Prievidza, Klix , Alzate and Gauteng….

It has been terrible weather in most parts of Europe till now. Lot’s of rain, wind some hail and about 4 cm of snow here on Mai 4 in the S of Holland. I am longing after a real spring!!!
Several comps suffered from this weather as you can read in my blog , such a pity as  just spring weather  can be so strong and wonderful. We had a few real good day’s already a few weeks ago, but now,………
BUT,….more but’s,….Denmark and parts of Germany and the UK had real cold , clear, polar air and for that reason some real nice flights, as Andy Aveling, who flew from Lasham 842 km. in his ASG 29E/18m.
From Denmark Arne Boye Moeler in the JS 3 ” Another fine cool day – 710km in fresh air and snow” and also from Denmark a new open class Danish record over 3 TP’s; 849 km. by Preben Hove in Nimbus 4DM.
Another Nimbus 4DM flew 708 km. from Grosse Hoehe in Germany.
And also Keith Essex flying from Minden in Nevada complained about the cold;” Very cold today!” He flew 1.018 km. with a speed of 142.8 km./h.

Sunday May 5 ,was another good-cold-day, with a very interesting flight [1.026 km]from Jean-Marie Clement and Matthew Scutter; Here is Matthew’s OLC comment;
“Possibly the first French Alps -> Pyrenees out and return?
All done with clearances, navigating the wave with SkySight.
Looks great at the map….and a high flight as well. Good wave.
SKYSIGHT; “Checkout the 3D wave mode on SkySight! We think it really helps develop an understanding of how the wave develops with altitude, as well as where it is going high.”
A 1000 k , nearly a triangle, was flown from Locktow in Germany by Bernd Goretzki in an 18 m Ventus 2CM.
And more a yo-yo from 1.176 km. was flown in France from St. Girons in a DG 800/18m.
And after all the marginal weather and non-flying-day’s in Klix , the weather improved after the comps [as usual/often ] and 756k.  [683 Triangle] was flown in an LS 8. Pfffff……..
Several 1000 km. flights from Germany, yesterday as well.!!!!!

Looking at the weather in the EAST of Europe it’s getting much better now, both in Priviedza and Stalowa Wola where the unofficial practice started yesterday for those who are there already for the EGC.



Courtesy Maciej Gębacz – Heimdall Fotografia

On May 1 the day of LABOUR, the pilots had to work as well.
Tasks were set and start for CLUB was at 11.50 so it was a GO after a few days of “forced” rest.
And they went for it,….special the UK pilots both young Tom Arscott and well known Ge Dale were the 2 best, after a relatively early start at 12.28. During their 2.30 AAT they flew 269 and 262 km. in LS 7 WK and ASW 24 A WL.
38 in this class and 33 finished!!
Also in 15 m. class a 2.30 AAT and this time 2 Danish pilots were the best from 38 in this class. Both in Discus 2A . both with the same start time at 14.01 and just 4 minutes difference in arrival time; so 807 and 803 points for 271 and 277 km.
In the combi class Petr Krejcirik , who had practiced already 3 days in Nitra , was the best in his JS1; 307 km. in 2.33 was good for 823 points A pity his son in 15 m. out-landed after 261 km.



Maciej Gębacz – Heimdall Fotografia

On May 2 the tasks were a tad longer but they had some problems with some club class gliders who could not stay up after they were launched as the weather deteriorated for a short while.
” They had to circle in a low altitude near the airport. This created an obstacle for the aerotows and the starts were interrupted for a while. But now, at 11:55 we continue.”
Club ..245 AAT; 252 km. was flown by Tim Milner [LS3/15m.] our long-time-ago-Aussie-tuggie. Good on him, as he won the day. Runner up was UK mate Tom. 26 from 38 finished. Though they are country fellows they had their own start times. Tim started at 12.18 and Tom at 13.24 !!
15 m..256 km.:the 2 Danish pilots were best again was it first Filip Bojanowski and then Poul Kim Larsen both in the DISCUS 2A , now it was the other way around; speed 93.96 and 93.95 so both got 718 points and both won the day.31 from 37 finished!!
On task 1 Aldo from Italy was out , this time it was Luca. I know they are good pilots.
combi..297 km.; a good day for the Polish pilots Adam Czeladzki and Tomasz Dul in JS 1 CTJ/18m and ASG 29 E flying around with a speed of 108 and 106 km./h. 17 From 25 finished.



Maciej Gębacz – Heimdall Fotografia

On May 3 no flying.
On May 4 no flying , “OK. No grid, no briefing. You have a day off … ”  but still 4 day’s to go with hopefully better weather.
On May 5 no flying ,” Just a brief look from the window and it is clear we won”t fly anywhere today. Everything outside is grey and “un-tasty”

May 6…a windy day, too windy for club class so they were allowed to have a bit more rest.
Starts for 15 m. and combi  [1.45 tasks ]were postponed to 12.30….13.00…13.30…14.00. You can’t say they did not try but unfortunately the day had to be cancelled.
No flying.

May 7..FLYING AGAIN!!!!!
SO glad for the pilots and organizers. Let’s hope for a few real good final day’s.
Some extra official news from the organizers about tracking which you still can use the last couple of days;
We are also testing the best version of tracking I’ve ever seen. It was programmed and designed by Miss Melissa Jenkins. Thank you!”

After opening this link, you need to click on the competition class that interests you.”

Ready to go on May 7 …flying day 3 from 10 till now!!
Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures

Club; 306 km…With 3 British pilots on top there will be enough pilots wishing to change that.Club pilots  were the first allowed to go on track at 11.45. All waited till around 1 PM.It turned out to be a difficult day for some also those in the top.Not for Ge , who won the day in his ASW 24 with winglets, in the same time as the other UK topper Tom , both flying together ,starting late at 13.14., but not a real good day for Tim as he out-landed after 239 km. .He started at 13.04. He lost about 500 points,ggrrrr…!
Adam from Australia had a good day and was 4th behind Boris Zors in St. Cirrus.
10 from 39 finished!!!

15 m; 336 km.. both 15m. and combi were launched from parallel strips, so starts open about the same time at 13.03 .A mix of “countries in the top 3. Zoltan Hamar from Hungary won the day with a speed of 95 km./h in his Ventus 2XA.
Marius Pluscauskas from Lithuania was runner up in Ventus 2AX and there are a few South African pilots as well in Prievidza and Dawid Pretorius was 3d in LS 8.
18 From 38 finished.

combi; 405 km..start open at 13.00. Only 87 km./h for the winner but a 1000 points-day for him ; Slovakian Lukas Benedikt in Ventus 3. Tomasz Dul [ASG 29] from Poland was runner up and from Romania it was  the ARCUS team who was 3d.
13 From 27 finished.

May 8 and only ONE more day to go on the 9th.
Today tasks have been set already  Club 344 km. 15 m. 402 km. and  Combi 500 km.
Great tasks for the last couple of days.




Also KLIX had a flying day on MAY 1 but only in 2 classes. Club and 18 m. were cancelled ,but for St and 2- seaters there was hope.
BUT,…..after 12 PM the day was cancelled for all classes as there just was no window!!!
May 2; was sunny but windy, so tasks were handed out at the grid and the estimated time of launching was at 13.00 .Not an easy day as 6 from 31 finished in 18 m. class with a speed between 71 and 78 km./h that says enough. Christoph Matkowski from Poland won the day. Then 3 German pilots and Steven from Holland.
Their task was 173 km.
In Standard class only 2 finishers over the 162 km task; Matthias Greiner from Germany and Thies Bruins from Holland both in ASW 20, seems to be a great glider in these circumstances.
4 Finishers in the 2 seater class 3 teams 1from Germany and 1 from Holland.164 km. was set.
Speed  between 54 and 70 km./h.
Club had 109 km. and ALL pilots except 1 finished!!! Start times between 13.11 and 13.52.

May 3 ; It was a COLD day, freezing cold. But they flew and had valid scores in all classes.


Welcome to SPRING in Europe
as shared by the KLIX TEAM.

In 18 m. Steven won the day with a 182 k. racing task and a speed of 110 km./h in his ASG 29. He had 1 point more than Rainer Cronjaeger and Andres Kuehl both on spot 2 in ASH 31 MI /21 m and JS 3 /18m.
22 From 30 finished.
St Class; had with 245 km. the longest task and also a winner and 2 runner up’s.All 3 from Germany and flying LS 8 and Discus 2 AT. 21 From 28 finished.
2- seater class; with 2 Dutch teams in the top 3. Frauke and Ferdi in the Duo Discus XL behind winners of the day Habertag .Jurk. At spot 3 the boys from Friesland , the top from Holland, Jens and Sander.
Except for 1 they all finished their task from 197 km..
Club; 168 km. was set and flown by 14 from 17.

The last day ,May 4, it rained again ,as it did here with snow and hail!!!!!
So only 4 out of 9 day’s in club and 18m and 3 in the other 2 classes, but winners who had to fight for it.
Here they are and they are all pretty close;
18 m. after 4 days;
1. Christoph Matkowski from Poland in ASH 31 MI with 1.351 points.
2. Rainer Cronjaeger from Switzerland also in ASH 31 MI with 1.345.
3. Steven Raimond from Holland in ASG 29 with 1.337. During the comps I had to tell him that one of our friends had died. I asked him to win for her, and he was close!!! Good on you Steven.

St. Class after 3 day’s;
1. Peter Pollack from Germany in in Discus 2AT with 1.595.
2. Andreas Hillebrand from Germany in LS 8 with 1.576.
3. Carsten Bueddig from Germany in Discus 2AT with 1.528.
Sjaak Selen who lost his sister in law during these comps on May 3, was 5th with 1.513. ONE point behind number 4.

2-seater-class after 3 day’s;
1. Ferdi and Frauke Kuipers from Holland in Duo Discus XL with 1.348.
2. Team Hagemann/Auen from Germany in Arcus with 5 points less 1.343. “Where did we loose those points“?????
3. Team Habertag /Jurk from Germany in Duo Discis XLT with 1.305.

Frauke warmly dressed in the back seat.
As shared by Frauke.

Club class after 4 day’s;
1. Lukas Brune from Germany in St Cirrus with 1.154 .
2. Casper Fossing from Denmark in LS 1f with 1.079.
3. Sabrina Vogt in LS 4 from Germany with 1.065.



GAUTENG REGIONALS 2019 from ORIENT….continued.

Courtesy Robert Atkinson . GREAT PICTURES!!!!!
As shared by Soaring Society of South Africa

On May 1 an other short task in club class [145 km.] and 1 from 7 finished; Arjan Schaap. He got 328 points for this result.
In 15 m. also 1 finisher from 6 [4 flew] over 145 km. this time Hannu Du Toit. Only 109 poinbts for his brave effort.
In open class 189 k was set and Anders Anderson and John Coutts were the best. 7 From the 9 who started finished as well.
Speed from the finishers between 63 and 89 km./h.

Oscar in his beautiful JS 3 winner of May 2.
Courtesy Robert Atkinson.

May 2  still small tasks;
Club..131 km; not a valid day.
15 m..131 km; 194 points for Wayne Schmidt who managed to fly the distance in his ASW 27 with a speed of 61 km./h.
open..166 km; and also here the speed says it all; Oscar won the day with 89 km./h on the clock.

May 3; no flying.

May 4 ;LAST DAY!!!
Club.. 127 km; 1 finisher for 109 points. Arjan Schaap won the comps with 981 points. No more to say…
15 m. .165 km.;Wayne won again and was overall winner with 1.597 points.
open.. 183 km.;Also here another win for Oscar [133 km./h.] and runner up,in JS 3 as well , Anders.
A total of 2.484 points for Oscar as winner of these regionals in this class. John Coutts was runner up with 2.149 points and Mannie Mclauchlan in the ASG 29 was 3d with 2.122 p.

Oscar get’s another cup.
As shared by Oscar.

Not a lot of long flights on good days but good winners in each class;
Here another great picture by Robert to finish this Regional Competition.



 2019 Italian Club Class Nationals.

Aeroporto di Alzate Brianza. on April 22 a week before the comps.
Courtesy Stefano Balzan

The Italian club class Nationals were flown from Alzate Brianza in the N of Italy with 13 pilots.
April 29…. 211km; daily winner Simone Selvini in St Cirrus ..speed 87 km.
April 30….259 km; Peter Hartmann won in a St. Libelle ..speed 90 km./h
May 1….3 hour AAT ; improvement of the weather and a 1000 points -day. Davide Giovanelli was the winner in St. Cirrus.He flew 377 km. in time 3.38 …speed 103 km./h.
May 2…1.45 AAT; A DG 300 as best glider for the day with Ugo Pavesi.
May 3…no flying.
May 4???????
May 5 last day; no flying.
“Italian” CLUB class champion/winner is Jan Jagiello, who was 2 on 2 day’s runner up and flew consistent in his St Libelle with 2.973. After 4 day’s of flying.[out of 7]
2. Davide Giovanelli in St Cirrus with 2.942, only 31 points less.
3.Peter Hartmann in St.Libelle with 2.937 so missing out on 5 points to be runner up.

As far as I know Jan is a young Austrian pilot and Peter, an a ” tad older ” Austrian. Davide is from Switzerland.
So according to the rules I know, they are winners and Ugo Pavesi on spot 4 will be Italian champion.He had 13 points less than number 3. Ugo flew a DG 300.
Correct me when I am wrong. Thanks.


Some great pictures from Serres, where Matthew [Scutter] works on updates for his SKYSIGHT.
Great job in all ways.



Looking good there around Serres.
Courtesy Matthew.



The new Mai/June 2019 issue is on line for those interested. Because of an error [525] I could not read it for you to give you some details. Will try later again.


Last but for sure not least.

I told you about the wrong corner we are in. On May 3 Christianne de Swart died. She was still the fittest good looking person in the beginning of January this year and she died on MAY 3. UNBELIEVABLE. Bloody cancer!!! International pilots know her as the partner from 2 times WGC champion Baer Selen. She always crewed for him and as TC and friend I had quite a lot to do with them for many, many years.
Only 61 years old.
She was a very outspoken, full of live, sportive ,charismatic and lovely lady. 4 Soaring friends including me said farewell to her on April 22. We had , under the circumstances, a great couple of hours  and at that time ,Chris was still part of it.
She will be sadly missed by many and we all will support Baer in this difficult time.


Chris after the briefing in 1991 ,when she crewed for Baer and he became for the 2d time WGC champion.

R.I.P. dear Chris!!!!

11 WGC’s she was on his site. And what great job she did!!!!
Courtesy Baer



Cheers Ritz

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