Achievements!!! JoeyGlide ! Final from Argentinian Nationals ! Western Cape Regionals and start of NSW State comps.

—Mostly you hear about big achievements first, but for ” first time ” achievements the happiness is big or even bigger.
Cheryl from SportAviation shared this news from their Japanese pilots. Great to see that the Japanese pilots still find Tocumwal. In the past there were a lot!!

Congratulations Ayumu!
🤩 100 km flight
👍11.400 ft
🤚🏻5 hour
👏Silver c completed

Ayumu Celebrates👍🇯🇵
300 km out and return to Belfraden.
Diamond Goal
Gold C completed.

Congratulations Ayumu, flowers and the bell for you!!!

Also the more “achieved” pilots had a happy day using the heat for good flights and the cooler air high up to just breath. That’s difficult with 46 dgr.C. I know. So more news from Tocumwal.
Lumpy was a happy chappie ;
Started off as a 1250 attempt, but the day didn’t deliver as forecast…then some high level thick Cirrus moved in from the west, great fun though. Longest Kms ever flown, longest flight time and the highest I’ve even been in a thermal…… all in all great day.” [JS 3/ 18m]
Ingo flew in his DISCUS a 1000 as well, his so maniest but I know he will be still pleased. He had thermals up to 4778 m MSL. [4715 AGL.]
Grant,  a hang glider pilot, living in Toc. flew in a St Astir 655 [500 FAI triangle]

Awesome soaring weather in the SSE of Australia. The news even mentioned that ” the world’s 15 hottest places were all in Australia.”
Narromine had a 1000 flown by Tomas [Suchanek,] who flies Adam’s glider, which of course must be still in “winning mood”. Tomas is/was also a hang glider pilot.
So is/was Attila [Bertok]who flew 781 km. in a St Cirrus.
By the way Adam’s G1 is for sale ;
#GliderONE – 18m performance with 15m span It’s won every comp it’s entered since Mac & I imported it to Australia, plus a 2nd at the AUS WGC. Insane performer, super reliability, zero frustrations, buy & glide!
Great fun to fly & super easy to own, whether you’re looking for weekend pleasure with your mates, 1000km+ flights or you want to win comps, this glider will do it for you.

All its options are negotiable, as they can all be used on the upgrade (V3).”
AU$115,000 – New PU refinish, A+ maintenance, basic instruments (ASI, ALT, ClearNav Vario, Radio, Oudie 2), tow out gear, box trailer; For more details, photos or other options, let me know.

Narromine Gliding Club Official shared a picture from a new soaring-mate, 16 year old Oliver going SOLO!!! Well done and congratulations!!

Narromine student Oliver.
last but not least about achievements, this awesome picture from December with text;

A fantastic photo from 14-year-old Oscar Mannering-Smith on his #gliding #solo flight in December against a setting winter sun.
Incredible that as a UK Junior Gliding pilot you can learn to fly before you can drive. Find out how you can get involved. Visit

As shared by British Gliding Association

AND….they start even younger. This great picture from Damian[ Goldenzweig] from Argentina shows love for soaring on an even younger age.In a few years he is a topper!!!


Picture 1; Tomas, one of the twins .As shared by Damian and published with permission.
2. More new pilots for the future in his family as they grow up at airfield’s when daddy is flying. As did my kids.
With the twins Tomas and Pedro and already in the back seat the oldest [6] Agustin.
Thank you Damian.



As shared by Kiripotib Soaring

—–Kiripotib has packed …..end of the season.They had a great one .
On January 22 their stats were as follows:
flown km’s….384.308,84 by 86 pilots during 534 flights. Impressive!
We are looking forward to the season 19/20, last 3 flying days and a lot of packing every morning! Thanks for flying with us!!
The team of Kiripotib soaring

—–Veronica ‘s  82 pilots flew 385.920,36 km. during 508 flights  [stats on Jan 17.] They are relatively seen, a new airfield, so chapeau!

—-Bitterwasser had on January 22 a total of 776 flights by 133 pilots and an amazing 599.104,56 km/s!!! They hoped for 200 ,yes TWO HUNDRED x a 1000 this season. Bizarre!!! On Saturday January 19 they announced;  200 x 1000 km were flown!!!!!!
A few even on January 21 they still had HAMMERWETTER;
Five takeoffs, five flights over 1.000 km and three over 1.200 km. The weather is at its best at the end of January. With a maximal cloud base of 5.500 m and climb values with more than 5 m, the gliders yesterday flew from the morning until sunset. During dinner in a small round all pilots had a huge smile on their faces. Two more flight days are left.”

The beautiful sight of the pan, with which the pilots are rewarded after their flights in the evening.”
As shared by



JoeyGlide from Waikirie.


Logo design created by Bernard Le Riche                    Gridding for task 2.
As shared by JoeyGlide

On Thursday they could fly again.
Day 5 task 2;
Club…3 hour AAT, so pilots could straight away get rid of their “lazy” feelings and FLY!!! That’s what David[Collins] did ;305 km. in time  ;3.14 in his LS 4. Rueben [Lane] a local pilot was runner up in the LS 1f.
David was the winner from the last edition and Rueben was that season on spot 3. Both good young pilots.
Sport….3 hour AAT and Joshua [Geerlings] 355 km. in the JS 1. By far the best glider in this class, where Ailsa flies now with the young ones too in another top glider; Ventus 2CXT/18 m..
David and Ruben from Club Class were 2 and 3.
“A very tough final leg in yesterday’s task claimed a few victims for both speed and the ability to get around the task. A number of great flights were had in soft conditions with honorable mentions to Josh Geerlings and David Collins for winning Sports and Club class respectively.”

David explaining HOW HE DID IT!!!  This picture is shared with the text by Tocumwal Soaring Centre

Congratulations to David on his daily win at Joey Glide yesterday, keep up the great work mate !! Dave is flying our beautiful LS4a for this competition, hopefully the weather will get better very soon for some fun racing.”
Next season I will try to “find” David in Tocumwal.


Day 6; “The cold front has arrived on schedule, bringing with it moderate winds and light rain. Tasking late in the day in the post-frontal air mass still appears impossible due to associated high cloud and poor heating. Everything crossed for tomorrow predicting an enormous max club class distance of 1km.”

After a lengthy (and hopeful!) hold to assess conditions, the day has unfortunately been canceled. We haven’t had much luck! See you all later for trivia night”

What can you do??? Nothing, oh yes play TRIVIA!!!


The young ones last Thursday.
As shared by JoeyGlide

Day 7 task 3; YES!!!! they had a tough last day with a good task,  to define the winners.
Club; Michael Keller in the St Cirrus had a super last day with 275 km. in time 3.30 for 833 points.
David was runner up with 245 km. in time 3.01 for 831 points.
So,…David won the JoeyGlide 2019 as well. ; 2.381 points.
6 Pilots finished on this last day.
Total scores;
Runner up 2; Michael with 2.295...3. Rueben with 2.242 points...James was on 4 and still in the 2000 points range;2.122.
With only 3 day’s the scores were pretty close.
Looking at sport class with the same pilots and some with a “better” glider , the club boy’s were ahead of Ailsa in her Ventus 2CX /18 m.who arrived for a few day’s after her great performance at the Pre WWGC [3d] and Joshua with 252 km. in time 3.03.[JS1]
Joshua was , like last season the best with 2.412 points.
David and Michael in their club class gliders were runners up.

Talking about Ailsa and the WWGC team for Australia in Lake Keepit in 2020 here are the names from the ladies selected by the GFA;
Club Class: Jenny Ganderton, Jo Davis, Kerrie Claffey
Standard Class: Cathy Conway, Clair Scutter, Lisa Trotter
18M Class: Ailsa McMillan, Jenny Thompson, Lisa Turner




5th Club class Nationals from Chaves.

Action at the Chaves Airport as seen and shared by Alicia Busk de Reynoso

In the far past Mario Reynoso flew one of our Discus B at the Benalla World comps in 1987 and finished  on spot 32 from 44 over 12 day’s of flying. A real nice guy and he looks well at this picture shared when he visited the field.


Mario to the left as shared by Alicia Busk de Reynoso

And some pictures from 1987 in Benalla with a crew member and team manager Mr Dettone to the r. It’s written like that in my book , could it be may be Mr. Dentone??? Anyhow a very nice guy.
And below Mario, my then young daughter [now 46] Inge and Mario’s crew.


They continued the comps with a small task; 2 hour AAT.
Day 10 task 7; Raul Garda was the ONLY finisher!!! His ASW 20 brought him back with a speed of 59 km./h. over 167 km. in time 2.48. Some were close, after between 140 and 162 km. ,others gave up earlier between 5 and 40 km.
Not too much points gained or lost. Raul got 332 the runner up after 165 km. 325.
Day 11 task 8 LAST DAY!! with a 2.30 AAT the competition was finished and Javier [Gaude] flew 252 km in time 2.34 winning the day gaining one spot on the overall list!
Champion; Matias Lanzietti , who was 4th on the last day and just passed Maximiliano Luengo, who dropped from 1 to 2 as he was 14th. loosing nearly 200 points.
Matias won 2 day’s and and finished with 5.303 points.[LS 4]
5.286 for Maximiliano[ASW 20] and Jose [Dentone] on 3 with 5.253. So pretty close!!Lucas was 4th with 5.190 and Javier 6th.[ 5.080] In between Santiago Demodena as number 5 [5.163]
These pilots flew LS 4, Javier ASW 20.

8 out of 11 day’s and not one day with 1000 points .



NSW STATE COMPS from Narromine;

As shared by

They started last Sunday with 24 competitors in 3 classes. The practice day on Saturday, showed 2 hour AAT’s.
And day 1 was straight away tough and long.
Club …2.45 AAT; Bernie Sizer was the best in his PIK 20B. He had some practice already during the Nationals where he flew well.;318 km. this day in time 2.50 . Bernie Baer was runner 294 km. in time 3.02 with an LS 1.
6 In this class.
18 m… 3.15 AAT;Don Woodward in his ASG 29 managed to fly 455 km. in time 3.23. for 1000 points. Jenny Tompson was runner up also in ASG 29.
10 in  this class.
15 m …3 hour AAT;Ross Whittle flew 329 km. in time 3.29 in his Discus B and runner up was Tom Claffey in ASW 28/18m.
6 In this class.
In the early evening, just after all gliders were in and tied up, a severe thunderstorm with thunder and lightning hung over Narromine.

Day 2 had to be cancelled. They set to even up to 3 hour AAT tasks, but the expected lift up to 1000 m. is good for practice and when you wish local flying, but not for a competition. Also the tough wind was a spoiler for the day.

Day 3..task 2:
club…245 AAT , 7 flew and 7 finished. Best was Jenny [Ganderton] in the Mosquito;349 km. in time 3.26 but still a speed of 101 km./h. Runner up Bernie with 284 km. Quite a difference.
18 m…230 AAT and late starts at 3 15 PM. but ,….no worries for Lumpy; he flew 348 km. was back in time 2.31 so time enough for dinner as his speed was 138 km./h. Don [Woodward] was runner up. there were 2 out-landings.

15 m…3 hour AAT and also a tough day in this class nearly nobody managed to fly within the time frame. Tom [Claffey] won in his ASW 27 with 382 km. in time 3.53 ,so 53 minutes longer than the set time, that means problems “en-route”.Still 1.100 points for the day????Well,….

Day 4 ..task 3; with 2, 2.30 and 2.15 AAT’s….. not all are in so more next week.

They try a new start or points reward system. When you look at the scores p.e. from day 1, you see rewards as Start Bonus Points, from 1.100 for the winner, interesting to hear the feedback.
As Adam explained:
“Effectively a 100pt bonus if you go through the line within 10mins of gate opening, then reducing by 2% fewer point a until 60min after the start gate opens – encouraging leaders, not followers.”
Here is the explanation as shared by the organizers.


Western Cape Regionals in South Africa.

Also regional comps in S.A. this time from Worcester and with good- after-high- summer- weather.
They started with a practice day on the 19th [last Saturday in 2 classes open and club.
day 1..task 1..272 km
; The German flag could go up in the top as the first 3 places were for German pilots flying there already for a long time. Lukas [Blattmann] who flies already since half of November from Worcester with 11x a 1000 behind his name…the best 1.332  km….won day 1, with with a speed of 150 km./h. in the ARCUS T.
By the way he flew those 1000 km-flights on 24 flying day’s.
Runners up my friends Karin and Marcus in the Arcus M;139 km./h. And Philip Goralski was 3d with a speed of 139.06 km./h in an 18m. Discus 2T. Philip also flies from Worcester since half November and has 16 x a 1000 behind his name flying on 32 of the day’s of his holiday.
Day 2..task 2..608 km; BIG day and,…only the 4 German guests, flying there already for a while and having by now a lot of local knowledge finished the task; Lukas won again with a speed of 123 km./h and flying together with Philip means he had about t,he same time.
Marcus and Karin started 13 minutes earlier and made it home too, just a bit slower.
African pilots like Sven [Olivier] and Laurens [Goudriaan] , who know the area as well, gave up straight away and got on the score board 52 and 24 km.
Day 3…task 3,  with that SUPER weather in Worchester, was expected to be long. IT WAS LONG!! 758 km.
AND,…YES it was flown …of course with all those 1000 km-fl;ights behind their names,..but a competition is still different. Fast and furious. Lukas won ..again.. with 171 km./h.!!!!
Runners up Karin and Marcus with 166  km./h and on 3 Laurens [165 km./h] and 4 Sven.[161 km./h.
Philip did not fly.
Day 4…task 4 is today;
603 km is on the menu for today, another long one!
Somewhere I read that Lukas and Philip are German Sport soldiers , so they belong very simply said,  to the young German glider pilots, selected and sponsored to get even better. Lot’s of them in the past, have reached the top, no doubt these 2 pilots have a great future too.I remember in 1987 with the Benalla WGC that after the comps, Holger Back flew his 1000 in Tocumwal as sport-soldier, having felt the pressure and fun of such a competition as crew first .
Sports soldiers are young men and women who are salaried as members of the Bundeswehr and receive state support in the exercise of their sport. Thus, the Bundeswehr enables the young athletes a very intensive, professional training and thus a promising, usually lasting one to two years of sporting development. Gliders can also apply for the places for support. As a sports soldier, they are usually members of the sponsored team for one year.”

In Club class ,there are only 3 competitors you can see their scores on


—-The accident with the 2 seater from Ian Paterson and co pilot Shaun Lapworth flying from  Bloemfontein in South Africa gave me a shock to the system. The glider went through a fence, whilst landing near a farm in the beginning of January and both were hurt badly, Shaun worst. They brought him to IC.
The BGA shared a statement;
Shaun Lapworth update.
Shaun asks that we pass on that he has had lots very welcome direct and indirect messages of support from the BGA family and wider gliding community. He reports that he is ok, out of hospital and should be back in the UK next week. He won’t be able to chew solid food for 3 months and will probably need a couple of operations over the next 6 to 9 months. But the long term prognosis is very good. He may not make it to the BGA conference, but will do his best to be there.”
Very glad to hear he is getting better. All the best Shaun!!!
Bloemfontein is THE spot for SOARING SAFARIS ….Gliding with a difference….organized by Dick Bradley and his team and lot’s of UK pilots fly there.


—-Some interesting flights;
Though the day’s slowly are getting shorter in the overseas mecca’s and most of the gliders in Namibia are packed for the return to Europe, there are still a few good flights.
Friday; From Potchefstroom a 1000 by Czech pilot Petr Hotovy in a JS 1 B.
Saturday; From Worcester a 1000 by 2 German pilots in the ARCUS T.
Sunday;  from OMARAMA the wave mecca. Keith Essex flew 1.103 in the ASG 29.And from Kuruman in S.A. 2 x a 1000.
Monday; great weather again in Tocumwal with Andrea and Anton ,longtime guests at Sportaviation, flying in what the Danish friends call, the wooden Arcus [ Janus CT RG] a great distance of 781 km [500FAI triangle] .
AND, another even more longtime guest Stefan Soll from Germany flew in the LS 4 a distance of 757 km!!!!
And as good Grant in the St. Jantar with 619 km.
All not top notch gliders,   but top notch pilots. The 2 Ventus’ from Corowa flew over 800 km.
Same day and another SUPERDAY in Bitterwasser with 4 over 1000 km. flights!!!!!!! And not just names; Werner Meuser in the ARCUS M with 1.202 km.speed 150 km./h. And Holger Back in the DG 1000/20 m. with 1.050 km. ;speed .
Also Hans Joachim Beule flew in the EB 28 a 1.211 km .And… the Joschko family flew a 1000 in an ARCUS M.
My Dutch mates Max Leenders, Rob Looisen and Max Dolfin flew a 1000 from Douglas.
Also Kuruman had 2 x a 1000 .One with Gerd Kalisch who in the past flew  with us as well. And his mate Klaus Wonneberger.
And best of all
; Argentina with a 1.466 km . wave flight [12.10 in the air!!!]  from Jose De San Mart by Jean -Marc Perrin in a DG 808/15 m.

Tuesday; Longest flight was from Omarama and Keith was the pilot in his ASG 29; 1.121 km.
Long flights again from Tocumwal; Good old Ingo with 932 km. in his Discus, and  Stefan with 812 in his LS 4.
All long distance flying is special, but flying them in such gliders means so much more !!!!!
From Corowa; 954 in Ventus 2 CM/18 m. by Hans-Jurgen [Lange] , 949 k. by Jos [Schrier in ASH 31/21m.]
But then it’s waiting for the evening to see the African flights and YES,….Douglas, Kuruman , Bloemfontein and Potchefstroom added a total of 8 x a 1000, Dutch pilot Max Leenders in his new JS 3 even 1.134 km. [speed 136 km./h]

That’s it for now. We had snow yesterday , not even lot’s of snow and we had delays in air traffic and train traffic, but MOST on the road; believe it or not 2300 km.of traffic jam!!!! WORST EVER IN HISTORY. I stayed home!!!
cheers Ritz

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