EXTRA SUNDAY EDITION.Leeton… Lake Keepit… Omarama!FABULOUS soaring weather both in Africa and Australia.

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LEETON  f 1.0 Grand Prix.…the final day’s!!!

as shared by f1gp.com.au

Day 5 task 3… 158 km.;
Group A started at 14.48 ,last to be launched and all went on track, one did not finish,he only flew 5 km. so must have had a problem.Ben [Loxton] won the 10 points in the St. Cirrus; 109 km./h.
Group B started at 14.26 and Finn [Sleigh] in the St. Cirrus from the UK, is back in the running after the first off-day. Speed 97 km./h.and 7 points for him.
Group C started early at 14.03 and Nick Gilbert won the day. He is one of the engines behind this type of flying. Speed 96 km./h.in DG 100 and 7 points for him.

Day 6 task 4 …264 km;
Group A started at 14.30 and Lumpy [Paterson] one of the 3 Tocumwal pilots over there , raced to his first win in this competition. As you know he just flew from Toc. a 1000 triangle with 150 km. “on the clock”; now 125 km./h.and 10 points. By the way the local paper in Toc mentioned;” The record was not broken but smashed!!!” And “Tocumwal glider breaks nine year speed mark.”
Andrew [Maddocks] was runner up in the Hornet.
Group B started at 13.44 and Ruben Lane in the LS 1f had a great day and won the max 7 points for the day.Finn was runner up and climbing on the overall ladder.Finn is one of the UK-Juniors preparing for the next JWGC.
Group C started at 14.06 and Heath L’Estrange was the best in his St Libelle. Claire [Scutter] was 3d and Tony [Condon] 5th. Christian  Streifeneder in the St Libelle was 6th.


Christian ready to go.    and      PR enough at Leeton.
As shared by f1gp.com.au

Overall results after 4 tasks;1. Ben Loxton with 33 points , 2. Lumpy Paterson has 30 both in St CIRRUS and on 3 Philip Ritchie in the HORNET.[ 27 points]
Finn is on 7 now and Tony on 10.

42 dgr. C, ….good morning from Leeton….the heat is TERRIBLE and fire danger HUGE at many places.
As shared by Tony.

Day 7 , task 5; 306.8 km. Another day of GOOD FUN RACING and the best day ,quite a few there ,had EVER SEEN!!!
Group A started at 14.32. and Ben raced around with 137 km./h. in a DRY St. Cirrus…10 points!!The best day he ever flew on.Lumpy was runner up and got a bonus point so 7 plus 1 is 8 for him.
Group B started at 13.48 and in this group, Eric [Stauss] was the best. He flies a St. Libelle. Tod [Sandercock] was runner up and Tony at spot 3 got the bonus-point. Tod is  from Innovact Consulting, inventor of the SkyMate tracking system which is used in the F1GP.
F1GP is the worlds first gliding competition to include real time verification with this tracking system.
Group C started at 14.10 and Steve Jinks in a St Cirrus got the max 7 points PLUS 1 bonus point.
The GFA mentioned about this day:
“Classic Cu day, big speeds, must be the 18m FAI comps? Check out the speeds in the dry club class gliders at the Formula 1.0 GP today. The winner did an astounding 137kph in a Cirrus with second and third only a fraction slower. For comparison, up the road in Lake Keepit, the winner in a ballasted Ventus 2 did the same speed. Who said old gliders can’t go fast?!

On the right Ben with a huge smile ,137 km./h in a St Cirrus and to the L. Richard Trail who flew a 1000 from Leeton in and ASG 29. Well deserved beers!!!
Courtesy Formula 1.0

6 Jantars flying from Leeton.
As shared by Formula 1.0

Day 8 was cancelled.
The cool- change came through in Leeton:
“Unfortunately due unfavorable weather here in Leeton, Day 8 of flying has been cancelled. We had a cool change come in overnight, where the current temperature is only 25°C (77°F) compared to 44°C (111°F) yesterday!”
I am sure they were happy with the drop of temperature , so no flying today.

Day 9 task 6 209 km. …last day;
Group A; start at 14.51 with blue conditions .
Ben already announced what he was going to do on the last day!!! Just stay with Lumpy. He did!!!With 91 km.h. he won the day and the extra last-day-point; 11.  Lumpy was runner up ;8 points.
Tony moved up to the A group with which he was pleased.
Group B; start at 14.00 and best was Scott Lennon in the St Libelle .
Group C; start at 14.24. David Meredith was the best for 7 points.

So the final scores after 6 tasks; 1. Ben Loxton with 54 points, 2. Lumpy Paterson with 47 and Andrew Maddocks with 31. CONGRATULATIONS to ALL.
Ingo came from Tocumwal to present the winners with the prizes.

Leaving Leeton with another great picture by the organizers, one of them Adam Webb, who was the CD in Narromine at the JWGC!!! In all way’s they did  a great job as far as I can see from home!!TOP!!!And glad to see that my USA soaring-mates Tony and Leah REALLY enjoyed their selves.


Leeton from above and as they called it :”God has arrived to see the finish and to present his trophy to the champion
Ingo in the middle.

Great PR by TV and papers, good for soaring!!! The 10.000 dollars from the State government was well spend.
Great to follow from home as well. Job well done over there. Hope this comp will GROW!!!!

The up to 44 dgr.C sustaining “Heroes”.



LAKE KEEPIT Australian Nationals club and combi/PRE WWGC.

Day 3 on January 2;task 3 4 hour AAT’s ;
Sports class; And the winner was,….Adam [Woolley] , ..1000 points again.. , with 541 km. in time 4.12 so a speed of 128 km./h.
Young Ailsa [Mc Millan] is really doing well in the JS 1 , she started an hour earlier flew around with the same speed and got 921 points.;
Adam’s story[part of it];
As always, good to be home. 4hrs is a long time to keep the focus up on such a day. Day winner, the planning paid off, sort of…I decided to forfeit a launch today as first launch was at 11am & I had planned a 1330-1400 start. So I spent a solid extra hour on the ground staying as cool as I could in the 34° heat. I think this played a part in the win today as I didn’t spend as long pre-start low, hot & in the blue.

Goal for the flight, fly MC, so slower than I normally do. This helped me feel the air better & with less risk. I started at 1400 well behind the pack, so it was really tough to know what climbs I should be taking. In the end I had a great run in the blue. Transitioned nicely to the CU, ran it deep while the going was good, then for home. The last 1.5hrs was soft, a little nervous, but managed to bring it home easily in the end.”
The other girls finished at 5. Lisa [Turner] ,8. Lisa [Trotter], 12. Kerrie, 14. Diana,15 Cath, It looks like Akemi did not fly.

Club class; Another day-win for Allan [Barnes] 448 km. in time 4.18 for 1000 points.
The girls had a tougher day at spot 4. Sabrina,5. Jenny,6. Jo, 7. Sarah, 8. Sylvia,9 .Ayala and 11.Kathryn.

Day 4 on January 3, always a difficult day for us ; OUR Dennis RIP 3-7-1969….3-1-1988.
Good day however for the pilots.454 km in the combi class.
No measure on Adam he flies as the best and more and more thinks about his flying and uses what he has learned at the so many comps he flew already in his still young life.
Speed 149.22 km./h
Not bad for a competition.
About his thinking;”I decided that the day was developing different to forecast & that it should be a reliable one, so pushed my start time back to 1400. This was a safe move, but think Matthew Atkinson got it the most right with 15min later. I picked that the CU’s weren’t developed properly for the first 100km, so backed off the cruise speed & tried to maximise my first glide. It worked, 5kts from a moderate height. 2nd glide the same, then it was go time!

Flat out racing under great CU, thanks to Ailsa for the great company – giving a great yard stick to judge myself off. I jagged a 10kt climb in front of OG, which finally saw me get ahead until the finish line. Crossing 75km of blue was made easy by Cath Conway with 5kts, cheers! Deviation to the start of an epic street home. I’m there.
Good day for the girls; Ailsa on 5, Lisa Turner on 7 and Diana on 8, Lisa Trotter on 12, Kerrie on 15, Akemi on 17 and Cath who found the 5 m, in the end missed the start line. OUCH!!That hurts as she was doing so well. Next year she will not miss the start line once.

Club 374 km; German pilot Sabrina , more and more gets the hang of soaring at Lake Keepit. She moved from 8 on day 1, 3 on day 2, 4 on day 3 and now she won the day in her LS 4 WL!!! Good on her; 126 km./h. Her comment on the OLC; CRAZY!!!!!
And the general opinion;”The weather  was fantastic,  the pilots visiting from overseas are amazed at this place.  The Racing Weather has so far been fantastic and the results certainly reflect just that. ”
She won in 2015 already the WWGC title so she is on the good way for another title.
Jo was 3d, Ayala 6 and Kathryn 7, Jenny on 8 Sylvia on 9 and Sarah was not scored as they needed the 2d trace. That trace was good, so Sarah was on a good 3d spot.

Day 5 task 5;
Sports class; 4 hour AAT. another long day for the pilots but they seem to enjoy the flying. Well, who won the day??? Yes Adam , AGAIN, 579 km. in time 4.13 so a nice speed of 137 km./h.
Peter Temple was runner up. Home in time to celebrate the birthday of his wife Mandy.
Adam’s story for the day:
Day win. 1st glide out of the gate, 63km at 71:1 into 4.6kts; 2nd glide 101km at 100:1 into 5.7kts! Unbelievable start, all planned & flown as I wanted to too – which I’m very pleased about. Never have I flown with such rhythm, felt great – 144kph for 250km.

3rd leg & onwards was just regular climb & cruise, but couldn’t get more than 5kts & had no idea where the climbs were, still 131kph for this leg.

Running home was challenging after navigating the outflow of a CB earlier in the day. I slowed up as I was trying to get high, final climb was 4.2kts, then 91km final glide at 38:1 doing a measly 166kph..!

Great fun the start, regular middle, tricky end, good fun 
Some finished too low , some used the engine, so a tricky end of the day.
The girls; 4. Lisa Trotter, 6. Lisa Turner, 8 Ailsa, 10. Akemi, 12. Kerrie, 18 and 19 Kath and Diana after using the engine.

As shared by Tony.

Club class; 4 hour AAT and the best distance combined with time was flown by Ray Stewart in a Discus;504 km. in time 4.20. Runner up was Jo, good on her; 459 km. in time 4.11 in her ASW 19.
The other girls; 4. Jenny, 5. Sabrina, 6. Sarah, 7, Kathryn, 8 Ayala, and Sylvia did not fly.
“A quite interesting with many pilots reporting that there day was extremely challenging.”

Day 6 task 6; and another challenging day.
Peter Summerfeldt writes during the day ;” Early today the task setters were planning for an exciting day of flying, (possibly partly of the Great Dividing Range, (just a short excursion over Walcha and Kentucky)), and then North again etc.   But, at launching time this was looking like not being possible.  Task “B” was then announced and of we went.   During launching the sky felt a little unusual and several gliders were scratching around to the extent that there ended up being three  re-lites….  During the day so far (it’s now 5:45pm) there have been a few pilots return to the airfield and a few outlandings.   PT has flown the course and returned and we’re expecting the remainder to start calling inbound during the next few minutes:    Very Interesting Day..”

Sports class 435 km.; you for sure expect Adam as daily winner again, but no it was not. He was 5th. and there is a long and clear story , very self reflecting,[you vcan learn from it!!!] about the day in his Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures

2 Peter’s up front; Peter Temple in the 18 m. ASG 29 PT, [122km./h.]  and Peter Trotter, [103 km./h]in the LS 8.
Diana started as last of the 18 [3 are not flying anymore] and was on a good 4th place!!
Ailsa was on 6, Lisa Trotter on 9 and Lisa Turner on 11 and the other 3 girls were “out”.
I was wondering why Robert was not flying anymore in his special ASW 17…here is the answer.


With a retrieve “the trailer jumped off the tow bar and barreled into the 17…. Repairs almost finished, thanks to Keepit Glider Tech, and myself off course…..”|
As shared by Robert.

Club class 379 km; Allan Barnes was with 91 km./h the best of the 11. Only 5 finished among them Sabrina, Jenny and Jo. 2 of the  USA and 1 UK girl did not start . 3 outlandings for Bernie , Richard and Sarah,….but…… No worries for Sarah, excitement for her. She was picked up by car after flight in the evening, left the glider till the next day in the paddock with a nice hand written message on the wing. Aerotow- retrieves “belong” to Australia’s soaring.


A huge paddock with the glider, so easy to find for the next day’s aerotow retrieve.
Sarah;” There’s nothing that takes the sting off a landout more than an exciting retrieve. We left the glider tied down and returned in the morning with 180 driver Ian Downes for an easy tow out and an 8 minute flight home.”

The Pre-world girls are doing a great job!
The organizers;”The female contingent of the Nationals. A top class bunch of athletes.”
I can only agree.

Day 7 task 7 and then,….a rest day!
Blue Sky outside,  a tiny bit of high cloud, very hot already. Tasks are set, runway 32 and first launch at midday.“by Peter.
Sportsclass ..3 hour AAT;
Adam learned a lot from the day before. Preparation is SO important;
“I did an hour of pre-flight planning today, it definitely paid off (SS had it right today), as I was able to break the legs down & think at least 2hrs ahead of myself, as well as have confidence in my AAT TP’s.”
The full story in  
Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures
Adam flew 446 km. in time 3.01;  speed 147 km./h
Runner up was Terry Cubley , not anymore in his LS 3, but in his new 18m. Ventus 2CXT; speed 152 km.h.
2 Out-landings and Robert was not flying.
Before the day off , the scores look as follows;
1. Adam with 6.684, the off -day did not “hurt” him.
2. Pete Temple with 6.469
3. Ailsa Mc Millam …., good on her …5.973 points.

Club class 3 hour AAT;
The girls are on the move to the top. Look at this; At the daily spot 1 Jo, 2. Sabrina and 3. Sarah. GOOD!!!!
A 1000 points day and Jo flew 406 km. in time 3.11 so a speed of 127 km./h.
All 11 pilots finished.
Overall scores before the rest day after 7 day’s of good soaring;
1. Allan Barnes with 6.445 still a comfortable lead.
2. Ray Stewart with 6.144
3. Sabrina Vogt from Germany with 5.908 points.

Followers are happy with the Lake Keepit PR:
good show you’re putting on, lovely organisation, very relaxed & good fun. 10/10 👍”

Lake Keepit . The lake is, as I heard from Kerrie, just a river, but when it is full it is a beautiful big lake and very impressive to see pilots finish over it!!! I was impressed ,like I was in Rayskala with also  great finishes over the lake.

As shared by Adam :
“Lake Keepit, which is now called just Keepit I think – it’s officially empty I believe, very sad. I’m calling this place Lake Cumulus though, we’ve seen some amazing days here this comp 
The airfield is on the left near the lakes edge, usually a spectacular approach to land..



New Zealand National Multi class Gliding Championships.

View out the window on day 2.
As shared by Gliding NZ National Multi-Class Championships – Omarama

They started on January 2 and continue till January 12 with in open class 10 participants including Keith Essex back from Namibia to fly these Nationals and 7 in the racing class with young Nick Oakley and “old” Tony van Dyk.
Great distances on the first 2 day’s.
Open ;
day 1 task 1;
AAT between 496 and 580 km.[538] and the team flying the CW, an ASG 29 ES flew 529 km with a speed of 169.39 km./h. WOW!!!!
Keith flew 549 in his ASG 29with a speed of 162 km./h.
Task 2; was even longer an AAT between 553 and 644[ 602] and this time Keith was the best with 606 km. and a speed of 155 km./h.
Runners  up in the ASH 25 were 6km./h slower over their 584 km.
Bad luck for team CW, they must have done something wrong as they only got 50 points for their 613 km.
Task 3 with a set 431 km. ; showed only ONE finisher; Keith !!! His speed of 103 km./h showed it was a difficult day.From the other 8 pilots some came close so it was still 1000 points for Keith. Others landed out FAR away so scores were only available the next day. LONG RETRIEVES for 2 of them!!!!!
Task 4; with an AAT between 487 and 553 km. The organizers wrote;
We have a Task A (a “fuzzy” turnpoint Assigned Area Task (AAT) with a 1 hour minimum time) and a Task B (a proper AAT with a 3 hour minimum) for both classes. Looks like it will be a blue(ish) wave day, well, blue for the start of it anyway. We could get very strong winds both on the ground and up high.”
A good-speed-day again and Derek Kraak won the day with 166.75 km./h. on the clock. Everybody started around 2 PM, not Derek he left at 4.20 PM, clearly having the better weather. Don’t know if he just waited and knew there was better weather coming, or if he maybe had a problem before start.
Keith was runner up with 143 km./h.

Racing class;
Day 1 task 1; Nick in a Discus 2 won the AAT  [446/519 km] with a speed of 165,91 km./h for a “small” Discus great speed.Tony was 3d in his LS 8
Day 2 was also in this class bigger[491/574 km] ; 521 km. in time 3.45 so a speed of 128 km./h and,…again Nick was the best.
2 Outlandings pretty close to the field after 483 and 439 km. A pity.
Day 3 ;only ONE finisher here as well. Young Nick Oakley and the “older” Tony was runner up with 298 km.
Day 4; 2 finishers  Vaughan Ruddick in an LS 6 and Nick and 3 outlanders. Also in this class a 1000 points day.
By the way Nick is at this stage 800 minus 1 point ahead overall .

Day 5 was cancelled, more next Wednesday.


—-KIRIPOTIB shared this picture and news and …..

Team Wolfgang and Ludwig are hot again: 300 km triangle speed.
What speed will they fly home? Fingers crossed!
Both in the ANTARES 23 and Wolfgang flew 160 km./h and Ludwig 178 km./h. On January 5 Ludwig flew in the Antares 189.1 km./h. over 804 km.
as shared by Kiripotib Soaring

—-22 x 1000 km on January 2 in Africa, even a 1.300 twice in EB 29’s, from Pokweni and Veronica  all the pilots are having GREAT fun.

—–10 x a 1000 from Australia on January 4; Even 1.236 from Tocumwal in an ARCUS M flown by Mac and Joergen. Tocumwal had 2 [ Chris Davison flew 1.031 km] ], whilst Ingo flew 990 in his Discus and Grant [Heany] a 700 FAI triangle in a St. Jantar!!!!
Mac , who’s 2 week holiday finished with this flight, mentioned in his OLC comment;”New Free Triangle Distance Oceanian Continental Record 1.116km. Took off with 1250km distance declaration but wx did not start as advertised. Had to switch brain very quickly and went for free triangle distance record attempt. We just managed to fit 1116km in weather and airspace. We had altitude to glide to east of Corowa for 1250km OLC but just turned back to land at Tocumwal. (Sadly we had to sacrifice OLC speed today, to fit 1250. But the leg Barlanard to home was very fast, sometimes 300kph GS at FL150:) Last light in Toc was 21:07.”
He filed the next record to Jenny.

Free Triangle Distance 1116km
Glider Arcus M
Date: Jan 4, 2019
Location: Tocumwal, Australia
Pilot: Makoto Ichikawa/Jorgen Thomsen
Benalla had 3x a 1000 and Corowa 2x. 1 From Leeton and 2 from Temora.
SUPER day windy and VERY HOT up to 44 dgr.C!!!!

To finish the blog these pictures from the New Years sandstorm from Narromine;

The fast approaching dust storm had all hand’s on deck to help put away the gliders. No damage done.”

This is the dust storm that approached Narromine and caused havoc in Dubbo on Old Year’s Eve
as shared by Narromine Gliding Club Official


Cheers Ritz CU on Wednesday.

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