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JOEYGLIDE from Waikirie.

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Design by Bernard Le Riche.

Nice to see such a big bunch of young pilots.

as shared by JoeyGlide

Day 1;was cancelled or to speak in junior terms “canned”, due to poor weather but the evening was set for talking during a pilot meeting.
I am and always was impressed with the Aussie juniors. Already years ago, they organized EVERYTHING their selves, CD, tasksetter [with help] scores,… it’s all juniors. I remember Adam and Nathan as names behind the “engine” of JoeyGlide then.
I noticed this message from Oktober 21-2018, so they are bringing, what they are doing, to an even higher level now.

 “BEHIND THE SCENES: Our Queensland boys got together today for a special general meeting to amend our constitution. This will allow for us to work with the GFA to build our club and reach new heights! 
Cheers to everyone who voted via proxy, and of course, thanks Dylan!” who is “in” orange at the picture.

Day 2; 
Club class;3 hour AAT  266 km. in time 2.34 was the best result for James Nugent in his LS 3. James is already a pretty experienced junior  and won the last edition 17/18, so I expect a lot from him. He then also won the George Lee Trophy [highest handicapped speed achieved during the comps 17/18; 118.3 km./h.]
8 From 13 finished.

Sport class; 2.30 AAT…. 9 finished from 15 starters.   Fastest and furthest in a JS 1 was Joshua Geerlings, with 288 km. in time 2.21, speed of 115.27 km./h. Joshua won last year the the JOEY CUP [highest placed pilot weighted by number of gliding hours].
James was runner up.
The scores from club class pilots are also shared in sports class. Just to let you know.


The” young ones”.
as shared by JoeyGlide

Day 3;
They set [small] tasks for 2 days including today, but a total of 3 day’s has been cancelled till now so just the one day till now.
The pilots are craving some competition now so we’re off to the lawn bowls club! ”

Day 3 briefing with 47 dgr. C.

As shared by JoeyGlide.
More next week. They continue till the 19th.






On January 7 the Argentinian club class Nationals started at Gonzales Chaves with 40 competitors.
Day 1 with a 3 hour AAT , had to be cancelled.
Day 2 had no task.
Day 3 had a 2 hour AAT and from the 39 pilots who started only 6 did not finish, one of them a “topper” Javier [Gaude] in his ASW 20. Best for the day was Felipe Girado in a SILENT, [ handicap 105] flying 173 km in time 2.05 for 635 points. One more than runner up Matias Lanzinetti in LS 4.[handicap 102.5]

Winner day 3 Felipe as shared by CLUB DE PLANEADORES OTTO BALLOD

Day 4 no task.
Day 5, with a 3.30 AAT so better weather!!! The first gliders on the daily list were ALL ASW 20. And the “unlucky” one from earlier ,Javier, won the day now. Good on him;281 km. in time 3.30 at the dot!!!797 points for the number 1.
Only 12 finished,…so maybe not such good weather… but some were very close [shower ??] among them Lucas [Goldenzweig] in LS 4 flying 257 km. but no finish still 698 points.
Felipe was “out” too.

Daily winner Javier as shared by CLUB DE PLANEADORES OTTO BALLOD

Day 6, task 5, with a 2.30 AAT had 3 LS 4 gliders in the top. Another daily winner Matias Lanzinetti. Javier was 4th and Lucas 7th. Jose Dentone had a few less good day’s but is getting there now with a 3d place.
ALL pilots finished!!!!
Day 7 task 6, with a 2 hour AAT and another new face on spot 1; Santiago Demodena in LS 4. Still no 1000 points day. Lucas was runner up, Jose 4th and Javier 7th.
Day 8 task 7 ; 3 hour AAT and still no 1000 points day but getting there;971 for Alejandro Petenazza in a St Jantar II with 279 km. in time 3.01 [92 km./h.]
Jose was 3d Lucas 4th and Javier 6th. These pilots I  know or heard of ,as they fly international comps.
Day 9 task 8 with a 2 hour AAT and 4 LS 4 gliders in the top also Jose and Lucas.
Matias [Lanzinetti] won the day  with 228 km. in 2.02 his 2d daily win.

After 6 day’s of soaring with 2 to go Javier moved from spot 35 to 9!!!Worth mentioning.
At this stage Maximiliano Luengo leads in ASW 20 [4.406 p.] , 2. Jose [4.264] 3. Mattias [4.254] 4. Lucas [4.205] so EVERYTHING is still possible!!!
Next week more.




—-Some great flights this week,
January 13; 1.301 km.
from Serres [France] by Klaus Ohlmann in the Stemme. With brilliant wave forecast from, meteofrance aeroweb, and Very good service from Milano and Marseille ATC.  A happy Klaus.
Good flights as well from Worcester [S.A.]by Lucas Blattmann in the Discus 2T[18m] 1.136 this time. Karin and Marcus flew also over 1000 km. so did Sven.” WORCESTER MAGIC” according to Karin.

January 14; with great flights from Tocumwal where it was 42 dgr. c. Lumpy flew an 8oo km FIA triangle in the JS 3 and Ingo in his DISCUS 863 topping the Australia/Oceania list.
Later topped by 6 Africa pilots as Wolfgang and his co Mathijs with just over 1000 km.

January 15; good, better, best, the very best!!!!1.569,48 with a speed of 169.94 km./h in a 15 m. DG 808 and then you know already that I write again about Jean Marc Perrin flying from Argentina [Jose De San Mart]
After his unique flight on the 6th of January 1.717 km. with a bit slower speed [still 132 km./h] with best height nearly in the end of his flight up to  6333 m. MSL.[5398 AGL]


Very hot in Australia and in the area I lived. Look at this :

That’s HOT. I would have loved it however.
Shared by Marion who flies from Corowa.

CU next week,
Cheers Ritz

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