20th EGC in Poland ! French Nationals from Buno Bonnevaux !

Final day’s in Prievidza!

Nice long tasks when I left you on Wednesday morning, with combi first at the grid, this time asphalt-runway and  club and 15 m. from the grass.

as shared by the organizers. The runway seems to be brand new.

Here the results  from Wednesday and and aggregate results from the comps, as it turned out to be the last day!!!
Prize giving was at 10 in the morning on the 9th.

May 8; task 4
and it was flown by 26 of the 37 who started that morning. Daily winner German pilot Uwe Wahlig , so after 3 UK daily winners now one from Germany. And those winners became the champions of the cup and medals after 4 day’s of flying.
1. Tom Arscott with 3.594 in LS 7 WL.
2. Ge Dale with 3.587 in ASW 24 WL5
3. Uwe Wahlig with 3.422 in LS 3 WL

15m.;402 km.  and Polish pilot Jacek Flis was the best in Discus 2A. Dawid Pretorius was runner up and Lucasz Grabowski also from Poland 3d.
This gives the next overall scores after 4 flying day’s.
1. Poul Kim Larsen from Denmark in Discus 2A with 3.137 points.
2. Miloslav Cink from Czech Rep. in LS 8B with 3.035.
3. Jacek Flis from Poland with 3.028.
The other Danish pilot flying so well and topping the overall list on the first 2 day’s out-landed on 3 which cost him lost’s of points. He finished as 14th.

combi; 500 km. was flown by 20 from 25!! Best was 105 km./h by Polish pilot Tomasz Dul in ASG 29E. The ARCUS T and M were on 3 and 4.
Overall scores;
1. Andreas Kessler & Scarlat in Arcus T from Romania with 3.384.
2. Danes Grula in ASG 29E from Czech Rep with 3.303.
3. Andrzej Smielkiewicz in ASH 29E from Poland with 3.249.

That’s it about the FCC Gliding 2019. Not many day’s but finishing on a high with on the last day in each class a 1000 points day.
A few of the pilots have traveled straight away to Stalowa Wola to attend the EGC.




20th EGC in Stalowa Wola – at the airport Turbia in Poland
May 11-25
with the closing ceremony  on the 25th of May 2019 at 7:00 pm.

Quite blowy but good Cu today. All Team GB gliders are rigged and will fly today on the last unofficial practice day
As shared by British Gliding Team

On the first official training day at Turbia Airfield, tasks were set; 3.15 AAT for open and won by  open class by Pierre [de Broqueville] in EB 29DR from Belgium . Speed 130 km./h!!
In 18 m. it was French pilot Christophe Abadie who won the 3.30 AAT in JS 3 with 129km.h. on the clock and runner up was Wolfgang in Ventus 3 and Sebastian was 3d in Diana 3.
In 20 m. a 3.15 AAT won by the Finnish team with Antii in ARCUS M;125 km./h.
On practice day 2 not a lot of pilots were flying and tasks for them who flew were small, so not really interesting.
On practice day 3, it rained but who wanted to go could go and try a 2.30 AAT.
In open Alberto Sironi flew 320 km. in his Quintus,  Petr Tichy 311 in EB 29R and Russell Cheetham 307 km.  in EB 29DR.
In 18 m. the UK pilots Pete and Phil flew 349 and 335 km. in their Ventus 3 .There were 4 I guess technical out-landings, or flying back home.
In 20 m.only the UK team finished in the Arcus T with 99 km./h.

From the EPST Galery from Turbia.

AND…as said before Wolfgang and Michael defend their title.Sebastian who won the 20 m. last time flies now against Wolfgang in 18 m.class.So the title for the seaters is vacant.

As you can see the UK brings “in” some very good pilots!! And,..they are eager. The tasks on the last practice day was cancelled but they tried to fly it and DID and how!!! See above .

Steve and Gary fly as team in 20 m in an ARCUS T.
as shared by British Gliding Team

Also the Polish team is strong certainly as they fly “at home”. Never underestimate the French…Allez les blue… and the German team..es geht los…!! So looking forward how it all unfolds.

Opening.Was last Saturday at 5. AND,…./ “DO NOT LOOK AT THE SKIES……….” Best day was the opening, OR best day was during the closing ceremony…I heard it so often!!!
Here are the BENELUX countries.

Belgium With Pierre
All 3 pictures  shared by 20th European Gliding Championships StalowaWola, Poland

the Netherlands with Bas and Peter and TC Francois behind them.

Luxembourg with pilot Diana and TC and crew George.

Let the comps begin.On May 12.

AND,…off they go, take off’s at 11.10. Good luck to ALL.
20th European Gliding Championships StalowaWola, Poland

Sunday May 12; Day 1 task 1; AAT’s direction E. N. E.
Open..2.45  AAT; With 375 km. in time 2.45 at the dot, one of the Polish Lucaszes , this time Łukasz Wójcik, won the day in his JS 1C. Speed 136.12 km./h.
Behind him the big open class gliders ,the EB 29’s  with German pilot Markus Frank [134.69 km./h] Petr Tichy from Czech Rep with 133.50 km./h and Russell Cheetham from the UK with 133.34 km./h.
The first 11 pilots were within 804 and 904 points.

18m.. 3 hour AAT; They were the first to go on track at 11.15  , the line opened at 12.10 and for some  “it” was straight away high and fast!!!!
400 km. in 3 hours was the perfect result from UK pilot Phil Jones in his Ventus 3T. Only in this class 1000 points for the winner for a speed of 130.39 km/h.
The top 4 including Phil ;2. Karol Staryszak from Poland in ASG 29 E. ;130.31 km./h. for 999 points 3. Sebastian Kawa in his Diana 3 with 130.11 km./h for 996 points and 4. Pete [Harvey]  in Ventus 3 T. with 129.95 km./h for 993 points .

20m..2.45 AAT; Rubaj & Matkowski [Poland]in ASG 32 MI,  flew 348 km. in time 2.41 and won the day. Former German team coach Uli Gmelin and his wife Chrissie were runner up. Chrissie was twice WWGC Champion in 2003 and 2013. [ARCUS T] Phil  and Garry from the UK were 3d.[ARCUS T]

A nice evening to finish this glorious first day as Manufacturer JONKERS invited all teams for polish stew and beer.

MONDAY May 13; NO….Day 2 or task 2…Whilst the weather here in Holland was top[high 1040] .

As shared by George.

Tuesday May 14;No Day 3 or task 2..

EGC2019 -A grey, wet and windy Turbia = no Task today! …. Tomorrow doesn’t look great either ⚡️☔️
British Gliding Team

Wednesday May 15 today...the morning-news was …
Welcome to the fourth day of Competition! Weather is supposed to get better any minute now, so today’s pilot briefing at 10:00 may include some plot twists. Be there or be square!

Today’s weather as shared by the organizers.


French Nationals in Standard class, 15 m. and 2 seaters flying in ONE class.
from Buno Bonnevaux May 5-May 11.

After 3 practice day’s, with as I expect not the best weather, as there were no points and only small tasks, they started with 40 pilots in one class with of course handicaps according to the FAI rules.
Task 1 on May 5; 2.30 AAT .
Adrien Henry won the day and so to see pilots had a real tough time. Adrien  flew in his ASG 29 a distance of 202 km in time 2.58, so a speed of 68 km./h. in his ASG 29 [handicap 114]
Only 6 finished and only 8 flew over 100 km. Winner of the day gets 109 points.

Courtesy Laurent BOISSARD
shared by AAVE – Association Aéronautique du Val d’Essonne

Task 2 on May 6 was straight away MUCH better;498.40 km. was set.
25 Finished. Still not “huge” speed as winner of the day Louis Bourderlique [JS 3] was with 107 km./h the only one over 100 km./h. But no worries he “got” 1000 points, that helps.
2 UK pilots and not just pilots , Jez Hood [LS 8] and Howard Jones  [Discus 2 A] did well HC, with 919 and 917 points. Benjamin Neglais [Discus 2A] was runner up with 918 points. Adrien was 6th.

Photo: Laurent BOISSARD
shared by AAVE – Association Aéronautique du Val d’Essonne

Task 3 on May 7; 211 km. was Adrien -day again. But only for 623 points. Louis was runner up and the Swedish French Duo Discus team was HC 2d and Jez HC 3d. 8 Points difference overall, between Adrian [1.] and Louis.[2.]
Task 4 on May 8; 132 km. but day was scrubbed.
No flying on May 9 but on May 10 tasks were set again.

No flying on May 9, you see why…
As shared by AAVE – Association Aéronautique du Val d’Essonne

Task 5 on May 10; 1.30 AAT, a day to either loose or gain points with a short task and most probably still a bit “sad” weather. It’s mainly between Adrien and Louis ,as they are close and on the 2 top-spots; 1.637 and 1.628.
The next 3 spots are HC pilots they get points, but can’t win a French title; Swedish French team in Duo and UK pilots Jez and Howard. As the French comps have mostly strong contenders it’s good to find out where you are with your performance.
What happened?
Adrien had so to see no nerves. He won the day ,slow but steady with 82 km./h. Louis was 7th and lost about 60 points on Adrien.
So the lead is a bit bigger now and the HC pilots remain at their spots.
Those who can “read” the weather well, did know already that there would not be a task 6 on May11.
So the scores from the last day were important. Adrien got only 486 points for his win, but more than enough to enlarge his scores.
In the end the aggregate scores were;
1. Adrien with 2.123 points and French National CHAMPION
2. Louis with 2.050
3. Christian Mallick with 1.834 .He flew an ASG 29E.
In between 2 and 3,  as said Jez,[1.888] ,  duo discus team France/Sweden [1.877]  and Howard.[1.861] .

The CHAMPION ,runner up and number 3 in France.
AAVE – Association Aéronautique du Val d’Essonne



Last Saturday some great flights from Holland. Steven Raimond flew 781 km. in his ASG 29E from Terlet; He mentioned that it was a glorious day on which he crossed for the first time the river ELBE in Germany and had a great run under a cloud street.
698 in the St Cirrus, by Dutch top talent Robin Smit [Gilze Rijen] is GREAT and he topped the Dutch list.He used the same cloud street .
Both flew to the NE over the border in to Germany.
AND,…very worth mentioning too… a trip to Denmark from Veendam in Holland, maybe even the very first ever!!!
In a Duo Discus WL.; 634 km.
Martin Hamberg and Erik Klijnstra; a real daring exploit, have a look at their OLC trace.


Gelderse -one -day -competition with 50 participants.
Courtesy Ben Hiemstra.

One day later, one of the bigger comps flown in Holland, was a fact. The Club, “The Gelderse”  organized at Terlet their ANNUAL-ONE-DAY-COMPETITION, with 14 participants in Club among them Robin, 17 in the combi class and 19 in open class. Among them Ronald Termaat and Jeroen Verkuijl. What great weather they had, though here I noticed some over development and later smaller tasks were set.
club; 186 km
. Jelmer Vis in St. Cirrus B won the day and 10 from 14 finished.
combi; 210 km.
. instead of 300 km. and won by Nick Hanenberg in Discus 2A. 14 From 17 finished.
open;329 km. changed in 248 km 
13 from 19 finished . Jeroen Verkuijl in JS 1 c, was the winner with a speed of 115 km./h. Ronald Termaat was runner up flying a JS 1C/21 m.

Beautiful Terlet
By Beautiful Willemijn.

For a competition you have to “take care of”  all kinds of pilots , hence not too big tasks.
The Sunday was however so good that Steven declared a 1000, also from Terlet, but the beginning was not top, 150 m. on the first leg , so he had to change plan but still flew 873 km[664 triangle]
In Venlo, in the S of Holland Luc declared a 750 and flew it in a VENTUS 3M.

More great flights on Sunday looking international;
1.856 km. in the Stemme by Klaus and Gil Souviron from Serres. Very happy chappies!!
” What a day with highs and lows between the French Alps,Massif Central and the Spanish Pyrenees. Great thanks to all ATCs. And thanks for all the knowledge from my friend Gil with a lot of details about the beautiful Pyrenees.
Not to forget the Stemme which allows all these fantastic gliding adventures.”
6 More 1000 km. flights that day from Minden [1] and Germany.
Over 800 km. flights in Belgium.

AND,…what about YESTERDAY…. a DECLARED 1000 from Holland by Steven Raimond. Very SPECIAL!!!!
It was his first declared 1000 and he flew in his ASG 29E/18m.  up to 450 from Terlet , Goldberg in Germany, a kind of out and return. The last few kilometers , back in Holland, passing Terlet to Deil and back were character building, but he did it!!!
Great flight also by Jens Bouma and Ayold Zwaga; 762 [739 triangle!!] in DUO DISCUS!!!! They topped the Dutch list yesterday.
648 in an LS 6 was not bad either!!!
8 x1000km flights from Germany as well , 1 from Luxembourg and a great flight from Rayskala;750 FAI triangle in LS 8 T by Kristian Roine.


And not long anymore….
A bit more than 3 weeks to go for the next Final held in Spain, in the Pyrenean mountains. Stay tuned!”


Unfortunately I did not realize that,whilst moving our ANNUAL-HIGH- SCHOOL- FRIENDS- HOLIDAY, 2 weeks earlier , I would miss most of the EGC, so I can only look back at it.
Sorry about that.
So the next blog is on Wednesday May 29. When I am not too tired ,I look back at the EGC on Sunday the 26th.

Cheers Ritz and enjoy ALL comps.

For those who are not very technical and have not seen it yet,  here is the forecast for StanolaWola till the last day.

As seen and shared by George.
It is an expectation,…it might change!!! I hope for ALL involved!!!

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