Prievida’s FCC gliding 2019 started last Sunday! Klix started as well with 27th Gliding Cup.

Some great flights!!!

On Wednesday April 24 a great flight from a few of the German Juniors flying from Königsdorf  ;
 Last week, German Junior pilots Nikolai Wolf and Johannes Beyer finished phenomenal flights of more than 1000km each on their first rides of the new DAeC Ventus-3 supplied to promote young talented pilots! Congratulations!” Message from Schempp-Hirth.…/gliding/flightinfo.html……/gliding/flightinfo.html…

A total of 11 over-1000km-flights that day, with Yves Gerster flying 2 days in a row a 1.082 and a 1.222 km. in a DG 400 /17 m.Place; Courtelary in Switzerland.
Juergen Wernzel even flew that day 1.408 km. from Hilzingen in Germany in an ARCUS M and Gerhard Heidebracht 1.319 km. in a Ventus 2CM/18m. from Koenigsdorf.
Johannes Beyer must have had the day’s of his life flying Ventus 3 as a young lad and flying with Mathias Schunk a distance of 1.222 km. in the ARCUS T. Not bad!!!!

TOP junior…Johannes Beyer. As shared by Schempp-Hirth.

On Thursday the 25th of April, the windy weather created booming conditions in the mountains and 9 over 1000 km. flights were flown, some even over 1.500!!!! A real  foehn-day  with wave and thermals.
Klaus Ohlmann in the Stemme flew from Serres in France; 1.511,64 km.
Guido Achleitner from Sankt Johan in Austria in ASG 32 MI ;1.513,79 km.
Mathias Schunk from Koenigsdorf in Germany in Quintus M;1.654,32 km.
Also the H301 Libelle flight was spectacular. From Niederoeblarn in Austria David Richter-Trummer flew 1.020 km.!!!! Even with 100 km./h. headwind, the little glider stood ground. Amazing!!!
Also Mollis Mil in Switzerland had a few 1000km.’s.

Last Sunday was another good mountain day and from France and Italy pilots “hooked” on in the wave and flew over 1000 km.
Gilles Navas added another long flight to his list with 1.059 km. from Vinon in his ASG 29E/18m.
1.110 was flown by 2 French toppers from St Auban; Francois Hersen and Baptiste Innocent in ASH 30.
The day before they flew also a long flight;1.211,50 km.
From Italy, Calcinate,  it was team Andreas Ferrero and Marco Stefanon in an ARCUS, who flew 1.085 km.
The St. Cirrus flight from from 922 km. by young Swiss pilot Davide Giovanelli, from Alzate Brianza in Italy is worth mentioning as well.
Matthew Scutter mentioned from the French Alps;”Nice first wave XC flight in the French Alps with Jean-Marie Clement, testing SkySight!”

Many comps at the moment and the weather is not co-operating there. Rain, more rain and rain again. AND,…that after the several glorious day’s!!! A pity but it is as it is with the weather.



PRIBINA CUP at NITRA in Slovakia finished.

Great picture by ELFO on flying-day 3.

After 3 non flying day’s and 3 flying days the scores were all pretty close except for open class, but all was still possible.
On Thursday ,  the weather improved and there was a cheerful message:
Good morning. Finally we are going to race again.”
Day 7 task 5 flying day 4;
Club; had to fly 156 km. and this was best done by 2 German ASW 20 pilots , Felix and Wolli ,the current team coach of the German team, with even a speed of 106 km./h after a later start than the others;14.03. Some , 2 Pegase pilots, even made it later at 15.13. They were 11th for the day.
35 From the 39 who started finished.
15 m.; had 203 km to fly and German pilots Karsten and Philipp in Discus 2B and LS 8 were the daily best with 111/112 km./h. Then…4 Polish pilots.
26 From the 33 who started finished. A pity,…Tibor ,who flew in the past with us in Tocumwal belonged to the out-landers.
20 m.;197 km and 6 from 6 in the top belong to Germany. A real German day there in Nitra. Briel/levin won another day in the Duo Discus X and are proud number 2 in the overall scores behind the ARCUS from Buhlmann & Schlautmann.
open; 224 km and 4 from the best 5 were from Poland with as the best…Sebastian, who started pretty early in his class at 13.57.

Day 8 task 6 was set, but flying day 5 was flown….but only in 20 m. class.
Club;2 hour AAT but the day was cancelled.
15m; 2 hour AAT and Lucasz flew up to 94 km. others from 50 to 78 , but not enough to make it a valid day.
20 m.; 2 hour AAT and flown and completed  by 7 from the 13 teams. Good on them!! Best by Goralski & Tilo Holighaus in the ARCUS. An important win as it brought them in the overall top 3.
open; 2 hour AAT but the task was cancelled.
In the evening, with 1 day to go, the farewell party that started at 8 pm in hangar. There was  live music, free bean goulash and beer.

Day 9 was ,due to bad weather, cancelled.
A pity but that’s how it is.
Prize-giving was earlier at 12 PM.

Prize giving in Nitra.
As shared by ELFO.

So the champions after 3 /4 day’s of flying are;
HC. Miroslaw Izydorczak from Poland in ASW 20;3.322.
1. Mark Travner from Slovenia [3.210] winner from the CUP and
2. Aleš Kovač  both from Aeroclub Celje and both in a DG 300.[3.194]
3.  Tobias Pachowsky from Germany in LS 4 [3.158]


The proud Club Class Champions.
Courtesy ELFO.

15 m.
1. Tomasz Hornik from Poland in Discus 2A [3.272] Winner from the CUP.
2. Radek Krejčiřík from Czech Rep in Vantus 2A .[3.199]
3. Lukasz Grabowski from Poland in DIANA 2 [ 2.984]

The best 3 as seen by ELFO.

20 m.
1. Simon Briel & Enrique Levin from Germany in DUO DISCUS X [2.997] Winners from the CUP.
2. Weidlich & Moeller from Germany in ARCUS [ 2.905]
3. Goralski & Holighaus from Germany in ARCUS  [2.872]

The German top  as seen by ELFO

1. Sebastian Kawa from Poland in Diana 3 FES [3.406]
2. Karol Staryszak from Poland in ASG 29 [3.403] Only 3 points difference with Sebastian . On the last flying day Sebastian won the day and got 13 points more than Karol. The difference that day was 10.
3. Petr Krejčiřík from Czech Rep in JS1 C EVO [2.573] Good to see father and son at the podium!!!

The cup winner and the rest of the top 3.
As see by ELFO.

Congratulations to all pilots, crew and organizers.
And as every year great pictures by ELFO!!!!


Klix 2019 ..27th International Gliding Cup.
April 26-Mai 4.

With 35 pilots at this stage in 18m., 21 in club class , 22 teams in 20 m. and 34 in St. Class ,another huge competition.
Day 1 on Friday, was straight away difficult with the weather. Only open and club started, 20 m. was cancelled and St Class was cancelled in the air.
259 k. was set for open/18m. and unfortunately nobody finished, BUT it turned out to be a valid day and Ingo Trentelj nearly flew the task in his ASH 31MI/21m.;257 km for 296 points.
187 km. was set for club and 4 managed to fly over 100 km. not enough to make it a valid day.

Day 2 was cancelled.

Day 3 was cancelled.

Day 4 was cancelled all due to rain all day.

Day 5; After all the rain, they hoped for a window to fly in on Tuesday  and small racing tasks were set, with hope for 4 more good days. In the end the day turned out better than expected and with the LATE starts it was quite exciting to see if pilots dared to play start games.
Club;143 km,…..and a St. Jantar, St. Cirrus and St. Libelle in the top 3.Polish pilot Benedykt Jasik in the Jantar won the day.Only 1 out from 19 and starts between 14.11 and 14.36.
2 seaters; 229 A task and 146 km. as B task….. It was the A task they had to fly and good old Sigi Baumgartl won this day in the ARCUS with a speed of 120 km. /h. They started at 13.56 and all were on track with 8 minutes.19 From 22 finished.
St. Class; 250 [A] or 146 km. [B] ……they were the first to go on track. Raphael Twardowski in an LS 8 won the 250 A task even with 10 penalty points.
28 From 31 finished so reasonable conditions in this class with starts between 13.25 and 13.48.
18m./open; 180 km…… 16.42 !!!! their line opened and most straight away went on track.!!! The winner of the day flew for 400 points and it was Andreas Kuhl in JS 3 before Rainer Chrohnjaeger [Switzerland] in ASH 31 MI/21 m.
22 from 31 finished!!


Prievidza in Slovakia started.
April 28-May 9 2019.

With 100 competitors this is another big competition in Slovakia, flown in 3 classes; club, 15m and combi.
Day 1 was on Sunday and a task from 262 km. was set for 15 m. but unfortunately also there the weather was not good enough to fly.CANCELLED.
” Weather for ducks ” as the Aussies say.
More next week.



Region 5 contest in the USA.

Some famous winners in open class with Karl Striedeck and Sarah on 3 , winner Dick Butler still going strong and  Jerzy Szemplinski from Canada as runner up.
They had 4 out of 6 day’s ,…all blue!!


Gauteng Regionals 2019 from Orient.

Line up for day 1 .
as seen by AntionetandMark Howse and shared by Soaring Society of South Africa

They started last Sunday in 3 classes with short tasks in club 113 km. and 4 competitors,  15 m. with 144 km and 6 participants and open with 204 km.
10 Pilots in open and 2 pilots did not finish. Best speed was by John Coutts ,123 km.h. in the JS 1.
Oscar was runner up in JS 3 but 10 km./h slower.

No great weather there either as day 2 had short tasks as well and day 3 was cancelled.

More next week.


I am in the “corner where I am hit hard”. A lot of lovely people are leaving this world.
This time it is Cheryl from Sportaviation in Tocumwal. Eddie ‘s wife and support in life and the business.
” were like two peas in a pod” Eddie mentioned.
A great lady and a real peoples person. I am going to miss her.
Her funeral is on Mai 3  at the Tocumwal Lawn Cemetery, that’s where a lot of my friends are nowadays even our son Dennis. I will be busy bringing flowers next season.
R.I.P. lovely lady!!!

Cheryl and Eddie a great and lovely couple.
As shared by Eddie

CU next week, in which another young friend may die. She is given up by the doctors.

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