he died. A happy flight in a P 51.
Courtesy Bas Krebbers who was with Dennis in Tocumwal at the time.


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